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07/07/2023 05:56 AM

Real Estate Transactions for July 6


107 Beckett Avenue Unit 107: Lauren Freedman to Nancy Alexander RET, $803,359 on June 13

53 Brushy Plain Road Unit 7B: Rachel D. Murray to Daniella F. Mosca, $190,000 on June 12

8 Damien Road: Nationstar Mortgage LLC to My Realtor Prop Consultan, $182,000 on June 13

E Main Street: Sullivan Farm LLC to 819 East Main St LLC, $2,200,000 on June 13

21 Harbour Vlg Unit E: Robert and Carol Goodman to Paul and Lisette Perrotti, $380,000 on June 13

32 Harbour Vlg Unit B: Seymour Stern to Peter and Suzanne Paquin, $230,000 on June 14

8 Howd Avenue: 8 Howd LLC to Sharon Klarman and John Kenney, $650,000 on May 10

29 Indian Neck Avenue: Paul E. Mccarty to Cole and Danielle Perrone, $575,000 on June 13

6 Manorwood Drive Unit 6: Estate of Stacey L. Leonard and Wells Fargo Bank Na to Omar Ortiz, $160,000 on May 10

38 Matthew Road: Megan D. Gilstrap and Alexander Knight to Casey Nowakowski, $285,000 on June 12

52 Valley Brook Road S: Michele L. Hull to Mary E. Mellows, $631,000 on May 10

108 Watch Hill Road Unit 108: Estate of Jeanne Lysobey and James R. Lysobey to Anna Haraburda, $305,000 on May 10


Founders Vlg Unit 78: Anthony Marone to Jane Chick, $185,000 on June 15

101 Glenwood Road: Herbert T. Clark to Phoenix Development LLC, $350,000 on June 13

Kelseytown Road: Estate of Paula U. Wuestefeld and Kris N. Wuesteffeld to Caprio Homes LLC, $150,000 on June 12

23 Valley Road: Estate of Elke T. Carlson and Todd Carlson to Ya C. Kuang and Chui H. Yu, $429,000 on June 12

East Haven

8 Birch Lane Unit J: Lisa Dallessandris to Stephanie M. Perillo, $195,000 on June 13

62 Charnes Drive: Rose Acevedo Irt and Lisa M. Vandewarker to Michael and Nelly Petrillo, $335,000 on June 12

161 Cosey Beach Road Unit 7: Carol A. Castagna to David V. and Jill N. Diana, $203,000 on June 12

10 Dodge Avenue: East Haven High LLC to Eric Demerchant, $380,000 on June 13

23 Duncan Street: Shawn Flynn and Paul C. Kindzierski to Daniel J. and Maria H. Brereton, $430,000 on June 12

43 Frank Street: Linda S. Laluna to Nasirullah Khan, $330,000 on June 13

39 Henry Street: Nicholas Libretti to Jay Juliano, $170,000 on June 13

100 Hughes Street: Reo T2021 Nr1 to Andrew Everson, $220,000 on June 14

585 Laurel Street: South & South Properties Court LLC to Raul F. and Susan E. Sosa, $429,000 on June 14

11 Squires Lane: Ral North Haven LLC to Deci Deatle Lt and Waldemar J. Bak, $457,015 on June 15

575 Strong Street: Matthew Cassella to Nathalie G. Mora, $250,000 on June 12

14 Wilkenda Avenue: Marissa D. and Christopher Bateman to Lauren and Kyle Knopp, $380,000 on June 15


15 Clark Lane: Paul Angelini 2013 RET and Paul Angelini to Nicole and Thomas Farrell, $1,750,000 on May 30

25 Essex Hills Drive: Henry L. and Joan C. May to Howard J. Jones and Julie O. Golder, $750,000 on June 12

9 Falls River Cir: Mitchell Seven LLC to Kevin P. Moran, $285,000 on June 8

11 Falls River Cir: Mitchell Seven LLC to Joanne Vitarelli, $302,000 on June 8

138 Main Street: Clark St Properties LLC to David C. and Natalie R. Phillips, $403,000 on June 12

24 Oakledge Drive: Jason R. and Kristen L. Roy to Robert A. Defulgentis and Sara M. Lewis, $470,000 on June 16

85 River Road Unit J6: James and Marjorie A. Andrews to Anne Novak, $350,000 on June 14

63 South Main Street: Essex House LLC to Keith M. Crehan, $1,075,000 on June 9


53 Broad St Unit 2W: Tracy A. Lorenz to Anne M. Thomas, $429,000 on June 12

606 Dunk Rock Road: Sam S. and Rachel A. El to Charles Heckscher and Lavinia Hall, $880,000 on June 15

18 Fair St Unit 12: Christine Scriabine to Donna A Monoson RET and Donn A. Monoson, $935,000 on June 16

75 Seaview Ter: Elizabeth G Cummiskey RET and Elizabeth G. Cummiskey to Susan Dobuler, $775,000 on June 15

83 Stonehedge Lane S: Sandra L. Rice to Zf Spv LLC, $630,000 on June 13

N/A: Sullivan Farm LLC to 819 East Main Street LLC, $2,200,000 on June 13


133 Parker Hill Road: Stephen and Elizabeth Yaglowski to Linda Mclaughlin RET, $1,090,000 on June 12


35 Bartlett Drive: Marisa M. Abbott to Jeremy and Helen George, $446,500 on June 14

Beekman Pl: Ryan and Jill Johnson to Natl Transfer Svcs LLC, $1,155,000 on June 12

78 Beekman Pl: Natl Transfer Svcs LLC to Michael J. and Ilda B. Molloy, $1,150,000 on June 12

11 Creamery Lane: Benjamin and Bethany Siemen to Bret Bullock and Laura Flager, $1,300,000 on June 16

31 Lakewood Drive: Dmitry and Maina Tananykin to Ravindranadh V. and Madhuri J. Somu, $600,000 on June 13

231 River Road: Robert C. and Susan M. Sawyer to Rosemary L. and Thomas M. Dillon, $605,000 on June 14

14 West Sussex Pl Unit 14: Jeannette Crawford and Katy J. Armenia to Judith Shaw, $216,139 on June 14

18 Wildwood Avenue: 18 Wildwood Avenue LLC to Wnc Ft and Michael Iacurci, $675,000 on June 12

North Branford

N/A: Sullivan Farm LLC to 819 East Main St LLC, $2,200,000 on June 13

North Haven

15 Barnett Drive: Adelaide Pacelli to Samuel and Fortuna Cruz, $346,000 on June 13

14 Laura Lane: Linda A Costelli Ft and Michael J. Costelli to Sheri and William Masciantonio, $200,000 on June 13

37 Moulthrop Street: Frank A. Dest to 139 Summit LLC, $108,000 on June 14

183 Pool Road: Pcjp LLC to 183 Pool LLC, $245,000 on June 15

373 Quinnipiac Avenue: Yuen T. and Homony Cheung to Ks Re Holdings LLC, $245,500 on June 12

11 Saint John St Unit F8: Patricia Butler to Anna M. Porto, $265,000 on June 16

11 Squires Lane Unit 11: Ral North Haven LLC to Deci Deatle Lt and Waldemar J. Bak, $457,015 on June 15

12 Village Street: 12 Village Street LLC to 12 Village LLC, $1,505,000 on June 13

10 Vista Road: Martin Kissel to Leesha Gunnink, $350,000 on June 16

Old Saybrook

7 Buck Hill Road: Edward B. Riccio to Stefanie and Christopher Dabkowski, $540,000 on June 16

351 Main Street: Lianne F. Moriarty to Christopher D. and Elizabeth A. Mclean, $580,000 on June 12

Maple Avenue: Robert Marchetti to Lacasa LLC, $200,000 on June 16


746 Boston Post Road: John J. and Lisbeth N. Waldron to Burlington Academy Prop L, $995,000 on June 12

110 Fishing Brook Road: Hud to Next Level Hm Buyers LLC, $238,000 on June 13

1034 Old Clinton Road: John R. and Mary E. Gedney to Allen and Lucy Rost, $540,000 on June 16

185 Old Horse Hill Road: Peter S. Marchese to Ryan and Kimberly Marcell, $119,900 on June 12