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07/27/2023 12:00 AM

Real Estate Transactions for July 27


17 Barker Pl: Khizyr K. Khoultchaev and Zoulfia M. Khoultchaeva to Natl Res Nt Svcs Inc, $505,000 on June 23

17 Barker Pl: Natl Res Nt Svcs Inc to Jeffrey J. Krishak and Kristina Yu, $505,000 on June 23

27-B Brainerd Road: Wesley R. and Jane Z. Spadaro to Christen Teskey and Sawyer Conrad, $390,000 on June 27

2 Church Street: Robert J Zettergren Ft and Paul K. Sullivan to 2 Church Street LLC, $395,000 on July 3

540 East Main St Unit 13: Blair and Patricia Merola to Landbrook LLC, $300,000 on June 29

17 Harbour Vlg Unit A: Margaret M. Mchugh to Heiderose Stadelhofer, $512,000 on June 28

Harding Avenue: Lauren T. and Steve Dumark to Ann E. Schwartz, $390,000 on July 3

15 Hickory Hill Road: Richard A. and Michele A. Hackley to Shannon Clorioso, $480,000 on June 27

10 Indian Woods Road: Bong S. and Mi H. Gong to Ritaben and Rakesh Patel, $570,000 on June 23

Lanphier Road: Edward J. and Linda S. Kirk to Luann C. and Frank A. Buono, $721,000 on July 3

3 Lanphier Road: Roberta and Lawrence Lowe to Irena Tocino Lt and Irena Tocino, $525,000 on June 23

624 Longfellow Drive Unit 624: Paul and Jesseca Squeglia to Susan and Allan Smith, $316,000 on July 7

627 Longfellow Drive Unit 627: Harold Kapsinow to Frances Kagan, $247,000 on July 5

5 Luisa Court Unit 30: Donmar Contracting LLC to Donald and Denise Maselli, $739,900 on June 23

81 Main St Unit 49C: Thomas J. and Geraldine A. Sullivan to Dean Bernat, $301,000 on July 5

60 Maple Street: Nancy E. Drevins to Jannie E. Sherwin, $521,000 on June 29

60 Maple St Unit 43: Susan B. Davis to Michael Kipness, $475,000 on July 3

29 Sundance Drive Unit 29: John Biba to Giovanni Preciado, $225,000 on July 3

164 Turtle Bay Drive Unit 164: David E. and Marie O. Simons to Petro Fen, $527,000 on July 7

42 Wallace Road: Laurence A. and Kathryn A. Strubing to Dana P Biondi T and Dana P. Biondi, $1,750,000 on June 27

16 Wellsweep Road: Thomas E. and Dana A. Schmidt to Lisa M. and Sandra L. Vita, $525,000 on July 7

36 Yowago Avenue: Mariene P Gorman Ft and William P. Gorman to Robert S. and Theresa M. Goodman, $950,000 on June 29


75 Cedar Lake Road: Judith Hamilton to Edward P. White, $1,214,000 on July 3

3 Meadow Lane: Carol A. Seaman to One Via Verona LLC, $289,000 on June 29

26 Middlesex Avenue: Fredy M. and Melissa L. Yumbla to Caleb and Heidi Bridge, $399,900 on July 3

264 Middlesex Avenue: Christopher M. Ficke to Clayny LLC, $900,000 on June 28

34 Pleasant Street: Pamela A. Lachance to Alexander Griffith, $385,000 on June 27


24 Bluff Avenue: Karen West Inheritance Trust and Karen Wheeler to Eastern Cmnty Dev Corp, $250,000 on July 5

88-D Grove St Unit 88D: Estate of Robert F. Taylor and Matthew Taylor to Erik Wilson, $210,000 on July 6

2 Hickory Hill Road: Karen West Inheritance Trust and Karen Wheeler to Eastern Cmnty Dev Corp, $250,000 on July 5

12 Kingfisher Lane: Antonia Armetta to Frank and Deborah Haines, $1,300,000 on June 26

5 Oak Hill Drive Unit B: Francis J. Redmond to Loren H. Brzys, $280,000 on July 3

81 Olde Orchard Road: Lee E. Buller to Lauren A. Blue, $14,000 on July 6

23 Riverside Drive Unit A4: Kc Morrison LLC and Kc Morrison Company LLC to Amy H. Worman, $216,000 on June 27

25 Riverside Drive Unit A4: Kc Morrison LLC and Kc Morrison Company LLC to Amy H. Worman, $216,000 on June 27

70 Riverside Drive: Deanna J. Mozzichi to Tobey A. Buff, $12,000 on June 27

7 Silver Birch Lane: Zakary E. and Catherine Mullen to Jonathan P. and Cindy Ruszczyk, $504,000 on June 29

The Mdws Unit 23A: Mary E. Joyce and Edward P. Oconnell to Gladis A. Chancon, $110,000 on June 28

Deep River

391 Main St Unit 131: Nancy E. Winschel to Benjamin A. Sordo, $110,000 on June 26

East Haven

3 Catherine Street: Cordero Properties LLC to Balmer Gonzalez, $465,000 on July 6

21 Dwight Pl: Frank J. and Samantha Tupka to Janet C. Decato and Jayda N. Arvelo, $300,000 on June 26

Green Street: William Suprenant to Rosewood Home Bldrs LLC, $60,000 on June 28

226 Laurel St Unit 10: Christopher T. Raymond and Court Hsng Fin Authority to Court Hsng Fin Authority, $111,800 on June 28

595 Laurel Street: Sandra E. Lombardi to Justin Deland, $285,000 on July 3

488 Main Street: Giuseppe and Angelina Bevilacqua to Juan J. Martinez, $340,000 on June 28

233 Mansfield Grove Road Unit 505: Estate of Rainer Nagele and Edith A. Kunz to Michele A. Hackley, $350,000 on June 28

69 Mclay Avenue: Marisol Torres and Pedro Martinez to Kelley and Christopher Green, $367,500 on June 30

34 Pennsylvania Avenue: Patricia Rivas to Christina Adams, $395,500 on July 5

15 Redfield Avenue: Estate of Anthony Casertano and Gasperina Casterano to Hernan Portilla, $177,500 on June 30

15 Redfield Avenue: Gasperina Casertano to Hernan Portilla, $177,500 on June 30

65 Russo Avenue Unit B3: Gail L. Dagostino to Romona A. Doheny, $240,000 on June 27

249 Russo Avenue: Andrew Wright to Shirley V. Bosquez and Lilia B. Mora, $400,000 on June 26

157 Short Beach Road: Maria Brereton to Donna and Frank Bzdyra, $424,000 on June 30

560 Silver Sands Road Unit 2602: Jessica T. Matey to Veda N. Giri, $360,000 on June 30

54 Sorrento Avenue: Ann M. Pompano to Rowena White, $280,000 on July 5

30 Summit Avenue: Beverly A. Cummings to Joseph Quartiano, $270,000 on June 29

140 Thompson St Unit 29A: Holly N. Carignan to Nadia Boulier, $205,000 on July 6

39 Woodland Avenue: Michael S. and Jacqueline L. Lauper to Lourdes Muniz and Emilio Bonilla, $335,000 on July 7


27 Partridge Lane: Gregory and Penny Brigandi to Lise Brody, $1,095,000 on July 7

28 Woodland Drive: Ageless Abode LLC to Sawyer W. Auger, $378,000 on June 27


140 Alden Drive: Michael Kavgaci to Karina G. Herrera, $575,000 on July 7

Boston Post Road: Michael D. Cecchi to Apt Foundation Inc, $119,000 on July 5

415 Boston Post Road: Cecchi Group LLC to Apt Foundation Inc, $581,000 on July 5

417 Boston Post Road: Cecchi Group LLC to Apt Foundation Inc, $581,000 on July 5

525 Boston Post Road: Lins Realty LLC to Orl 535 Bp LLC, $1,350,000 on June 28

535 Boston Post Road: Lins Realty LLC to Orl 535 Bp LLC, $1,350,000 on June 28

41 Cornwall Lane: Joseph J. and Jacqueline A. Russo to Sandeep Kurne and Anastasiya Purlo, $950,000 on June 27

184 Crestwood Drive: Edward E. and Jillian L. Engberg to Noah Q. Haroian and Laura N. Kraly, $506,000 on June 29

Crooked Hill Road: Julie Swanson to Michael Kavgaci, $580,000 on July 5

52 Grist Mill Cir: Troy Leonard and Misty Giffin to Daniel Bellman and Katherine Kendall, $530,000 on July 3

42 Harrison Road: Alan J. Grouse and Wilfred Velez to Alex Ness, $470,000 on July 6

66 Horseshoe Road: Estate of Penny L. Ekstrom and Scott A. Ekstrom to Linda Duffy, $630,000 on June 27

50 Long Hill Farm: Loretta Mufson to Robert and Beth Button, $700,000 on July 3

931 Long Hill Road: Barbara Major to Arja Vandervelde and Mercedeh J. Movassagh, $645,000 on June 26

2117 Long Hill Road: F Vigliotti Const Co LLC to Latha Anekonda and Basavaraju Ganganna, $652,238 on June 28

Mill Lane: Thomas Wippick Ft and R E. Torrenti to Marissa Teodosio, $138,000 on July 3

114 North Mill Cir: Mark H. Cricchi to Harry C. Moscovitz and Kimberly K. Cricchi, $375,000 on June 30

163 Pine Grove Road: Brian L. and Keanna M. Feuerstein to Pia Hurst and Charles Odonkor, $1,200,000 on June 29

17 Polpis Lane Unit 17: Federal Natl Mtg Assn to Patrick Jette, $182,500 on June 28

25 Polpis Lane Unit 25: Jessica S. Kuropat to Gale K. Loescher, $238,000 on July 3

118 Sperry Drive: Kevin and Edward G. Albies to Galilean Group LLC, $200,700 on July 7

490 State Street: Eileen M. and Eileen Wygmans to Luca and Maria Bernardo, $550,000 on July 3

83 Stonehedge Lane S: Zf Spv LLC to John Newman and Erika Hetrick, $875,000 on June 30

71 Thistle Rock Drive: Anne Sayles and Reverse Mtg Solutions Inc to Reverse Mtg Solutions Inc, $279,000 on June 29

146 Tupelo Lane: Craig R. and Jennifer T. Mullett to Dane and Stephanie M. Ehnat, $1,050,000 on June 29

530 Whitfield Street: Pb & Aj Express LLC to Jonathan M Rothberg T and Jonathan M. Rothberg, $4,898,328 on June 26

89 Wilderwood Drive: Estate of Joseph A. Martucci and Patrick Martucci to Ryan and Jaime Florentine, $350,000 on June 29


Parker Hill Road: Eugenia C. Marquez to Michael and Kirsten Desnoyers, $78,000 on June 26

32 Parker Hill Road: Estate of Mark A. Lagasse and Claudette Lagasse to Daphne Lagasse and Stephen Jack, $148,000 on June 29

Roast Meat Hill Road: Loren Lugg to Z&r Properties Lc, $145,000 on July 5

100 Roast Meat Hill Road: Enrico P. Liva to Dylan and Marisa Twigg, $835,000 on June 26


67 Boston Post Road Unit 13: Nikhil Jain and Bhumika Patel to C A Geremia RET and Carol A. Geremia, $680,000 on July 6

Durham Road: Leon Goldstein to Legal Medical Assoc LLC, $90,000 on July 6

62 Granby Drive: Miles and Savannah Veth to Zachary Sagan, $590,000 on June 26

509 Green Hill Road: Matthew J. Murphy to Miller Street Prop LLC and Wtby5 Development LLC, $290,000 on June 27

20 Hidden Springs Road: Jayson R. Evans to David R. Martinez and Kelsey A. Behrens, $901,000 on June 26

57 Island Avenue: Estate of Michael J. Callahan and Lindsey Carroll to Christopher and Laura Sears, $1,215,000 on June 29

4 Lovers Lane: Michelle N. and Peter N. Monaco to Dylan Rubinstein and Kimberly M. Warren, $669,000 on July 7

258 Opening Hill Road: Barbarann V Gay RET and Barbara V. Gay to Stephanie Ayles and Stephen Depate, $635,000 on July 3

51 Princess Drive: Burke Ft and Suzanne S. Burke to Taralyn Bulyk, $460,000 on July 5

61 Quail Run: Michael A. and Aimee L. Stow to Susan and Martin Armstrong, $905,000 on June 30

15 Richborough Road: John S. and Kirsten Daly to Nathaniel B. Stricker and Haley G. Price, $910,000 on June 29

169 Ridge Road: Arnold J. Meland to Porter and Alexandra Kalbus, $420,000 on July 5

77 River Edge Farms Road: John W. Adams and Kirsten L. Johnson-Adams to Cara M. and Anthony J. Pilowa, $1,945,000 on July 3

12 Samantha Lane: Michael Dunham and Flavia F. Sarmento to Kyle Mannix, $335,700 on July 7

69 Soundview Avenue: Robert and Amy Stefanowski to Ray Pantalena, $1,700,000 on July 5

398 Summer Hill Road: Vannelli Ft and Francesco Vannelli to Matthew E. and Margaret A. Lofaro, $850,000 on July 5

640 Summer Hill Road: Susan B. Miller and Eric J. Polednik to Thomas and Hilary Nail, $525,000 on June 26

25 Summit Lane: Yong Zhou and Lei Jin to Patrick and Julieanne Ferguson, $616,000 on June 29

14 Timber Ridge Road: Tracey Soboleski to Candace Martin, $665,000 on June 30

11 Woodland Road Unit 3A: Recovery At Woodland LLC to Le Landing LLC, $155,000 on June 28

North Branford

76 Branford Road: Matthew T. Izzo to Stephen Russo, $375,000 on July 5

10 Caputo Road: Rachel Pasaradellis to Matthew and Stephani Izzo, $489,900 on July 3

19 Mountain View Ter: Michael F. and Ashley M. Meloy to Joseph R. and Jaclyn M. Mauro, $400,000 on June 29

218 Notch Hill Road: Dawn M. Henry and Machaela H. Price to Rose Keithan, $275,000 on June 27

723 Totoket Road: Michael P. Foley to Miguel Cartagena and Zoraida Vargas, $430,500 on July 3

33 Wilford Road: Lsf9 Master Part T and US Bank NA Tr to Rachel Psaradellis, $370,000 on July 3

North Haven

7 Barnett Drive: Estate of Rose M. Geraci and Martin A. Clayman to Ryan A. and Stephanie M. Roberts, $415,588 on June 30

20 Beach Street: 20 Beach Street LLC to Nitish J. Mehta and Luanjiao Hu, $450,000 on July 7

6 Brockett Farm Road: Alyce Del Prete RET and Alyce Del Prete to Kristina and Jason Goncalves, $515,000 on June 28

6 Butler Road: Anthony J. and Elsa Interlandi to Aftab Mushtaq and Summara Perveen, $275,000 on June 26

Coventry Cir: Estate of Charlotte Lamb and Robert Lamb to William E. Castro-Pesantez and Jessica V. Lascano, $360,000 on June 26

128 Half Mile Road: Ks Development LLC to John and Stefania Distefano, $879,219 on July 6

1966-A Hartford Tpke Unit 2: Gbrstorz LLC to Jessica T. Matey, $145,000 on July 7

45 Jennifer Drive: Joseph E. and Nancy A. Depaola to Ke C. and Jim Cheng, $880,000 on June 30

42 Manor Drive: Annette Annunziato to Travis and Amanda Gill, $365,000 on July 5

85 Maple Avenue: Richard T. White to Ankit D. Patel, $490,000 on June 30

215 Maple Avenue: City Lending Group LLC to Aaron Arias-Masis and Alejandra Segura-Masis, $390,000 on June 26

10 Mathew Lane: Estate of David Thure Modine and Donna K. Modine to Michael Modine, $30,000 on June 29

99 Pool Road: Jonathan Bogaert and Nikki Ventresca to Mohamed R. Elkassiffy, $361,500 on June 28

518 Pool Road: Kaitlin Falzone to Richard and Suzanne E. Festa, $365,000 on June 26

2255 Ridge Road: Robert Kesselman and Jill Maller-Kesselman to Gregory S. Woodward, $1,250,000 on July 6

175 Sentinel Hill Road: Richard J. Lopresti to Marisa A. and Michael J. Kennedy, $440,000 on June 30

130 State St Unit C37: Antoinette Criscuolo to Carolyn A. and Carl J. Lubitsky, $304,000 on June 30

130 State St Unit J22: Rose Bernabucci to Michael P. and Annmarie Kearney, $245,000 on July 6

123 Summer Lane: John Whallen to Wenchao Wang, $733,000 on July 6

12 Van Rose Drive: Brooks V. and Marissa A. Udelsman to Heidi R. Thorsen and William A. Oxford, $425,000 on June 29

2075 Whitney Avenue: Mahboob Ashraf to Deanna Miller, $337,000 on July 3

Old Saybrook

Church Street: Michael C. and Kimberly A. Lafrenais to George and Susan T. Anuszkiewicz, $1,375,000 on July 3

142 Ferry Road Unit 5-10: Stephen and Sandra Connelly to 142 Ferry Road LLC, $30,000 on July 3

10 Lynde Street: Estate of Kristen S. Guptill and Page D G Rd-Ex to Quaker Capital LLC, $635,000 on June 29

10 Lynde Street: Quaker Capital LLC to Christopher G. and Stephanie Shaw, $890,000 on July 7

478 Main Street: Cushman V Jeannette RET and Catherine E. Cushman to Matthew Venturi and Jessica Hampton, $542,000 on July 7

478 Main Street: V Jeannette Cushman RET and Catherine E. Cushman to Matthew Venturi and Jessica Hampton, $542,000 on July 7

146 Old Boston Post Road: Wendy H. and Michael R. Wilke to Deborah H. Jarett, $605,000 on June 30

1 Pheasant Hill Lane: Eric and Moira Swallow to Robert and Laurel Friedmann, $646,000 on June 30

17 Sunrise Avenue: Benjamin Andrukiewicz to Matthew and Sierra Boulem, $380,000 on July 3

1 Trails End: Estate of Rhoda Luster and Steven Luster to Joseph T. and Patricia J. Diaz, $800,000 on June 26


103 Cold Spring Drive: Estate of James F. Daily Jr and James F. Daily to Matthew B. Andersen, $325,000 on July 5

210 Duck Island Lndg Unit 210: Robert W. Hedden to Virginia Oconnor, $451,000 on July 5

110 Fishing Brook Road: Next Level Hm Buyers LLC to Edgar M. and Claudia M. Otavalo, $360,000 on June 27

51 Perigee Lane: Matthew and Amy M. Katz to Thomas Romanik and Kathryn Dann, $880,000 on July 5

109 Salt Island Road: Gene P. Gossage to Jaw LLC, $478,000 on June 27

1 Whittemore Pl: Howe W. Jeffrey and Sandra Howe to Victoria and Jean C. Bartolomei, $855,000 on July 6