Saturday, September 26, 2020

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Marketing Campaign Embraces All Ages & Stages of Beauty


Photo by Mark Johnson

(Photo by Mark Johnson )

A stunning new marketing campaign has been revealed at Merle Norman of Branford. The "Beauty is Ageless" campaign is a collaboration between photographer Mark Johnson and owner of Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio, Sally Attianese. The campaign showcases real women—real clients—using Merle Norman Cosmetics through all ages and stages of life from teens to 70s.

"We're sharing our passion and vision by empowering women to see themselves through the lens of a camera and through makeup artistry," says Attianese. "Any woman, no matter what age, can improve their skin and age gracefully with great skin care. Then use cosmetics to play up their assets to help them find their own unique look."

Teens & 20s: The campaign includes a woman in her teens who is going to college, and another in her 20s who is attending cosmetology school. Both women are self-conscious about their looks as they deal with braces and breakouts from stress while trying to find their identities and establish career paths. Both models are future entrepreneurs in the cosmetology industry.

30s: The model in her 30s is an APRN who is married and pregnant with her second child. She has sensitive skin, and she was introduced to Merle Norman Cosmetics when she was 15 years old. Now the products are helping again as she faces new hormonal changes in pregnancy.

40s: The model in her 40s is a family and probate lawyer in her own firm, a co-owner of a small baby business, and is married with three children. She prefers a natural yet professional look to juggle her hectic career and family life.

50s: The model in her 50s is a pharmaceutical rep, married with two children, is in her menopausal years, and used to be a "sun worshipper." Introduced to Merle Norman when she was 22, she now has healthy, glowing skin, opting to use a tinted moisturizer and bronzing powder to get the look of the sun.

60s: The model in her 60s is a retired teacher and a mother and grandmother who is the total package of fitness through diet and exercise. She has been diligent with a great skin care regime for more than 39 years, now adding serums to fight the aging process.

70s: Finally Attianese, the model in her 70s, is an independent owner/operator of a Merle Norman franchise, wearing the products since she was 22 years old. A believer in the brand, Attianese says that Merle Norman improved her skin when she was a teen with acne, then when she entered corporate life and had to present herself as a professional in her field, and ultimately to giving her the added confidence to excel at everything she did.

"At this stage, I am maintaining my look with anti-aging products to be my best self and live my best life now and into the future so I can continue to do what I love—helping women to look and be their best selves one makeover at a time," says Attianese. "If a girl who once considered herself to be an ugly duckling can get better with age and continue to age gracefully, so can you!"

This story and photograph were provided by Merle Norman of Branford located at 116 North Main Street, Branford. For more information or to experience the power of a free Merle Norman makeover, visit the studio or call 203-481-9770.

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