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04/20/2023 08:04 AM

Real Estate Transactions for April 20

Real Estate Sales for Week 15 of 2023


61 Goodsell Point Road Unit 16: Goodsell Point LLC to Phoenix Marine Works LLC, $3,475,000 on March 27

73 Goodsell Point Road Unit 16: Goodsell Point LLC to Phoenix Marine Works LLC, $3,475,000 on March 27

124 South Montowese St Unit 28: Murray Ft and Thomas A. Murray to Sheila Shea, $310,000 on March 27


22 Hickory Hill Drive: Florence W. Kerop and Reverse Mtg Funding LLC to Reverse Mtg Funding LLC, $425,000 on March 28


123 Airline Road: Bernhard Weiss RET and Bernhard Weiss to Timothy and Ivette Saunders, $525,000 on March 28

4 Laurel Lane: Bridget Medaglia Ft and Arthur J. Medaglia to Nathan C. Walk, $247,500 on March 24

5 Oakwood Lane: Veronica E. T Muriel to Tiago F. and Luana R. Dossantos, $400,000 on March 27

East Haven

15 Baer Cir Unit A1: Clear Channel Cable LLC to Batcoff LLC, $97,000 on March 27

15 Joffre Street: Estate of Kurt Bode and Christopher J. Donlin to Jose L. Salaman and Jessica T. Cruz, $270,000 on March 31

37 Newbury Court: Ral North Haven LLC to Nitish M. Prashanth and Neethu Puttamadappa, $489,626 on March 29

15 Sibley Lane: Brian R. Healy to Adam Rigney, $303,500 on March 29

81 Warner Road: Donald A. and Laura J. Beck to Mario Galasso and Heather Robillard, $786,000 on March 29


18 Fair St Unit 7: Estate of Barbara F. Skelly and David K. Skelly to Michael J. Kneeland and Roxzene Hunter, $980,000 on March 29

84 Forest Brook Road: John R. Mcguire to Osama Kandalaft, $432,500 on March 30

16 Millinocket Trail Unit 16: Mitzi Allen to John T. Burzenski, $185,000 on March 31

64 Ridgeview Cir: Jeffrey G. and Linda M. Truedson to Valadez Ft and Daniel J. Valadez, $506,000 on March 31

91 Russo Drive: 91 Russo Drive LLC to Christopher Dosin, $530,000 on March 29

Wheeler Path: Estate of Michael G. Zito Jr and Judith C. Welch to Donald Krier, $360,000 on March 27


N/A: Meghan T. Greer and Elizabeth M. Cote to Killingworth Land Cnsrvtn, $120,000 on March 31


11 Deer Creek Drive Unit 11: John and Donna M. Lamonaca to Michael P. and Jennifer Doman, $630,000 on March 28

3 Markham Pl: Horsepond Estates LLC to Edward C. and Kelly M. Stites, $1,059,000 on March 29

North Haven

5 Evergreen Pl: Estate of Barbara E. Ferrucci and Joann Oakes to H&u Home Improvement LLC, $242,000 on March 27

32 Green Field Lane: Yichao Yang and Guangyuan Cai to Shehzad Hasan, $565,000 on March 28

59 Lancelot Drive Unit 16: Richard K. and Alice T. Maiocco to Vincent Maiocco, $66,725 on March 27

37 Newbury Court Unit 37: Ral North Haven LLC to Nitish M. Prashanth and Neethu Puttamadappa, $489,626 on March 29

5 Palmer Road: Carl and Christine Demaio to Yalixza Gomez, $345,000 on March 30

3 Ridgewood Ter: Ruth A. Frank to Aisha and Daswell Davis, $725,000 on March 27

250 State St Unit J2: Metropolitan Properties L to Blue Highway Properties L, $235,000 on March 28

Old Saybrook

725 Boston Post Road: Mvjj LLC to Au Old Saybrook Propertie, $522,500 on March 31

4 Cinnamon Way: Christopher R. Henderson and Kira W. Savino to Theresa Mostoller, $455,000 on March 28

54 Ingham Hill Road: Lori Woll to Massimiliano Trentini, $342,000 on March 30

24 Maple Avenue: Transformations By Toper to Amy E. Ellsworth, $420,000 on March 28

4 Rivers Ridge Road: Friederike H. Holtermann to Elizabeth E. Cook, $730,000 on March 29

25 Sheffield St Unit 4: Denise A. Hallisey to Roger J. and Michelle G. Roche, $855,500 on March 31

25 Sherman Street: Susan Ferraro and Steven Sykes to Transformations By Toper, $315,000 on March 27

N/A: Giulia Iozzo to Michael Dimauro, $15,500 on March 29


26 Stannard Drive: James and Patricia Sansone to Cara B. Katz, $650,000 on March 29