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08/03/2023 12:00 AM

Real Estate Transactions for Aug. 3


9 Cedrus Court: William G. and Maureen A. Rimmer to Kriste E. and Stephanie A. Schillat, $589,900 on July 11

75 Colebrook Court Unit D: John K. Mcmillan and Johnna M. Arcucci to Adam Zennou, $135,000 on July 11

29 Fenway Road: Douglas L. Sheridan to Mary Finnegan, $875,000 on July 12

33 Fenway Road: Douglas L. Sheridan to Mary Finnegan, $875,000 on July 12

18 Halstead Lane: Jeffrey and Mindy Raup to Brian and Suzanne Evans, $1,900,000 on July 10

624 Longfellow Drive Unit 624: Paul and Jesseca Squeglia to Susan and Allan Smith, $316,000 on July 7

12 Ridge Road: Ida J. Pozzi to Sara Levine, $598,000 on July 10

164 Turtle Bay Drive Unit 164: David E. and Marie O. Simons to Petro Fen, $527,000 on July 7

16 Wellsweep Road: Thomas E. and Dana A. Schmidt to Lisa M. and Sandra L. Vita, $525,000 on July 7

85 Windmill Hill Road: Lauren and Adam Nasreddine to Timothy E. and Carolyn D. Mullen, $522,000 on July 10


24 Deep Hollow Road: Brend B. and Julie E. Steevels to Misha and Kassandra Semenov, $485,000 on July 11

8 Hickory Hill Drive: Jennifer M. Miller to Dylan Stemple, $540,000 on July 13


218 Airline Road: Charles J. and Margaret M. Mcevoy to Julie Swanson, $387,500 on July 10

12 Baxter Road: Robert R. Alfano to Natalia Sevilla, $224,900 on July 12

34 Central Avenue: Michael R. and Tara M. Farquahar to Oliver and Kristyna Hulland, $408,000 on July 10

70 Riverside Drive: Deanna J. Mozzochi to Tobey A. Buff, $12,000 on July 11

18 Slocum Road: Dennis G. and Patricia A. Beauchamp to Robert and Amy Alfano, $274,000 on July 12

6 Sterling Drive Unit 6: David East & M H Franson RET and David E. Franson to Michele Ouellette, $415,000 on July 11

1 White Oak Drive: Raymond E. and Amy C. Swan to Gaofei Liu and Yongzhao Wang, $670,000 on July 12

Deep River

92 Main St Unit 114: David Lucas RET and David Lucas to Catrin G. and Claude Martin, $100,000 on July 5

East Haven

37 Clark Avenue: Ratifive Inc to Bvb Realty LLC, $450,000 on July 11

84 Coe Avenue: Alp Realty LLC to Ms Properties LLC, $160,000 on July 13

129 Henry Street: Yara Vargas to Noelle and Justin Smith, $275,000 on July 13

654 Laurel St Unit 17: Collin Brady to Zachary S. and Leeann Rotini, $334,000 on July 11

211 Morgan Avenue: Neil D. and Karen A. Price to Ralph Galardi, $620,000 on July 12

35 Nicholas Drive: Michael Goclowski and Longbridge Financial LLC to Longbridge Financial LLC, $243,770 on July 10

52 Saint Andrew Avenue: Prague M. Bruno to Vincent Piscitelli, $253,000 on July 13

560 Silver Sands Road Unit 606: Daniel N. Damiano and Brittany Vogel to Rohit S. Nikam and Sakshi Khanna, $335,000 on July 12

55 Thompson St Unit 8H: Frances Turner to Catherine A. Banks and Eliot R. Skirvin, $173,000 on July 10

140 Thompson St Unit 4F: Zachary Rotini and Leeann Dansereau to Kyle Mansfield, $215,000 on July 12


14 Essex Glen Drive Unit 9: Paul and Sandra H. Beckman to Barbara and Charles Beal, $710,000 on July 11

69 Lynn Road: Matthew R. and Evita Kenney to Ledys and Rigoberto Melgar, $620,000 on July 11

38 North Main St Unit 17: Wendy Gagnon and Richard Cmiel to Joseph and Maureen Cunningham, $285,000 on July 10


295 Bluff View Drive: Bret E. Eilertson and Lauren E. Deeegan to Deegan Family LLC, $715,000 on July 11

2960 Boston Post Road: Dianne A. Mott and Us Bank TNa to Vrmtg Asset T and Us Bank TNa Tr, $255,000 on July 13

10 Copper Ridge Cir Unit 10: Yolanda Destefano Lt and Sally D. Howe to William T. Olsen and Nancy J. Dugan, $405,000 on July 12

2871 Durham Road: Estate of John B. Livesay and Justin Livesay to Philomena Asante, $530,000 on June 23

69 Hidden Lane: Leroy & Betty Packer Jlt and Susan B. Packer to Susan B. Packer, $200,000 on July 13

114 Little Meadow Road: Douglas E. Allen and Elizabeth A. Darrett to Patricia Krantz, $400,000 on July 11

1486 Moose Hill Road: Anna Perrone to Royal Realty Hldg LLC, $235,000 on July 14

Nut Plains Road: George P. Spencer to Nut Plains Hld LLC, $100,000 on July 14

7 Partridge Lane: Oliver C. Lovejoy and Nathan C. Marsh to Jonathan Buccola and Marie Otsby, $738,000 on July 14

276 State Street: Estate of David G. Baillie and Priscilla W. Ballie to Jeremy and Allison Mastroianni, $400,000 on July 13

4 Sunset Ridge Drive: Brian L. and Suzanne B. Evans to Sudarshan Ragunathan and Srirekha Gopalan, $920,000 on July 11


20 Beckwith Road: Gail Kuziak Lt and Gail Kuziak to Morecon Builders LLC, $100,000 on July 10

271 Chestnut Hill Road: Nesha J. Kasperzyk to Michael F. and Ashley M. Meloy, $540,000 on July 10

15 Fox Run Lane: James D. and Rhonda D. Dillman to Gregory and Lauren Baribault, $770,000 on July 12

91 Kelseytown Road: Geoffrey M. and Emily A. Picard to Gardner Perry, $505,000 on July 12

776 Route 148: Gursel Akcay and Matthew C. Kamiski to Raeline Regan and Earl H. Norwood, $560,000 on July 13


50 Blinnshed Road: Mark A. and Susan E. Wallace to Lynsy Teulings and Andrew Cox, $665,000 on July 11

1075 Boston Post Road: Roberto C. and Andrea C. Cunha to Kristin Steele-Briggs, $877,500 on July 10

316 Copse Road: Caryl A Viola Ft and Caryl A. Viola to Christian D. and Kellie E. Viola, $305,000 on July 12

316 Copse Road: David J Viola Jr Ft and David J. Viola to Christian D. and Kellie E. Viola, $305,000 on July 12

4 Madison Avenue: Michael F. Hinkley and Tae Y. Park to Carolyn Witkewicz and Matthew Cardosi, $952,000 on July 11

North Branford

7 Blue Jay Drive: Estate of Laurie Laporte and Michael Laporte to Joshua E. Graham, $280,000 on July 7

47 Colonial Drive: Estate of Catherine B. Riley and Steven Miller to David Sagnella, $353,000 on June 26

74 Deforest Drive: Stephanie Sullivan and Mary A. Mccarthy to Jennifer Grubov and Steven Costello, $435,000 on July 6

18 Grant Drive: Shannon Ferrucci to Vin Properties LLC, $201,634 on July 6

6 Mcmahon Lane: Richard and Stephen Perkins to Karissa Berube, $560,000 on July 6

1890 Middletown Avenue: Daniel W. and Lorraine Shea to Mark Torowus, $500,000 on July 7

North Haven

10 Arthur Street: Benedetti George William and Ann M. Benedetti to Jhoselyn Jara, $265,000 on July 12

17 Canterbury Way: Canterbury Woods Ltd to Norman and Carolyn Roth, $220,000 on July 11

539 Clintonville Road: Finance Of America Struct and Wilmington Savings Fund South to Sergio R. Wolff, $355,000 on July 10

6 Conhurst Drive: Sherlyn and Todd D. Houston to Alyssa E. Gruen and Steven C. Ritchie, $645,000 on July 11

2066 Hartford Tpke: Anna F. Olson to Colleen Foley and Christopher Onofrio, $315,000 on July 10

318 Kings Hwy Unit 3: Gbrstorz LLC to Pamela Buonocore, $135,000 on July 12

Old Saybrook

142 Ferry Road Unit 7-21: Mastrobattisto Rosemary C and Christian P. Farrand to Kyriakos Perdiki, $13,000 on July 13

140 Sandy Point Road Unit 140: Stephen V. Sharnick to Salvatore and Judith Distasio, $600,000 on July 10


27 Broadway S: John F. and Sandra Palumbo to Katie Taylor, $675,000 on July 10

273 Seaside Avenue: Robert J. Muellner to Jalena Bingham, $1,170,000 on July 10