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09/28/2023 08:03 AM

Real Estate Transactions for Sept. 28


38-A Brocketts Point Road: Chandrasekhar and Kamal J. Kota to Francis Thompson, $800,000 on Sept. 1

223 Monticello Drive Unit 223: Jennifer Raposo to Katarzyna Kanarek, $315,000 on Sept. 5

21 Selden Avenue: Robert S. Goodman to Christopher H. and Kerri C. Beckert, $1,200,000 on Sept. 1

132 Sunset Hill Drive: Xavier Gilstrap and Jennifer Fleet to Terrence Mcclowry and Margot Broom, $765,000 on Sept. 1

15 Sybil Creek Pl: Burdeen M. Camp to Janet and Paul Haringa, $607,500 on Sept. 6

92 Turtle Bay Drive Unit 92: Mark J. Bartek to Elisha Logan, $430,000 on Sept. 5

4 Woodvale Road: Michael J. and Michele M. Infantino to Justin C. and Kristen A. Infantino, $120,000 on Sept. 1

N/A: Estate of Madeline C. Brooks and Robert Brooks to Rachel Delvy, $214,000 on Sept. 5

N/A: David M. Liskov to Ivette Batista, $188,000 on Sept. 6


65 Bokum Road: David W. Sykes and Joanne C. Bugai to Double Trouble LLC, $800,000 on Sept. 6


145 Nod Road: Stanley R. and Barbara J. Blanko to Theresa A. Denuzzo, $125,000 on Sept. 7

21 Rocky Ledge Drive: Jeffrey M. Nolan and Ademar G. Donascimeto to Nancy J. Brault, $285,000 on Sept. 5

25 Sunnybrook Lane: Michael J. Karol to Eliana P. Ortiz and Victor H. Arce, $334,000 on Sept. 7

Deep River

92 Main St Unit 403: Heather M. and Joan V. Nedovich to Michael S. Harris and Julia Masters-Harris, $210,000 on Sept. 6

62 River Street: Keybank Na to Kck Rlty LLC, $99,000 on Sept. 7

11 Winter Avenue: Cascade Funding Mtg THb11 to Michael Dutra, $77,900 on Sept. 8

East Haven

80 Charnes Drive: Krzysztof and Danuta Badorek to Frank and Rashonda Winters, $385,000 on Sept. 7

3 Circle Drive: Michele A. Dombbrowski and Nicholas J. Firine to Natalia Fredericks, $330,000 on Sept. 5

8 Emma Road: Antonella Avallone to Asif Khan, $424,000 on Sept. 5

3 Julius Drive: John E. Millerick to Joseph M. Sierejko and Jaaniece D. Coates, $390,000 on Sept. 7

34 Marie Drive: Susan M. and Robert D. Vigorito to Ana Perdigoto, $329,000 on Sept. 5

258 Russo Avenue: Ybmg Real Estate LLC to Abcd Homes Ii De LLC, $487,000 on Sept. 8

19 Saltonstall Pl: Amped Ventures LLC to Ny Citywide General Contr, $190,000 on Sept. 6

19 Saltonstall Pl: Stanwich Mtg Loan T and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Amped Ventures LLC, $166,250 on Sept. 6

661 Silver Sands Road Unit B2: Deborah and Anthony A. Cangiano to Susan M. Vigorito, $280,000 on Sept. 5

55 Thompson St Unit 8E: Claire A. Festa to Angelica N. Festa, $150,000 on Sept. 7

88 View Ter: Doreen Scannell to Wilson V. Sarango, $291,900 on Sept. 7


N/A: Estate of Elizabeth E. Kusche and Walter T. Vanwyck to Kathleen W. Bishop, $530,000 on Sept. 6


17 Bentons Knl Unit 17: Michael Treglia and Maureen J. Lage to John Franchi, $1,200,000 on Sept. 6

650 Durham Road: Christopher and Mary J. Galvin to Christopher Metner and Cashmere R. Caragan, $690,000 on Sept. 8

262 Foxwood Road: Jonathan E. and Amy L. Faitsch to Barbara R. and Edward R. Williams, $500,000 on Sept. 6

106 Leetes Island Road: Thomas E. and Mary W. Neal to Marjorie Marenberg, $934,999 on Sept. 8

147 Sperry Drive: Douglas Gladue and Anna Kloc to James Grieder, $349,000 on Sept. 7

106 Union Street: Lisa A. Masotti to Susan and Robert Welsh, $585,000 on Sept. 6

1280 West Street: Gail Reeves to Jeremy Teale, $615,000 on Sept. 8

440 Whitfield Street: Jeffery-Fassler T and Peter Jeffery to Old Whit LLC, $400,000 on Sept. 8


3 4th Street: Karen Farnsworth to Robert A. Cornog, $159,000 on Sept. 7

29 Bridle Path Lane: Greg and Aimee S. Versaw to Fabiana C. Araujo and Erik D. Malinowski, $785,000 on Sept. 5

90 Joshua Trail: Kirk N. and Brooke J. Samuelson to Lorenzo L. and Helen F. Flores, $1,085,000 on Sept. 7

119 Laurel Crest Road: Paula and John Durcan to Lori and Walter Elia, $875,000 on Sept. 6

35 Liberty Street: Estate of Paul K. Edman and John E. Edman to Christine Pape, $712,500 on Sept. 7

307 Neck Road: Nancy Brault to Mary Suto Callender T and Mary S. Callender, $1,200,000 on Sept. 5

40 Sportsman Hill Road: Danielle J. Wilson to Emerson N. Ferreira and Regiane A. De Morais, $495,000 on Sept. 6

546 Summer Hill Road: Thomas and Linda Brady to Ashley and Cheyne Rocha-Rinere, $1,230,000 on Sept. 7

69 Twin Coves Road: Valerie Sheft to Twinpalm RET, $775,000 on Sept. 5

475 Warpas Road: Lee Bassett to Sonja Capasso RET and Sonja Capasso, $467,000 on Sept. 5

North Branford

111 Crossfield Road: Estate of Joseph R. Tulli and John Dolan to Brianna and Alexa Greene, $457,000 on Sept. 7

North Haven

201 Clintonville Road: Columbia Wegman Nh LLC to Inspired Sr Living Of Nh, $38,230,500 on Sept. 5

526 Clintonville Road: Estate of Wayne A. Mele and Kenneth Mele to Roberto Furtado, $430,000 on Sept. 7

1400 Hartford Tpke Unit 20: Jerry V. Palmarozza to Christopher R. Bracken, $276,000 on Sept. 5

1996 Hartford Tpke: Frederick L. Altice to Market Equities Group LLC, $160,750 on Sept. 7

15 Katie Lane: Catherine Daniello to Kasey J. and Frank J. Sullivan, $500,000 on Sept. 6

10 Revere Road: Barbara R. and Edward R. Williams to Christopher Hines, $574,000 on Sept. 8

S Wayland St Unit 193: Rocco Cimino to Laurel L. Gentino, $400,000 on Sept. 6

Old Saybrook

16 Atlantic Drive: Jeannine M. Schwing to Irene M. Zutell, $558,000 on Sept. 5

175 Ferry Road Unit 8: Estate of Jane E. Read and Christopher Read to Mary Falslev, $523,000 on Sept. 5

31 Jarvis Road: Esther M Eddy RET and Joshua F. Eddy to John F. and Eleanor W. Sloan, $780,000 on Sept. 7

10 Pettipaug Avenue: Jennifer W. Girty to Stephen M. and Polly L. Carta, $2,500,000 on Sept. 8


69 Bellstone Avenue: Bonnie M. and Michael Forcucci to Sharon Lescadre, $250,000 on Sept. 7