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04/18/2024 12:00 AM

Real Estate Transactions for April 18


22 Brocketts Point Road: Laura B. Schwartz to Katherine Braner, $580,000 on March 26

26 Buena Vista Road: Estate of Mildred E. Hill and Shirley Collins to Alison Johnson and Nathan Lee, $553,000 on March 28

128 Burban Drive: Joseph W. Lane and Christine M. Niles to Ymg Real Estate LLC, $300,000 on March 28

525 East Main St Unit 65: Betulia Realty LLC to Joselyn Peralta, $40,000 on March 28

25 Florence Road Unit 35: Danielle Bonagura to Mary J. Ross, $270,000 on March 25

97 Linden Avenue: A I Mossberg Jr Branford and Christine P. Mossberg to M3 Re Holdings LLC, $1,800,000 on March 25

16 Pine Orchard Road Unit 9: Estate of Carol K. Dew and Elizabeth Berarducci to Donna Genovese, $150,500 on March 28

502 Plymouth Colony Unit 502: Jean B. Andros to Christine Sorrento, $269,000 on March 25

6 Russell Vlg Unit 8: Lori A. Tracy to Joseph C. and Kathleen Barcello, $137,000 on March 26

29 Sunset Beach Road: M3 Re Holdings LLC to Irvin Modlin, $2,550,000 on March 22

5 Waverly Road: Kelly J. Mcguire to Aimee B. Robertson, $737,000 on March 28


25 Airport Park Road: Ais Properties LLC to Scofam LLC, $120,000 on March 28

132 Middlesex Avenue: Michael S. and Kimberly M. Adams to Paul and Kathryn Coles, $270,000 on March 26


12 Carriage Drive: Robert Giannotti to Juliana J. and Welson D. Batista, $345,000 on March 25

135 East Main St Unit 15: Estate of Garrison D. Matthies and Luise Mcdade to Donna Genovese, $140,000 on March 28

Lantern Court Condo Unit 201: Lgdbgd LLC to Barbara F. Gibson, $279,900 on March 28

116 Long Hill Road: Eduardo Acevedo to Christopher A. Disotell, $312,500 on March 27

Deep River

114 Kirtland Street: Robert J. and Linda A. Avila to Kathleen O. Shaughnessey and Kaitlyn Kenney, $410,000 on March 26

39 Plains Road: Estate of Robert Rayner and Leslie A. Rayner to Mark P. Rayner, $120,000 on March 25

41 Plains Road: Estate of Robert Rayner and Leslie A. Rayner to Mark P. Rayner, $300,000 on March 25

29 Union Street: Douglas Long and Hillary S. Bolle to Donald J. and Danielle W. Neary, $644,000 on March 21

East Haven

92 Caroline Road: Christopher F. Rubino to Lori V. Brown, $375,000 on March 28

123 Cosey Beach Avenue Unit 2: Alexander Rostocki to Jill A. and Lee S. Siegel, $520,000 on March 28

140 Hemingway Avenue: 140 Hemingway LLC to Osmany Hernandez, $380,000 on March 27

131 Hughes Street: Jennifer Gonzalez and Miguel Rivera to Sully J. Arichavala, $370,000 on March 26

173 Russo Avenue Unit 611: Cheryl C. and Cheryl A. Bode to Danielle Julius, $205,000 on March 27

67 Stevens Street: Ana Ellington and Rocket Mortgage LLC to Wolfpack Holdings LLC, $319,000 on March 25

55 Thompson St Unit 17E: Stuart N. Penn to Cheryl A. Bode, $210,000 on March 25


33 Main Street: John Patterson T and Timothy S. Patterson to Robert S. Kokoruda and Hope P. Kegeles, $1,275,000 on March 22


820 Beaver Head Road: Robert F. and Susan P. Vyborny to Susan P. Vyborny and Yael Girard, $568,000 on March 26

2903 Durham Road: Estate of Maureen F. Perkins and Edward E. Perkins to Andrea Eshoo and Curtis Kunka, $485,000 on March 25

145 Middle Road: Roccos Property Dev LLC to Ian Bobis and Selena Johnson, $455,000 on March 25

444 Northwood Drive: Andrew P. Kaplan to Christopher R. Stocklin and Nichole V. Ellison, $500,000 on March 28

Red Barns Road: Joseph B. Barnes to Land And Clark LLC, $23,615 on Feb. 29

26 Wauwinet Court Unit 26: Christopher Collins to Stephen Nosal, $198,000 on March 28

485 Willow Road: Roland and Lynn R. St Denis to Filipe A. Moura, $900,000 on March 25


14 Apple Way: Estate of Pierce B. Dunn and Derek Dunn to Mary J. Vigneau, $500,000 on March 18

123 Deepwood Drive: Lsf8 Master Part T and Us Bank TNa Tr to Christopher and Theresa Millet, $375,000 on March 20

11 Green Hill Road: Robert H. and Jean Blouin to Patrick W. and Christine A. Murphy, $370,000 on March 22

35 Lakewood Drive: Francis and Iris M. Jones to Jordan Chapman and Corrinne Jones, $625,000 on March 18

29 Milano Pond Drive: J J. and Judith Hurtubise to North Hvn Equipment & Lea, $410,000 on March 18

94 Mungertown Road: Joel Corwin to Brian K. Davis and Kathryn Stamps, $400,000 on March 19

579 Opening Hill Road: 29 Bellevue Street LLC to Kyle J. and Alexander Farrell, $680,000 on March 18

North Branford

27 Berncliff Drive: Michele Tondalo to Austin Defrancesco, $390,000 on March 26

60 Berncliff Drive: Kathryn M Ferraro T and Kathryn M. Ferraro to Scott and Eliza Sanborn, $375,000 on March 15

3 Birchwood Road: Estate of Rosemarie Proto and Frank B. Proto to Christopher and Alexa Scala, $320,000 on March 28

53 Circle Drive: Estate of Francis J. Shanoff Jr and Francis J. Shanoff to Milton Vasquez, $250,000 on March 22

7 Fawn Meadow Lane: John A. Norton to Benjamin Connor, $775,000 on March 27

37 Idylwood Drive: Spm Re Properties LLC to Mary A. Osborn, $435,000 on March 15

22 Jackson Lane: Estate of Vivian Cuomo and Gary Cuomo to Jacob D. Errichetti, $441,500 on March 14

93 Maltby Lane: Arlene I Celotto T and Arlene I. Celotto to Marco J. and Deidre S. Lucatino, $425,000 on March 15

1243 Middletown Avenue: Luanci Construction LLC to Kristin M. Canning and Juan H. Colon, $667,065 on March 27

17 Pioneer Drive: Pane Ft and Louis Pane to David V. Rodriguez and Alexa D. Venegas, $217,000 on March 22

17 Pioneer Drive: Ray D. Pompano to David V. Rodriguez and Alexa D. Venegas, $217,000 on March 22

43 Walnut Lane: Delchi and Rosemary Serfilippi to Anastasia Ugolik, $460,000 on March 18

Williams Road: Sally & George Grogan T and Steven E. Grogan to Amanda Bradley, $356,500 on March 14

N/A: Estate of Michael W. Burke and Shannon Daros to Chad M. Deming and Chelsea Dellarocca, $335,000 on March 19

North Haven

114 Ridgewood Avenue: James E. and Elaine Pucci to Kai T. Waechter and Grace Tartaglia, $589,000 on March 25

121 Sackett Point Road: Roma A. Sgambato to 121 Sackett Pt LLC, $217,000 on March 25

Old Saybrook

7 Clinton Avenue: Harcourt W. Davis to Mrwdb T and Katie M. Mcdonough, $490,000 on March 28


30 Antonie Road: Julius and Loretta Rizzo to Thomas J. and Joanna T. Ferranti, $635,000 on March 27

Boston Post Road: Michael J. Magee and The Bank Of Ny Mellon to Michael J. and Julia Magee, $264,001 on March 25

272 Meadowlark Lane Ext: Edward White to Craig T. and Mary B. Adams, $665,000 on March 25

12 Thompson Lane: Michael J. Magee and The Bank Of Ny Mellon to Michael J. and Julia Magee, $264,001 on March 25

789 Toby Hill Road: James Wrubleski and Jessica R. Hammatt to Ryan T. Vautrin and Angela Aguilar, $515,000 on March 25