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08/30/2023 07:12 AM

Real Estate Transactions for Aug. 31


36 Applewood Road: Federal Natl Mtg Assn to Harrison Robbins and Marissa Pesce, $520,000 on Aug. 7

14 Bellview Road: Michael Corcoran to Ryan and Gin G. Lundy, $445,000 on Aug. 9

2 Donna Lane: Melissa Henry and Mortgage Assets Mgmt LLC to Mortgage Assets Mgmt LLC, $303,000 on Aug. 7

675 East Main Street: Diana B. Leonardi to Bridget and Frank Parise, $300,000 on Aug. 8

45 Home Pl: Christina D. Poole to John Wheeler, $482,500 on Aug. 10

87 Ivy Street: Robert R. and Vincenzo Pascarella to Ima Associates LLC, $425,000 on Aug. 8

10 Kenyon Street: Paul V. Riccio to Jose L. Colon, $35,000 on Aug. 9

29 Orchard Hill Road: Edwin J. Malloy RET and Diana Cameron to Dayaram G. and Samjhana T. Magar, $309,000 on Aug. 10

200 Pineview Drive: Cavanaugh Martha and Stacey H. Leonard to Alexander J. Mansi, $170,710 on Aug. 9

22 Piscitello Drive: Lsf8 Master Part T and Us Bank TNA Tr to Nico J. Rasile, $370,000 on Aug. 10

13 Pond View Ter: Alan and Cynthia Watson to Jeffrey Henry and Erica Rodriguez, $1,150,000 on Aug. 4

11 School Ground Road: Dunham Mobile Hm Pk LLC to Vincent Errico, $115,500 on Aug. 8

102 Short Beach Road: Ledgestone LLC to Erik Ljunggren, $374,450 on Aug. 9

6 Sylvan Point Yacht Unit 6: Warren and Sondra Cruver to George and Callene Neyssen, $22,000 on Aug. 10

37 Whiting Farm Road: Cobb Richard West Est and Maura Murar to Yiran Gu and Xinpeng Huang, $766,000 on Aug. 8


37 Castle View Drive: Coastal Vent Ent Inc to Holger G. Erickson, $429,900 on Aug. 9


25 College St Unit 2: Juliana and Welson Batista to Stephanie and Stephen Lavaway, $195,500 on Aug. 8

116 Harbor Pkwy: Denise M. Lee to Kevin and Alissa Becker, $599,000 on Aug. 8

3 Hill View Lane: Stephen R. Lavaway to Margaret and Romona L. Milardo, $472,512 on Aug. 7

16 Nod Road: Mjm Self Storage & Clinton to Clinton Court LLC, $300,000 on Aug. 7

112 Nod Road Unit 1: Judith and Joseph Re LLC to Owen Zamecnik, $185,000 on Aug. 8

112 Nod Road Unit 2: Judith and Joseph Re LLC to Owen Zamecnik, $185,000 on Aug. 8

East Haven

9 Atwater Street: Richard L. Cordeiro and Diane M. Golias to Bennett Records and Jennifer Grise, $405,000 on Aug. 10

1 Birch Lane Unit C: John Filip to Walker A. and Kishorn Henry, $170,000 on Aug. 10

654 Bradley Street: David Cusano to Michael Cusmano, $346,500 on Aug. 8

157 Highland Avenue: Mark A. Arcangelo and Freedom Mortgage Corp to Eva Gyapay, $195,000 on Aug. 9

2 Mansfield Grove Road Unit 164: Pamela J. Hubbard to Vongolenove LLC, $330,000 on Aug. 9

5 Mansfield Grove Road Unit 354: Lynn Kwak and Roy Abrams to William A. Squires T and William A. Squires, $525,000 on Aug. 8

175 South End Road Unit E30: Michael and Charlotte Copenhaver to John F. Whalen, $278,000 on Aug. 11

45 South Street: Pai Investor LLC to Brandon Merle, $400,000 on Aug. 8

7 Squires Lane: Ral North Haven LLC to Drew and Elizabeth Whitlock, $460,503 on Aug. 11

Stevens Street: Anna Malone to Leonides Garcia and Ferdinand Velazquez, $230,000 on Aug. 11

32 Taylor Avenue: Heather Barbara Smith Ft and Scalici S. Garcia to Carlos L. Leon, $375,000 on Aug. 7

55 Thompson St Unit 12D: Barbara J. Debrum to Juana M. Curbelo, $170,000 on Aug. 9

140 Thompson St Unit 24E: Angela Dalessandris to Anandah M. Sutton, $200,000 on Aug. 10

140 Thompson St Unit 15A: Maria and Zenon Gniedzikjko to Alex Camp, $287,000 on Aug. 10


38 North Main St Unit 14: Kent White to Wendy M. Leone, $285,000 on Aug. 4

N/A: Rina M. Pollak to Jessica R. Chmura, $615,000 on Aug. 8

N/A: Sally A. Bonito to Sally A. Bonito, $560,000 on Aug. 4


65 Bonnie Briar Lane: Terry D. and Desiree A. Mahon to John B. and Jordan Amendola, $353,000 on Aug. 7

318 Briarwood Drive: Andrzej Golus and Feng Zhu to Gabrielle Cione and Laura Hymson, $700,000 on Aug. 9

214 Church Street: Julie South Flagg Re LLC to Oconn Properties LLC, $387,500 on Aug. 9

291 Dromara Road: Holly West Astrausky RET and Holly W. Astrausky to Trista Sanderson and Garrett Krier, $950,000 on Aug. 7

2150 Durham Road: William F. Linell and Derek C. Batick to Corrine R. Yasevac and Matthew S. Collier, $400,000 on Aug. 8

3198 Durham Road: Jason Falcone to Mark Madden, $312,000 on Aug. 11

780 Lake Drive: Tara and Steven Strand to Michael C. and Brianna D. Rodrigues, $601,000 on Aug. 7

399 Nortontown Road: Clarice Yasuhara to Katherine Boucher and James Hoffecker, $450,000 on Aug. 7

375 Podunk Road: Aleh and Yulia Tsyvinski to Steven Agranov and Xinran Tao, $1,180,000 on Aug. 11

277 Saw Mill Road: Paul M. and Elizabeth A. Neveu to Leslie M. and Kathryn M. Labriola, $570,000 on Aug. 8

169 Tanner Marsh Road: Dudley Children T and Leah Dudley to Mark and Dana Ashby, $576,000 on Aug. 11

557 Tanner Marsh Road: Katherine A. Azuara and Samuel A. Martinez to Dennis R. and Nicole C. Deziel, $1,375,000 on Aug. 9

83 White Birch Drive: Baron Virginia Est and Lee Riffaterre to Elizabeth Mcguire, $549,000 on Aug. 8


22 Flower Avenue: Mary C. Ashmore to Rachel N. and Michael D. Zarella, $1,150,000 on Aug. 9

193 Horse Pond Road: Francis Underhill and Asiye Kay to Thomas S. and Colleen-Jem Sponzo, $699,000 on Aug. 8

20 Saint James Court: Judith Keane to Sanjiv Gollakota and Erin Devine, $900,000 on Aug. 7

92 Sportsman Hill Road: Igor Blekher and Polina Melamud to Nichola J. Smith and Richard J. Burgin, $510,000 on Aug. 11

67 Strawberry Hill Road: Gabrielle D. Evans RET and Gabrielle D. Evans to Jonathan and Suzanne Slade, $1,425,000 on Aug. 11

50 Wheatstone Road: Bethany A. Butler and Francis J. Mcginn to Andrzej Golus and Feng Zhu, $1,050,000 on Aug. 9

3 Wildcat Road: Amir E. and Katherine M. Masoud to Spencer Frank, $851,000 on Aug. 7

North Branford

21 Meadow Road: Robert E. and Michael Nyholt to Raymond F. Martyn, $415,000 on Aug. 2

564 Totoket Road: Kirshbaum Patricie M. Est and Patrice M. Kirshbaum to Kevin J. Barry and Elena A. Milone, $216,250 on Aug. 3

564 Totoket Road: Robert East Mccarthy T and Patrice M. Mccarthy to Kevin J. Barry and Elena A. Milone, $216,250 on Aug. 3

North Haven

5 Evergreen Pl: H&u Home Improvement LLC to Martin and Jill Hofmeister, $370,000 on Aug. 9

19 Legrand Road: Sharman Tait to Aaron J. and Colleen P. Baser, $470,000 on Aug. 7

38 Old Kiln Road: Shawn and Joseph Piscitelli to Yesenia Erodici, $498,000 on Aug. 11

186 Sackett Point Road: Bowen Agnes East Est and Kathleen Bowen to Ethan W. Craig, $235,000 on Aug. 9

7 Squires Lane Unit 7: Ral North Haven LLC to Drew and Elizabeth Whitlock, $460,503 on Aug. 11

3 Upper State Street: Shinequa Seal and Kevin Harris to Shannon M. Whelahan and Francis J. Landolfa, $265,000 on Aug. 9

Old Saybrook

15 Chalker Beach Road: Furnes Doreen Est and Randy H. Furnes to Mvjj LLC, $190,000 on Aug. 9

5 East Street: Matthew C. Venturi and Jessica R. Hampton to Lisa M. Quinlivan, $330,000 on Aug. 7

26 Ridge Drive N: John B. and Kristn L. Graham to Mark Bobruff, $620,000 on Aug. 10


101 Johnson Pond Lane: Bruce A. and Sandra J. Stern to Jorge I. Escobar and Jimena Tapia, $725,000 on Aug. 9

Old Clinton Road: John L. Fecke to The Usa, $225,000 on Aug. 7

121 Osprey Cir: William V. Zdon to Paul and Sharon Fontecchio, $182,500 on Aug. 11