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06/08/2023 08:02 AM

Real Estate Transactions for June 8

Real Estate Sales for Week 22 of 2023


7 Ash Road: Mary H. Sylvia to Kevin P. and Sheila A. Oreilly, $420,000 on May 12

9 Bishop Road: William and Lindsey Gozzi to Matthew Gozzi, $150,000 on May 16

17 Euclid Street: Jeffrey and Darice Gall to William H. Hull, $335,000 on May 15

40 Jerimoth Drive Unit 40: Jo A. Martindale to Allison E. Vonick, $326,000 on May 18

54 Riverside Drive: Frank J. and Gail P. Berardesca to Matthew Palmer and Vanessa A. Grinold, $515,000 on May 16


147 Nod Road: Estate of Anthony G. Torino and Rosemary Eastwood to Brendan J. Kyhn, $265,000 on May 16

48 River Road: Clay Peters and The Bank Of Ny Mellon to Jeremy M. Finkeldey, $231,000 on May 18

80 Shore Road Unit 2: Northeast Rentals LLC to Richard and Lidia Cozzolino, $225,000 on May 17

East Haven

32 Austin Avenue: Joyce M. Michaud and Wells Fargo Bank NA to A&v Family Invs LLC, $181,000 on May 16

30 Cliff Street: Judi Gargiulo to Sheila Mclaughlin, $217,500 on May 18

161 Cosey Beach Road Unit 4: Mayra Donoso to Vasilios and Evgenia Theodoropoulos, $177,000 on May 17

11 Eddon Drive: Michael D. and Egle Rushane to Robert J. and Jessica Cyr, $469,900 on May 17

113 Leigh Drive: Luann Scarpellino and Angelica Demers to Maria Noriega and Alberto N. Alvares, $415,000 on May 16

12 Ridge Pl: Carol Sabo to Franklin M. Baez and Ivonne M. Taveras, $315,500 on May 15

19 Saltonstall Pl: Lisa Womble and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Stanwich Mortgae Loan T and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $231,832 on May 17

19 Squires Lane: Ral North Haven LLC to Lorraine A. Novella, $475,887 on May 18


69 Main Street: Mary J. Mclaughlin to Essex House LLC, $774,900 on May 15

N/A: Andrew C. and Marissa J. Parker to One Via Verona LLC, $225,000 on May 16

N/A: Charles N. Doane to Essex Auto Salvage Inc, $160,000 on May 15

N/A: Constance M. Obrien to Nancy Brault, $2,200,000 on May 15


49 Cherry Street: Lenore Martorelli to William J. and Patrice T. Melley, $1,075,000 on May 15

1760 Durham Road: Richard L. and Fay A. Shildneck to Melvi and Martin Kauke, $480,000 on May 15

64 Mustang Drive: Sarla B. Parikh to Steven Riley and Erica Heiman, $730,000 on May 16

24 Rock Lane: Bernice L. Klebaur to Jlkm LLC, $494,000 on May 17

44 Saginaw Trail Unit 44: Sec Of Hsng & Urban Dev to Conor Dowd and Gillian Kraemer, $185,000 on May 15


94 Roast Meat Hill Road: Nimrod Herzberg and Marta Nixon-Herzberg to Paul D. Battipaglia and Ariele E. Fowler, $930,000 on May 15

647 Route 148: Nancy L. Faccadio to Mark S. and Tiffany L. Cruz, $585,000 on May 19


63 Bishop Lane: Michelle T. Pistone to James Wygonik and Kristen Pingree, $650,000 on May 10

15 Centre Village Drive Unit 15: Jill Nesi to David and Danielle Nelson, $440,000 on May 11

33 Deepwood Drive: Mario D. and Marykate D. Re to Maureen and Patrick Reilly, $439,900 on May 19

99 Deepwood Drive: Michael Runda to Ted and Della Wozniak, $405,000 on May 16

86 Duck Hole Road: Carol A. Hartley to Jessica Intravia, $368,000 on May 16

36 Dudley Lane: Jessica Demar to Efren and Alma Santiago, $350,000 on May 12

145 Durham Road Unit 9: Mandel & Stevens LLC to Kestin LLC, $120,000 on May 15

Governors Way Unit 9: Gregory B. Butler to Amir E. and Katherine M. Masoud, $1,470,000 on May 16

28 Gull Rock Road: Peter B. and K G. Mcgee to Debra L Taft RET and Debra L. Taft, $2,095,000 on May 10

61 Lantern Hill Road: Barbara E. Parker and Michael K. Hawkes to Christopher L. and Susan M. Pesce, $2,825,000 on May 16

95 Legend Hill Road Unit 95: Billie South Cohen RET and Ellen Zaroff to Gabrielle D Evans RET and Gabrielle D. Evans, $500,000 on May 18

156 River Road: Jennifer Gregoretti to Dennis A. and Ann R. Franciskovich, $1,100,000 on May 19

26 Tuxis Road: John and Suzanne N. Thorndike to David M. and Gillian Berchowitz, $1,995,000 on May 17

301 Warpas Road: Daniel and Melissa N. Joseph to Mary Loncharich, $816,000 on May 10

North Branford

85 White Hollow Road: Peter P. Jeskey to Robert J. Brophy, $425,000 on May 15

N/A: Sebmap Realty LLC to Vp Plaza LLC, $295,955 on May 16

North Haven

88 Bishop Street: Joseph L. Papa to Nanct M. Papa, $150,000 on May 17

539 Clintonville Road: Finance Of America Struct and Wilmington Savings Fund South to Finance Of America Struct and Wilmington Savings Fund S, $418,000 on May 18

31 Mansfield Road: Mikolaj and Gisela N. Sulkowski to Anthony J. Caiafa, $416,000 on May 19

11 Park Road: Mortgage Assets Managemen and Bank Of New York Mellon to Mortgage Assets Managemen and Bank Of New York Mellon, $232,100 on May 17

16 Rance Court: New England Rp Holdings L to Martin Riggione, $335,000 on May 18

1560 Ridge Road: Karen J. Defelice to Ahmet Sen, $467,000 on May 18

S Roarke Road: Brian D. and Deborah M. Llinares to Kurt Kieslich, $255,000 on May 19

131 Shawmut Avenue: Thomas Roche and Nina Manguilli to Patricia P. Aguilar, $310,000 on May 16

19 Squires Lane Unit 19: Ral North Haven LLC to Lorraine A. Novella, $475,887 on May 17

Old Saybrook

25 Maplewood Road: Estate of Dorothy Fish and Dorothyann Chamberlain to Cohbro Realty Holdings LL, $365,000 on May 16

14 Orchard Lane: Michele Crook to Kevin Tozier, $30,000 on May 19

23 Park Avenue: Todd J. and Nichole Mckiernan to Llix Enterprises LLC, $660,000 on May 17

25 Seacrest Road: Ej Martel to Pamela M. and William Mcnall, $90,000 on May 16

25 Seacrest Road: Karen A. Defranco to Pamela M. and William Mcnall, $90,000 on May 16

25 Seacrest Road: Kris Martel to Pamela M. and William Mcnall, $90,000 on May 16

16 West View Road: David M. and Tracy R. Poirot to Adam and Kathryn Dejulius, $563,000 on May 17


716 Boston Post Road: John J. and Lisbeth N. Waldron to Lynn M Pandiani T and Lynn M. Pandiani, $495,000 on May 18

892 Boston Post Road: Robert L Day Sr T and Lisa D. Eaton to John and Anna Kanaras, $400,000 on May 17

60 Captains Drive: Robert and Andrea Lindenberg to Jennifer L Slade T and Jennifer L. Slade, $1,975,000 on May 17

89 Captains Drive: Todd J. and Nicholle Mckiernan to Shannon Mcfarlin and Elizabeth A. Hester, $708,000 on May 17

401 Seaside Avenue: Llix Enterprises LLC to Alvin L. Reynolds, $1,200,000 on May 17