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06/23/2023 08:18 AM

Real Estate Transactions for June 22

Real Estate Sales for Week 24 of 2023


214 Alps Road Unit 38: Mark Conlon and Tracy Mitchell to Stephen V. and Sarah G. Day, $360,000 on May 26

157 Chestnut Street: Metropolitan Life Ins Co to Rupinder Singh and Gurpreet K. Behal, $661,500 on May 31

280 East Main St Unit 14: Lillian J. Rubino to Royal Realty Hldg LLC, $115,000 on May 30

9 Hammer Pl: Alfredo and Anne Cordero to Johan Gonzalez, $500,000 on May 30

45 Jefferson Road Unit 2-11: Vedran Josic to Kayla A. Aamoth, $179,000 on May 31

7 Pineview Drive Unit A: Amy Gagliardi and Debra Deluca to Genoveva Alvarez, $135,500 on May 31

49 Rose St Unit 405: Angela Rowley to Maresa Latorraca, $250,000 on May 26

36 Stratton Way Unit 36: James P. and Diana H. Horan to Joann M. and Richard E. Carson, $345,000 on May 31

530 West Main Street: Branford Real Estate LLC to Lisa and Scott Santoroski, $175,000 on May 31

38 West Vlg Unit W1-4: Mark Conlon and Tracy Mitchell to Stephen V. and Sarah G. Day, $360,000 on May 26


54 Castle View Drive: Sharon Soja to Matthew Wyzykowski, $370,000 on May 30

109 Main Street: Jonathan W. and Renee M. Pardo to Laurie Manchester and Brian Querfeld, $650,000 on June 2

3 Pine Knls: Christopher J. Bousquet and Catherine L. Cummings to Jonathan A. and Tara C. Beatty, $635,000 on June 1


120 Airline Road: Delores Drecq to Michael and Drew Cappelli, $350,000 on June 1

27 Central Avenue: Alma B. Waldo to Teri C. Dowty, $500,000 on June 1

7 Christina Court: Matthew T. and Cheri E. Ouimet to Alejandro Merizalde and Christina Gruppuso, $560,000 on May 31

280 East Main St Unit D2: H G. Nelson to Mary J. Ross, $235,000 on June 1

67 Shore Road: Charles and Joan M. Gruen to Raymond and Megan Janeiro, $1,500,000 on June 1

44 Waterside Lane: Jarrett M. Kravitz to Chad and Andrea Faulkner, $300,000 on June 1

East Haven

97 Bennett Road: Lauren A. Radomski to Ryan M. Smith, $404,900 on May 31

8 Birch Lane: Gurminder S. Grewal and Anurita Banipal to Michael Depascale, $190,000 on May 30

14 Cedar Court Unit J: Estate of Inese Klavina and Diana Leonardi to Dhanmattie and Dave Mansingh, $150,000 on June 1

103 Dewey Avenue: Erik R. Lopez to Nekeisha Taylor, $350,000 on May 30

40 Foxon Hill Road Unit K41: Estate of Joseph R. Costanzo and Olivia Marinelli to Raymond Price, $172,900 on May 30

230 Russo Avenue: Rotondo Ft and Jo S. Giaimmo to Elvin Bonilla, $255,000 on June 2

97 Venice Pl: Hud to Yhissi A. M Morales and Sheila A. Santiago, $317,000 on June 2

N/A: Donna Durante to Eileen P. Pettit, $68,900 on May 30


16 Hickory Lane: David Wheeler to Jon Orman, $350,000 on May 30

30 Mares Hill Road: Eric M. and Lonni Q. Helsel to Alphonse Rauccio and Nancy Kelly, $625,000 on June 1

26 Parker Ter: Andrew H. and Tara Zuckerman to Corrine L. and Edmund Terry, $510,000 on May 30


211 Beaver Head Road: Mark W. Legenos to Alexander Larkin and Eve Deangelis, $925,000 on June 2

31 Davis Drive: Estate of Clifton R. Lewis and Mitchell A. Lewis to Richard A. Holt, $500,000 on May 30

5 Durham Road Unit C3: Allen L. Oshana to Lantern Hill Hldg LLC, $250,000 on June 1

145 Flat Iron Road: James G. Cozzolino and Cascade Funding Mtg T Hb5 to Cascade Funding Mtg T Hb5, $357,650 on May 30

Guilford Yacht Clb: Michael Hillow to Ethan and Rebecca Roberts, $20,000 on May 30

184 Little Meadow Road: Nicholas J. Juliano to Tara L. Sullivan, $534,900 on May 31

777 Mulberry Point Road: James H. and Dawn H. Henry to Mary C. Mccarthy, $1,575,000 on June 1

682 New England Road: ZF Spv LLC to Mark and Wendy Cassidy, $535,000 on June 2

53 Stonehedge Lane S: Jonathan A. and Tara C. Beatty to Kenneth M. Ciardiello and Nicole Golvala, $675,000 on May 30

49 Thorn Hill Road: Federal Natl Mtg Assn to Timothy and Sarah Caron, $580,000 on May 31

13 Wall Road: Alyson and Michael T. Canestri to Nancy F. Meneely and Gary L. Sepulvado, $400,000 on June 1


20 Fritz Road Unit 6: Gregg J. and Lourde A. Golembeski to John and Joyce E. Acocella, $640,000 on June 2


141 Bishop Lane: Daniel W. and Diana L. Colcord to Noah S. Novick, $1,400,000 on June 1

173 Bradley Corners Road: Wendy A. Mcmanus to Jon A. Modica and Nicole Y. Dubois, $500,000 on May 30

24 Genesee Lane: Roy E. and Marie H. Moulton to William E. and Mary C. Johnson, $550,000 on May 30

Hickory Lane: FJB LLC to Glenn R. Schmitt and Catherine Saldias, $481,500 on June 1

28 Indian Trail: Christopher L. and Susan M. Pesce to T J Stencel Declaration O and Tami J. Stencel, $1,330,000 on June 1

316 Opening Hill Road: Jo A. Gargiulo to Andrew M. Wynn and Claire Vaughn, $525,000 on June 1

39 Silo Hl: Glen A. and Jean G. Henry to Joshua R. Ouellette and Gabrielle R. Moriello, $977,000 on May 30

North Branford

52 Coach Drive: Charles A. Anderson to Alexandra R. Sanzari and Cory P. Seymour, $475,000 on June 2

1889 Middletown Avenue: Wild Wind Stables LLC to Kristina L. Vine, $144,000 on June 1

151 Notch Hill Road: Betsy D Johnston T and Betsy D. Johnston to Andrew Michaud, $375,000 on June 2

14 Sunset Road: Dorothy M. Lang to Brittney Demaio, $315,000 on May 30

North Haven

15 Laydon Avenue: Eileen L. Morton to Lawrence Wells, $331,000 on June 2

6 Liberty Ter: 6 Liberty Terrace LLC to Andres Roman, $495,000 on May 31

70 Ridgewood Avenue: Keveney Katherine C Est and William J. Keveney to Divino Nino La Merced LLC, $282,000 on June 1

10 Roarke Road: Anthony and Diane Palumbo to Erin Drum and Maico Cardona, $485,000 on May 31

Old Saybrook

50 Fenwood Road: Philip Passalacqua to As-Hy T and Marysol W. Asencio, $905,000 on June 1

142 Ferry Road Unit 3-5: Case Marine Ent to David Baldi and Matthew T. Aquino, $22,500 on May 30

Hartford Avenue Unit 37: Estate of Angela M. Chiulli and Laura Chiulli to Benjamin and Megan Poor, $500,000 on May 31

Hartford Avenue Unit 38: Estate of Angela M. Chiulli and Laura Chiulli to Benjamin and Megan Poor, $500,000 on May 31

75 Knollwood Drive: Marjorie A Ehrhardt T and Francis J. Ehrhardt to Francis J. and Susan M. Ehrhardt, $630,000 on May 31


86 2nd Avenue: John N. and Diane E. Wolff to Resmije F. and Sebastian P. Ditommaso, $1,001,000 on May 30

73 Chapman Beach Road: Joseph Malerba to Zions Light Cottage LLC, $657,000 on May 30

13 Halls Road: Edward A. Tedeschi to Matthew Chown and Michelle Pheng, $860,000 on June 2

5 Pequot Park Road: Gahc3 Westbrook Court Mob LL to Albany Road-5 Pequot LLC, $7,250,000 on June 1