Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions


106 Edwards Street: Ernest E. Taddei to Timothy E. and Rebekah E. Chamberlain, $180,000 on May 22

481 Lake Drive: Indymac Venture LLC to Rudolph and Stephanie Gosteli, $130,000 on May 22

90 Long Hill Farm, Unit 90: Pasquale and Shirley A. Franco to Michelle Onofrio, $233,500 on May 26

461 Long Hill Road: Norman R. Zabel and Edith Carlson-Zabel to Allan W. and Gina M. Voytek, $318,000 on May 26

1126 Long Hill Road: Happy Ranch Acquisitions to Kerrin Zadeck-Clenard, $320,000 on May 27

91 North Madison Road: Michael J. and Patricia A. Souney to Daniel H. and Courtney M. McGowan, $372,000 on June 1

208 Shore Drive: FNMA to Ralph Galardi, $115,000 on June 1

19 Union Street: Bryan Lansing-Becket and Joseph St. George-Bryan to Edith D. Crowley, $360,000 on May 22


113 Cedar Street: Bruni Kippur LLC to Lauren F. Michaud, $307,500 on May 22

96 Damascus Road: Peat Meadow Road Assoc to Srihari V. Gottumukkala, $550,000 on June 1

19 Great Oak Road, Unit 19: Frances M. Dombrowski to Yvonne Pallotto, $225,000 on June 1

92 Limewood Avenue, Unit A5: Thomas W. and Lorilynn Piezzo to Caitlin E. Johnson, $255,000 on June 1

Main Highway: Catherine T. Zuraw and Geoffrey B. Tremayne to Richard M. and Debra L. Tobin, $780,000 on June 1

46-52 Park Place: Metro 52 LLC to NNJ Properties LLC, $1,512,500 on June 1

8 Peddlers Drive, Unit 8: USA HUD and Julian Castro to Geoffrey Weber, $110,000 on May 27

49 Rose Street, Unit 107: Adela H. French to Stephen M. and Jill A. Brown, $176,000 on May 26


13 Stonegate, Unit D: Beth A. Behan to Vivian A. Baker, $159,000 on June 1

North Branford

82 Clear Lake Road: Lorraine R. Fiore to Patricia A. Cunningham, $177,000 on May 27

285 Foxon Road: 285 Foxon LLC to Albert H. Pacileo, $269,000 on May 26

68 Hyla Lane: FHLM to Stephen Evans, $251,000 on May 29

223 Twin Lakes Road, Unit F: Susan D’Andrea to Melissa Gladding, $192,000 on May 29

239 Twin Lakes Road, Unit F: Patricia O’Connor to Janice L. Florio, $176,500 on May 26

East Haven

82 Beachside Avenue, Unit 82: Vigliotti Construction Co to Frank Coppola, $319,900 on June 3

12 Cedar Court, Unit I: Stephen McGovern to John Mackay, $79,000 on June 1

34 Clearview Avenue: Palumbo Jack Est and Rosa Richardson to Pinnacle Properties LLC, $82,500 on June 2

89 Forbes Place: Joscelin Keating to Christopher and Carol Kowalczik, $204,000 on June 4

73 Gerrish Avenue: Gerish Ave Partners LLC to Mark Mastracchio and Sherin Kalantary, $245,000 on June 5

602 Golf Drive, Unit 602: FNMA to Kelly Zito, $106,000 on June 1

183 Rose Street Ext: Cani Real Estate Invest to Dylan Murphy and Lindsey Carnegie, $173,000 on June 5

318 Thompson Avenue: Linda Depino to Stacey Bonet, $192,500 on June 1

55 Thompson Street, Unit 12h: FNMA to Pasquale and Lisa Simone, $78,000 on June 3

140 Thompson Street, Unit 13c: Paul Thompson Jr to Vineet Tyagi, $128,500 on June 5

44 Tuttle Place: Katherine and Jonathan Walker to Zachary Johnson, $124,900 on June 2

82 View Terrace: Steven Thompson to Paul Thompson, $180,000 on June 4

N/A: Henry McKinney to Josephine McKinney and Marvin Moragridge, $160,000 on June 1

N/A: HP Stony Book LLC to Par Mill St LLC, $21,050,000 on June 2

North Haven

10 Bailey Road: Malone Paul Est and Amy Malone to Dennis Amato, $180,000 on June 3

77 Bailey Road: Melissa and Marc Durso to Jessica Rundstrom, $270,000 on June 1

485 Clintonville Road: Richard Smith to Colby Pinette, $269,900 on June 3

1950 Hartford Turnpike: Anthony Baldino to Paul Jacobs, $165,000 on June 5

9 Monroe Street: Monica Urbinati to Anthony Sacco, $243,000 on June 1

5 Rose Lane: Chester Katzman to Lauren Kehlenbach and Michael Sutherland, $225,000 on June 2

158 Summer Lane: Nelson Hernandez to Jean Grehl, $325,000 on June 2

2073 Whitney Avenue: FNMA to Khin Yu, $135,000 on June 1


22 Schnoor Road: Michael Comfort and Domingos Vaz to Joseph C. and Kristen A. Tupay, $286,500 on May 26


68 Long Hill Road: Susan B. Coleman and Colin G. Evans to Patrick and Lauren Connors, $285,000 on May 27


96 Cedar Lake Road: Scott K. Lyons to Tracey Kroll, $269,000 on May 28

Deep River

61 Essex Street: John Bauer to Thomas Martin and Donna Nicholson-Martin, $295,000 on May 27


85 River Road, Unit E2: Daniel N. Slatkin to Robert and Mary B. Richardell, $229,000 on May 28

Old Saybrook

6 Beaver Dam Trail: Jean F. Fulkerson to Anthony P. Pascuzzi, $230,000 on May 4

4 Bellaire Drive: Steven D. Schirm to Susan A. and Geoffrey H. Schirm, $95,000 on May 19

6 Brenda Lane: Clive C. Berry and Carole A. Alvaro to Thomas M. and Emily D. Lopez, $440,000 on May 15

9 Cedar Lane: Candeo Group LLC to Michael P. and Brittany L. Silvestrini, $2,295,000 on May 12

70 Church Street: Carl G. and Christine M. Bulgini to Graciela R. and Quido C. Donofrio, $377,000 on May 15

31 Cinnamon Ridge: Gallen W. Jones to Melissa Jones, $270,000 on May 11

24 Crowley Drive: Michael Mitchell to Timothy and Jennifer Lawson, $500,000 on May 4

21 Edwards Road: Courtney Swift to Fox Meadow Capital LLC, $240,000 on May 20

175 Ferry Road, Unit 31: Eden Harbour LLC to Barry Baskind and Eileen Fitzgerald, $430,000 on May 18

16 James Court: Nicola A. Campbell to Ashley Halsted, $549,000 on May 22

401 Main Street: Andrea E. Thompson to Margaret Hannon, $325,000 on May 11

107 Nehantic Trail: Michael R. Petrucelli and Diana M. DiTacchio to CSC Properties LLC, $356,000 on May 20

137 Nehantic Trail: Robert A. Chellstorp to Karin C. and Eric Chellstorp, $75,000 on May 12

14 Red Bird Trail: Thomas Rogan and Christine L. Hart to John F. Aforismo RET and John F. Aforismo, $1,825,000 on May 18

14 Whitney Avenue: William J. Sage to Robert M. and Susan V. Chmielski, $483,000 on May 11

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