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Real Estate Transactions for Oct. 27


2249 Boston Post Road: FNMA to Yogesh Patel, $160,000 on Oct. 3

2 Katie Lane: Charles E. and Christine M. Healy to Christopher Penner, $442,500 on Oct. 6

128 Meadow Hills Drive: Susanne Roding to Tyler M. Richmond and Casey J. Fischer, $270,000 on Oct. 3

680 Nortontown Road: George Rodes and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $667,000 on Oct. 3

106 Water Street: Laura O. Garceau to Christine P. Fleming, $435,000 on Oct. 3

46 Wauwinet Court Unit 46: FHLM to Ryan Knight, $67,000 on Oct. 4

192 White Birch Drive: Anthony and Nancy Purificato to Stephen and Maura A. Mongelli, $50,000 on Oct. 7

446 Whitfield Street Unit J: Theresa E. Kolpa to Marvin J. Green, $338,000 on Oct. 7

78 Willow Road: Stephen R. and Francie S. Ketaineck to William R. and Andrea M. Bodin, $472,000 on Oct. 3


540 East Main Street Unit 18: Branford Business Center to JPA Realty LLC, $167,000 on Oct. 4

12 Gould Lane: John C. Martorella to Carl and Arlene Frattini, $369,000 on Oct. 3

47 Greenfield Avenue: Brewer Leroy East Est and Sandra Acerra to Joseph Spinato, $270,000 on Oct. 7

197 Montowese Street: John H. Lindsay and Ann G. Dumark to 197 Montowese Street LLC, $250,000 on Oct. 4

6 Peddlers Drive Unit 6: Bao Zhang and Qiaoqiao Wang to David Ocame and Patricia A. Santoro, $155,000 on Oct. 3

11 Red Rock Road: Mark Hornyak to Brendan J. Fitzgerald, $278,500 on Oct. 4

48 Sound View Heights: Susan D. Conlon to Eric R. Dyer and Kimberly M. Daddio, $466,000 on Oct. 4

15 Summer Island Point: FHLM to Daren and Esterina Anderson, $379,000 on Oct. 4

663 West Main Street: Ty K. Tran and Duc H. Bang to Jim Mui and Suzzan S. Tranmui, $186,600 on Oct. 5


31 Country Way: Brian and Katherine Titus to Brian and Patricia Keeney, $415,000 on Sept. 27

172 Middle Beach Road: Anne M. Curtis to Bryant C. and Andrea C. Bowen, $2,800,000 on Sept. 30

246 Neck Road: Judy E. Sirchia and Mark O’Brien to Judy E. Sirchia, $300,000 on Sept. 20

209 Race Hill Road: Nancy Keeler to Chad W. and Lana M. Rowan, $313,000 on Sept. 19

North Branford

98 Bailey Drive: Richard Votto to Jina J. Hansen, $255,000 on Oct. 5

229 Branford Road Unit 113: Patricia Zilinski to Ralph A. Castellon, $168,500 on Oct. 5

59 David Lane: Jason Kaminski to Michael Boyers, $70,000 on Oct. 6

16 Rivaldi Drive: FNMA to Kevin Stewart, $252,000 on Oct. 3


25 Gilbert Hill Road: Carol A. Robinson RET and Carol A. Robinson to Kristine F. MacDonald, $625,000 on Oct. 3

5 School Lane: CSS Building & Remodeling to Elizabeth Taylor, $369,300 on Oct. 3

45 Straits Road: Joseph Donnelly to Philip B. Reynolds and Marlene T. Powers, $315,000 on Oct. 4


12 Canterbury Lane Unit 5: Robert B. and Cynthia R. Ostroff to Thomas G. Bailey Jr. T and Thomas G. Bailey, $95,000 on Oct. 4

7 Carriage Drive: Jill W. Rickert to Ryan Skelly, $230,000 on Oct. 6

25 Central Avenue: Elizabeth P. Poreba to Thomas F. Dawkins, $130,000 on Oct. 6

22 Fairy Dell Road: Kathleen Whitbread to Santiago D. Reyes, $259,000 on Oct. 3

9 Hunters Path: Mildred F. Upton IRT and Susan U. Branzell to Donna Evarts, $235,000 on Oct. 6

39 Indian Drive: Thomas Sisk to Austin Holdings Corp, $845,000 on Oct. 3

11 Shore Grove Road: Bank of America NA to Jared Stevens, $206,000 on Oct. 3

Deep River

Hoopole Hill Road: Edward P. Lang to Bmc Land Development LLC, $792,300 on Oct. 5

18 Melody Ridge Road: Irene Price T and Dyan Price to Melanie D. Magetteri and Paul Allen, $236,000 on Oct. 4

23 Scenic View Drive: Smith Richard H Est and Mary C. Smith-Alio to Lauren H. and Geoffrey R. Nichols, $259,900 on Oct. 3

197 Westbrook Road: Denise A. Staples to Robert H. Lenois and Tara A. Szakal, $246,500 on Oct. 3

538-d Winthrop Road: Scott A. Adams to Michael A. Okoniewski and Terri Brasile, $38,000 on Oct. 4

East Haven

39 Batt Lane: Jason Burke to Sonia Manwani, $270,000 on Sept. 30

41 Charter Oak Avenue: FHLM to Ricardo and Alejandro Cordido, $80,000 on Sept. 29

188 Coe Avenue: Shirley Hally to Alfred Cody, $172,900 on Oct. 11

65 Gordon Street: USA HUD to Robert Proto, $114,210 on Oct. 5

612 Laurel Street: Kristy DiMartino to Stephen Giammattei, $225,000 on Sept. 29

1 Mansfield Grove Road Unit 110: James McArdle to Edwin Millette, $270,000 on Sept. 22

192 McLay Avenue: Ronald and Christine Wardwell to Marcia Wunderlich, $257,500 on Sept. 29

15 Navarro Road: Palmieri Gloria Est and Debra Munson to Exal and Alma Vazquez, $77,031 on Oct. 7

330 Short Beach Road Unit H11: USA HUD to Sheryl Raffile, $43,000 on Oct. 3

5 Sorrento Avenue: Priscilla Spada to Jesse Spada, $215,000 on Oct. 11



3 Stoddard Road: Jeanine Severino to Jennifer and William Tutty, $180,000 on Oct. 7

44 Sylvan Hills Road: Christopher Currier to Anjali DiPaola, $181,000 on Oct. 3

16 Taylor Avenue: VBF Homes LLC to Kristina and Joseph Moran, $238,675 on Sept. 26

578 Thompson Avenue: Court Rehab Investors LLC to Darryl and Lynn Mrowka, $269,000 on Sept. 30

160 Thompson Street: Barnick Barbara Est and Michael Barnick to Barbara Law, $150,000 on Sept. 28

47 View Terrace: Bank of America NA to Magi Alliance Group LLC, $133,000 on Oct. 7

31 West Street: Prospect Place Assoc LLC to Andrea and Maureen Benko, $189,500 on Oct. 3

24 Whalers Pt Unit 24: Eleanor Martin and Timothy McNamara to Stephen and Francie Ketaineck, $370,000 on Oct. 5


30 Blake Street: Keith Dobran and Linda M. Clifford to Ryan C. Oates, $220,000 on Oct. 7

80 Dennison Road: Lynch Investments LLC to BPM FT and Brian P. McNamara, $245,000 on Oct. 6

Hickory Lane: Trudy Sokolowski-Holliday to Cadrain FT and Suzanne Cadrain, $212,000 on Oct. 5

85 River Road Unit G5: Kathleen G. Bolanowski to Richard W. Stebbins and Kathleen S. Bauer, $208,000 on Oct. 5

11 West Hills Road: Wei H. Wang to Enayat and Marina Khorramzadeh, $258,000 on Oct. 6


99 Buell Hill Road: Bellevue Construction Inc. to Roy and Deborah Moore, $155,000 on Oct. 3

2 North Chestnut Hill Road: Yves A. Feder and Linda S. Skernick to Lee J. Delisle and Rhonda O. Larson, $273,000 on Oct. 5

22 Old Mine Road: Salvatore J. and Lisa M. Popolizio to Jeanette and Robert J. Russo, $385,000 on Oct. 4

259 Route 81: FNMA to Catherine E. Moore and Robert R. Murphy, $275,000 on Oct. 3

North Haven

67 Cottontail Lane: Barbara J. Madelung to John and John T. Arater, $275,000 on Sept. 23

30 Green Field Lane: Timberwood Homes LLC to Jacqueline Cook, $504,000 on Sept. 23


20 Half Mile Road: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Shiloh Missionary Baptist, $400,000 on Sept. 27

1111 Hartford Turnpike: Iuliana Baian-Scheir to Danica Kelly, $375,000 on Sept. 26

1164 Hartford Turnpike: Marjorie Kus and Kranyak Carol Est to Ridgewood Reserve LLC, $500,000 on Sept. 22

1854 Hartford Turnpike: Ernestine R. Cwik and Giaimo Maureen A Est to Keith Macdowall, $259,900 on Sept. 26

19 Howe Street: US Bank NA Tr to Michael Rapuano, $165,000 on Sept. 19

58 Larson Drive: David A. Lazuk to Christopher Marone, $215,000 on Sept. 21

99 Maple Avenue: Cynthia Harkinson-Kopetz to Genarc 1 LLC, $180,000 on Sept. 19

500 Middletown Avenue: Donmar Builders LLC to Nicholas Dechello and Alana Dauria, $377,000 on Sept. 23

840 Middletown Avenue: Thomas J. Powers to Dion H. and Mardyne R. Smith, $248,500 on Sept. 23

89 Millbrook Road: Paul H. Waszeciak to Elen M. Bochicchio, $220,000 on Sept. 22

903 Mount Carmel Avenue: Rosamaria Ponte to Quinnipiac University, $465,000 on Sept. 28

142 Mulholland Way Unit 65: RAL North Haven LLC to Peter V. and Kathleen P. Johnson, $329,891 on Sept. 23

211 North Hill Road: Jacob M. Piearski to Christine Sansone, $507,500 on Sept. 20

14 Rose Lane: Lehane RET and Donald J. Lehane to Cynthia Zadrozny, $280,000 on Sept. 28

18 Sheffield Road: Anthony Izzo to Alicia and David C. Zelanakas, $245,000 on Sept. 28

98 Spring Road: Wellfb Co to William T. Mickolyzck, $262,000 on Sept. 22

34 Todd Drive: Timmie J. and Kari L. O’Leary to Michelle Torelli, $240,000 on Sept. 19

2075 Whitney Avenue: FNMA to Peter and Grace Jung, $175,000 on Sept. 21

15 Winding Brook Road: Timberwood Homes LLC to James A. and Michele A. Riccio, $550,000 on Sept. 23

Old Saybrook

138 Mill Rock Road East: Costa Family LLC to 138 Millrock Road LLC, $145,000 on Oct. 4

64 Neptune Drive: Florence N. and Michael Davis to Glenn J. and Robin M. Pugliese, $250,000 on Oct. 3

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