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Meet Me at the Barre


Photo by Cait Fletcher Photography

(Photo by Cait Fletcher Photography )

No, not that "bar!" Pure Barre in Guilford invites you to join in for a full body workout, and then to stay for a little shopping. Featuring Lululemon, DYI, Alo, Beyond Yoga, and much more, Pure Barre carries a full line of women's and men's athletic wear.

Pure Barre is a low-impact, full-body workout that will leave you wanting more. And if that's not enough, the studio offers an Empower class, which infuses barre and cardio to rev up your metabolism and take your workout to the next level.

"We are a mother/daughter team at Pure Barre," says Diane Gardner of her and daughter Jesse Gardner. "We have always wanted to do a business together so when we discovered Pure Barre and fell in love, we both knew this was the way to go and we started working out the details to make it happen."

Every day, Diane and Jesse hear different stories about how in just a few short classes, that they have touched someone's life in such a positive way, with clients excited about the strength and energy they feel from their workouts. And if you're assuming the workout feels like ballet, the barre is only a part of the package.

"The barre is used through the workout in various ways," says Jesse. "Some to make certain positions more challenging and others to add a little extra support. The workout changes daily—you will never take the same class twice—so the way in which the barre is used also changes daily. No matter how you use it though, you will always leave feeling challenged and refreshed."

"My daughter inspires me each and every day," says Diane. "Her passion for teaching and sharing her talent is a labor of love. She is always energized by our members and all their positive energy. We both look forward to coming to work every day because we see this as giving forward, helping others. We love inspiring our community of barre lovers to be the best they can be. To have a safe and beautiful space to have 'me' time. And most importantly, to walk out every day feeling stronger and better. If we accomplish this, then we are proud to call Pure Barre Guilford our home away from home."

The studio's website explains the concept: "Rooted in our classic technique, Pure Barre is the fastest, most effective full-body workout. You'll be guided through a series low-impact, high intensity movements that are designed to strengthen and tone your body in ways that no other technique can."

Pure Barre offers a wide variety of class times to make sure there is a time that will work for everyone's schedule. As of February this year, the studio offers more than 40 classes per week and the retail store is open seven days per week.

Whether you are a resident of this beautiful shoreline, a summer resident, or visiting, Pure Barre can customize a package to fit your personal workout schedule for the summer.

"Summertime is almost here, so why not meet us at the Barre and let's get ready for those long, lazy beach days," encourages Diane.

This advice was provided by Pure Barre, located at 1919 Boston Post Road, Unit 204, Guilford. For more information, visit or call 203-457-5115.


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