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Real Estate Transactions for March 11


62 Applewood Road: Patricia Rossi to Frank Guzman and Guadelupe Guzman, $357,870 on Feb. 17

9 Bartholomew Road: Jeffrey Knapp to Matthew Reale and Eliza Outtrim, $480,000 on Feb. 16

20 Elizabeth Street: Armand N. Picardi to Seth A. and Elma M. Hershman, $670,000 on Feb. 19

118-b Limewood Avenue: Danielle Ludovico to Kimberly R. Larsson, $409,000 on Feb. 17

354 Monticello Drive Unit 354: Eric Widmeyer to Chalace M. DeFalco and Serena VanScoy, $179,000 on Feb. 12

69 Sunset Beach Road: Jonathan E. and Sharon Mossberg to Jacqueline and Richard Moscarelli, $1,125,000 on Feb. 16

99 Todds Hill Road: F. Vigliotti Construction Company, LLC, to Edith Huzar, $530,000 on Feb. 12

195 Turtle Bay Drive Unit 195: Lucy F. Evans to Robert and Tracy Vanderbilt, $310,000 on Feb. 17

109 Watch Hill Road Unit 109: David P. DeLise to Lauren M. Grant, $218,000 on Feb. 17


18 Hickory Hill Drive: RSS Residential LP to Virginia L. and David W. Labella, $130,000 on Feb. 18

40 Middlesex Avenue: Sarah E. Jansen to Christiana Z. and James S. Barabe, $342,500 on Feb. 18

9 Sunset Avenue: Susan Walker to Patricia S. and Richard H. Tsou, $40,000 on Feb. 19

9 Sunset Avenue: David J. Sepowski to Patricia S. and Richard H. Tsou, $40,000 on Feb. 19

9 Sunset Avenue: Diane S. Barry to Patricia S. and Richard H. Tsou, $40,000 on Feb. 19

9 Sunset Avenue: Stephen J. Sepowski to Patricia S. and Richard H. Tsou, $40,000 on Feb. 19


2 Allen Road: Christopher E. and A.D. Herrington to Michael and Kim Leonetti, $355,000 on Feb. 17

116 Commerce Street Unit 12: Barbara Frisbie to Kacper J. and Elzbieta Pacyna, $145,221 on Feb. 17

6 Sunset Lane: Dennis P. and Marybeth McLaughlin to Isabella F. O’Hara, $260,000 on Feb. 17

Deep River

Glen Grove Road: Donald F. and Sylvia M. Stebbins to Tryon D. Clark, $10,000 on Feb. 18

214 Main Street: Estate of Patricia Palau and Frederick A. Jacobs to Tyler J. Hagan, $268,000 on Feb. 17

3 Merriwold Lane: 1 Merriwold Lane, LLC, to Michelle Giddens and Lindsey Gustafson, $585,000 on Feb. 18

East Haven

34 Borrmann Road: Rudber Duran to Alejandro and Edmarie Rodriguez, $286,000 on Feb. 19

104 Charter Oak Avenue: Katrina J. Arsenault to David and Melissa Gomez, $275,000 on Feb. 17

161 Cosey Beach Road Unit 4: Estate of Francis J. Santacroce and Francis J. Santacrose to Mayra Donoso, $130,000 on Feb. 17

73 Gerrish Avenue: Mark and Sherin Mastracchio to Edwin C. Galo, $290,000 on Feb. 17

71 Henry Street: Equity Based RE, LLC, to Julia A. D’Amico and Steven Gronostalski, $267,900 on Feb. 17

144 Highland Avenue: Andre G. and Katarzyna A. Boucher to Jennifer R. Bagnoli, $225,000 on Feb. 16

708 Laurel Street: Christopher W. Piroll to Christian and Kristaliz Cordero, $500,000 on Feb. 16

283 North High Street: USA HUD to Calvin Perkins, $170,000 on Feb. 17

23 Robert Drive: Glenn S. and Candice M. Mott to Sandra P. Lucci, $245,000 on Feb. 18

40 Thompson Street Unit 22d: Gary McGowan to Courtney R. Council, $155,000 on Feb. 16

433 Thompson Street: Jamie E. Coady to Michelle Buscarello, $372,000 on Feb. 19

81 Warner Road: Michael Kaczynski and Helen Paris to Donald A. and Laura J. Beck, $585,000 on Feb. 16

34 West Street: Albert S. Jarmie and Paula Julianelle to Jorge Orellana and Carmen P. Sanchez, $330,000 on Feb. 16


3 Andrews Road: Richard D. and Jacqueline Moscarelli to Lisa P. and Scott E. Barger, $1,325,000 on Feb. 16

88 Main Street: Janet Duncan to Jennifer Merschdorf and Jeffrey T. Gannon, $730,000 on Feb. 16

16 Navy Lane: Jacquelyn H. and John F. Carr to Alexander and Sonja Sierra, $465,000 on Feb. 18

155 Saybrook Road: Joanne B. O’Neil to John and Maureen Gatti, $1,365,000 on Feb. 18

17 Stanford Hill Road: Susan B. Origlia to Todd A. Shasha and Sarah A. Waterhouse, $740,000 on Feb. 17


Granite Road: Angelina and Anthony E. Federico to Jian W. Wu, $948,888 on Feb. 19

14 Hazel Road: Carol B. Milliron to Peter J. Moleske, $301,473 on Feb. 19

23 Hungry Hill Circle: Marco and Jordan Imperati to Stephen J. and Jennifer Benben, $375,000 on Feb. 16

5 Paddock Lane Unit 5: Robert G. O’Neill and Ellen L. Taylor to Patricia G. McGuire, $415,000 on Feb. 16

105 Wauwinet Trail Unit 105: Elizabeth C. Waters to William E. Watkinson and Hope N. Warrick, $170,000 on Feb. 16


22 Beaver Dam Road: Brian G. and Kimberly A. Lane to Mark and Sherin Mastracchio, $555,000 on Feb. 17

14 Grouse Court: Douglas G. and Doreen M. Stevenson to Christopher E. and Kyoko Y. Angiello, $540,000 on Feb. 17

289 Roast Meat Hill Road: Estate of Richard J. Becker III and Richard J. Becker to Carson Melillo, $145,000 on Feb. 18


Boston Post Road: Eileen Q. and Thomas J. Banisch to Erin J. and Robert T. McGovern, $975,000 on Feb. 12

80 Edinburgh Lane: Robert E. Dowler to Edward M. and Theresa O. Yates, $765,000 on Feb. 17

82 Edinburgh Lane: Robert E. Dowler to Edward M. and Theresa O. Yates, $765,000 on Feb. 17

15-b Signal Hill Road: Dorothy P. Cahill to Caroline M. Brown and Robert Malley, $550,000 on Feb. 18

101 Winding Road: Madhuparna Roychoudhury and Subir Roychoudhary to David A. Countee and Lindsay Perrone, $365,000 on Feb. 18

North Branford

107 Crossfield Road: Nicholas R. and Phyllis C. Palladino to Nicholas S. and Brittany L. Palladino, $295,000 on Feb. 19

1059 Middletown Avenue: Joan F. Maisano to Christopher Maisano, $233,900 on Feb. 17

178 Parsonage Hill Road: Ellen Sansevero to Robert A. and Martha J. Cappella, $525,000 on Feb. 18

5 Timberwood Circle: John and Pamela Trovato to Nicholas A. and Kristi M. Lavacca, $565,000 on Feb. 16

North Haven

15 Fortune Drive: Regis P. Body to Nina Loricco and Ryan Golia, $305,000 on Feb. 9

43 Laydon Avenue: Nicholas A. and Kristi M. Lavacca to Emily Battipaglia and Andrew McComick, $340,000 on Feb. 17

2 Maple Avenue: Barbara Marcati to Amici Realty, LLC, $425,000 on Feb. 18

1885 Ridge Road: Milton and Antoinette M. Baisley to Winfield and Carleta Maurice, $365,000 on Feb. 9

3030 Ridge Road: Edward M. and Theresa O. Yates to Menkerios B. and Talaria H. Andemicael, $915,000 on Feb. 16

86 Upper State Street: Albert and Amy Pontillo to Aron D. and Selena M. Green, $235,000 on Feb. 9

600 Washington Avenue Unit G1: Gary L. Crawford to Cesar N. Abreau, $243,000 on Feb. 16

2 Westerly Road: John P. and Linda E. Adamowski to Zachary and Niddrie L. Roberts, $309,900 on Feb. 17

Old Saybrook

102 Knollwood Drive: Anthony P. and Anne B. Mele to Stephen Spear and Bonnie Berk, $1,225,000 on Feb. 19

25 Sunset Road Unit 12: John T. and Catherine W. Pierce to Betsy A. Galvin, $459,000 on Feb. 16


10 Acorn Drive: 212 Saybrook, LLC, to Alicia M. and Thomas W. Lafemina, $385,000 on Feb. 17

66 Brookwood Drive: Bradford J. and Melissa X. Porter to Coastal Acres, LLC, $115,000 on Feb. 17

320 Meadowlark Lane Extension Unit 8: Susan Darling-Ogden to Patricia and Sterling D. Unan, $417,000 on Feb. 16

714 Toby Hill Road: Toby Hill Chase, LLC, to Joann and David Norman, $606,998 on Feb. 16

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