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Letters • Published Aug. 15, 2018 08 a.m.

Where’s Costco?

Where’s Costco? It’s not a big box blight out of character with the shoreline beauty of Branford. It’s not creating traffic congestion and pollution in Branford. It’s...

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Letters • Published Aug. 08, 2018 08 a.m.

One Last Time

On behalf of the Branford Project Graduation Committee, I would like to thank all of the businesses and community organizations that donated food, raffle prizes, or money to this year’s...

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Letters • Published July 03, 2018 08:30 a.m.

Go Head, Be Selfish

Numerous studies have shown that connectedness with others is critical to our health. Having contact and relationships with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and others—that is living...

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Letters • Published June 27, 2018 08:30 a.m.

Time to Make a Difference

The top story of the June 14 issue was “Branford Breaks Ground on Next-Generation WIS.” Unfortunately, when it comes to incorporating renewable energy systems and reducing the...

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Letters • Published June 06, 2018 07 a.m.

Coming Out and Supporting

The Branford Community Garden would like to thank the Branford community for coming out and supporting our organization by purchasing vegetable and plant seedlings at our recent Spring Plant Sale. ...

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Letters • Published May 09, 2018 08 a.m.

No Smoking

When we moved to Branford four years ago, our first stop was the Branford Point/Parker Park beach, which we immediately recognized as a gem of natural and human collaboration with its crescent of...

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Letters • Published April 18, 2018 08 a.m.

Ornamental Dead Zones

As one drives around Branford, one can see how foreign (ornamental or exotic) plants dominate our landscapes. We have replaced native plants that insects and other wildlife depend on with non-...

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Letters • Published April 11, 2018 08 a.m.

Another Successful Season

The Secret Santa Program of Branford Counseling Center enjoyed another successful season due to the generous donations of individuals, families, and businesses in our community. Thanks to their...

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Letters • Published April 11, 2018 08 a.m.

An Absolute Insult

The March 29 column “Planning for Passover” by Lee White is an absolute insult to your Jewish readers. When Ms. White says that she will either make a fresh brisket or a ham recipe...

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Letters • Published March 21, 2018 08 a.m.

Fix Two Things at Once

A top priority of residents attending the December meeting about conservation and future development for Branford was to keep the character of the town—a historic, coastal New England town. ...

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Letters • Published Feb. 28, 2018 08 a.m.

When Did the Rules Change?

The Branford Housing Authority (BHA) has proudly boasted of its five years of tireless negotiations with an out-of-state, for-profit developer to rebuild the existing Parkside Village, which is...

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Letters • Published Feb. 14, 2018 08 a.m.

At the Expense of Dignity

I have had the tremendously good fortune to have lived in Branford for more than 20 years. Throughout my years here, I have witnessed many acts of compassion, including some on a large scale. From ...

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Letters • Published Jan. 31, 2018 08 a.m.

A Win for All

On behalf of the Democratic members of the RTM, I would like to congratulate the Blackstone Library Board of Trustees and staff on their plans to bring their iconic building into the 21st century. ...

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Letters • Published Jan. 17, 2018 08 a.m.

Inspiring to See

I attended the Jan. 10 RTM meeting to support the vote to move forward with Blackstone library renovations. Like many Branford residents, I take pride in our library for its beautiful...

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Letters • Published Jan. 03, 2018 08 a.m.

Proud and Humble Hearts

We thank the people of Branford with proud and humble hearts for their support during the Wreaths Across America Convoy stop. On Dec. 16, Branford became part of the Wreaths Across America family....

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Letters • Published Dec. 06, 2017 08 a.m.

A Great Success

The North Branford Rotary club would like to thank everyone who helped make the annual fundraiser a great success. This year’s Fund a Cause portion of the event was dedicated to support...

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Letters • Published Nov. 22, 2017 08 a.m.

In Good Weather, and Bad

I would like to thank the Town of Branford for going ahead with its Veteran’s Day ceremonies. I appreciate all of you who participated. It’s too bad more people didn’t leave...

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Letters • Published Nov. 22, 2017 08 a.m.

A Rousing Success

On Thursday, Nov. 2, over one hundred people attended the North Branford Land Conservation Trust’s (NBLCT’s) Rhythm & Brews Craft Beer and Performance Night. Hosted by Thimble...

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Letters • Published Nov. 22, 2017 08 a.m.

Thank You, Branford

Thank you to the voters in Branford’s 7th District:I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the voters of the 7th District for electing me to represent them on the RTM. I am...

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Letters • Published Nov. 22, 2017 08 a.m.

Despite the Rain

I would like to thank the units that marched in the rain in the Branford Veterans Day Parade on Sunday, Nov. 5 as well as the town residents and neighbors from area towns that came to Branford to...

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Letters • Published Nov. 15, 2017 08 a.m.

Heartfelt and Humble Thanks

I wish to extend my heartfelt and humble thanks to the voters and residents of Branford for putting their faith in me to become their next tax collector. To those who cast their votes for me, I...

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Letters • Published Nov. 08, 2017 08 a.m.

Never Answered our Questions

First Selectman Jamie Cosgrove says that the Senior/Community Center was approached by a “thoughtful process” that engaged the community over many months to build “consensus...

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Letters • Published Nov. 01, 2017 08 a.m.

Exactly Who We Need

There is no one better suited for the position of tax collector then Sandra Kraus. I have been fortunate enough to call Sandra a friend for more than 30 years. In those 30 years, I have always...

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Letters • Published Nov. 01, 2017 08 a.m.

Experience, Compassion, and Dedication

I encourage your readers to help me to support Sandra Kraus as our next Branford tax collector. I have known Sandy for almost 20 years and know that she is exceptionally qualified for this...

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Letters • Published Oct. 25, 2017 08 a.m.

Will Balance the Priorities

As my tenure as tax collector draws to a close, I would like to thank the voters of Branford for the privilege of serving the town for the past 12 years. It was a rewarding experience that...

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