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11/16/2023 12:00 AM

Real Estate Transactions for Nov. 16


2 Donna Lane: Mtg Equity Conversion T and Us Bank Na Tr to Raj K. Chapagain and Antima K. Acharya, $331,111 on Oct. 23

28 Harbour Vlg Unit B: George A. and Calleene L. Neyssen to Vicky Lo and Michel Bernabo, $272,000 on Oct. 23

16 Pine Orchard Road Unit 4: Estate of Paula J. Heckman and Elizabeth Heckman to Jane A. Emmons, $210,000 on Oct. 23

5 Stone Gate Drive Unit 5F: Patricia M. Wezenski to Silvio D. Monaco, $172,000 on Oct. 24


22 Hickory Hill Drive: Rmf Buyout Acquisition T and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Daniel Lombardo, $426,250 on Oct. 23

3 Johnson Road: Mtg Assets Mgmt Series I and Bank Of Ny Mellon Tr to Peter Malone, $230,000 on Oct. 17

30 Middlesex Avenue: Martin E. and Leslie J. Watkins to Melissa L. Kimball, $350,000 on Oct. 17

East Haven

28 David Drive: Carol A. Twohill to Pricilla S. Fonseca, $322,000 on Oct. 18

283 Grannis Street: Robert J. Grimshaw to Henry G. Calderon and Carmen L. Guaman, $330,000 on Oct. 18

11 Prospect Pl: William A. Basel to Joseph and Shawn Piscitelli, $260,000 on Oct. 18

173 Russo Avenue Unit 706: Hannah Reisman to Megan Dang and Angel Lee, $250,000 on Oct. 18


27 North Main St Unit 4: Charles E. and Laura A. Utley to Steven Demelis, $355,000 on Oct. 23

18 Rachel Lane: Kyle W. and Caitlin Mcneil to Elsie Odishaw, $450,000 on Oct. 23


281 Old Sachems Head Road: Kevin R. Obrien to Robert Lavallee, $3,675,000 on Oct. 19


49 Cottage Road Unit 8: Patricia Haag to Denowitz Medicaid Protect and Johanna Denowitz, $150,960 on Oct. 27

12 Green Springs Drive: Francis Myernick and Barbara A. Glackin to Richard Yurko RET and Richard Yurko, $615,000 on Oct. 25

31 Samantha Lane: Mehdi T. Hossain to Lillian P. Langseth, $400,000 on Oct. 23

Sheep Pasture Road: East River Woodlands LLC to Sheep Pasture Road LLC, $225,000 on Oct. 26

Sheep Pasture Road: East River Woodlands LLC to Sheep Pasture Road LLC, $225,000 on Oct. 26

Sheep Pasture Road: East River Woodlands LLC to Sheep Pasture Road LLC, $225,000 on Oct. 26

North Branford

229 Branford Road Unit 229: Christine Farrey to Christine E. Mulqueen, $185,000 on Oct. 24

33 Colonial Drive: Seema Jain to Sagar A. and Soniya A. Patel, $510,000 on Oct. 26

16 Dorie Drive: Ann N. Gleason to Joseph W. Johnson, $200,000 on Oct. 19

20 Neubigs Way: Cheryl L. Duro to Titan Holdings LLC, $210,000 on Oct. 19

35 Sunnyside Drive: Ronald C. Bergmark to Patricia and Sean Pragano, $420,000 on Oct. 23

N/A: Estate of Hilda C. Grady and Mary Keefe to David C. and Leslie Frost, $430,000 on Oct. 19

North Haven

101 Allendale Drive N: Dena M. Thelen to Ghrpch LLC, $430,000 on Oct. 25

9 Courtland Pard Avenue Unit 3: Whitemore-Monaco Diana Es and Peter A. Monaco to Mariluz Urena and Gerard F. Long, $545,000 on Sept. 26

4 Eaton Street: Melanie Sanchez to Raymond L. Shaw, $223,000 on Oct. 26

24 Highland Drive: Premium Enterprises LLC to Latoya Whitehurst, $350,000 on Oct. 24

129 Kings Hwy Unit 4: Estate of Sisto Tarquino and Joseph M. Tarquino to Ferdinando Dibenedetto and Mary Grosso, $525,000 on Oct. 23

35 Marlborough Road: Obrien Fret and Carol R. Obrien to Randy C. and Tracy L. Yale, $500,000 on Oct. 27

26 Sachem Drive: Marie F. Romanacci and Sandra A. Artaiz to Ignacio Xochicale and Stephanie M. Pina, $430,000 on Oct. 23

Old Saybrook

813 Boston Post Road: Epic Real Estate Grp LLC to 813 Boston Post Road LLC, $705,000 on Oct. 20

27 Driftwood Drive: Kotrady Lt and Konrad Kotrady to Jason D. and Steven L. Malagutti, $240,000 on Oct. 26

110 Ingham Hill Road: Clifford and Lynne Rhodes to James L. Dibble, $250,000 on Oct. 27


7 Captains Drive: Robert T. and Hope Harris to Alan Clark, $1,122,000 on Oct. 24

8 Rip Tide: David N. and Mary Carter to Rebecca C. and Wayne G. Hawes, $276,000 on Oct. 24