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03/23/2023 12:00 AM

Real Estate Transactions for March 23

Real Estate Sales for Week 11 of 2023


39 Briarwood Lane Unit D: Frank R. and Paula P. Acquarulo to Geeta Vir, $123,000 on Feb. 24

Commercial Street: Avs Investors LLC to 15 Commercial Street LLC, $5,000,000 on March 1

28 Mona Avenue: Michael Guliani to Marcin and Katarzyna Polak, $400,000 on Feb. 23

97 Pine Orchard Road: Phyllis S. Defrances and Judith L. Wilson to Stephanie Barringer, $300,000 on Feb. 24


94 Goose Hill Road: Michele Marsh to James Marsh, $62,000 on Feb. 27

12 Main Street: Chester Properties LLC to Vopi LLC, $625,000 on March 2

14 Main Street: Chester Properties LLC to Vopi LLC, $625,000 on March 2

9 Pratt Street: Carol V. Jones to Lauren Doak, $262,500 on March 2


5 Alden Drive: Brian D. and Kathleen M. York to Andrew E. and Sharon P. Stein, $385,000 on Feb. 27

22 Blue Heron Lane: Hammocks Construction Co. LLC to Daniel and Linda Cusack, $899,000 on March 2

67 Founders Vlg Unit 67: Michael and Lynne Mahon to Laurie Mccarthy, $144,000 on Feb. 27

15 Wildwood Park Road: Roger A. Wright to Gerald J. and Jane C. Vece, $320,000 on March 2

East Haven

25 Canna Drive: Sharon L. Delucia to Matthew Pinciaro, $325,000 on March 3

41 Charter Oak Avenue: 41 Charter Oak LLC to Robinson and Ronald Rojas, $262,000 on March 2

292 Cosey Beach Avenue: Claudio and Egidia Romano to Joseph T. Decicco, $900,000 on March 3

40 Foxon Hill Road Unit K42: Michael J. Gillis to Rehanna Valentas, $134,000 on Feb. 28

40 Foxon Hill Road Unit K42: Rehanna Valentas to Robert Lichtenstein and Michelle Bogart, $190,000 on Feb. 28

264 Half Mile Road: Sandra Richo and Kathleen Raucci to Nicholas Arpino and Lydia Castillo, $365,000 on Feb. 28

577 Laurel Street: Gerald Paprocki to South & South Properties Court LLC, $90,000 on Feb. 27

5 Mountain View Ter: Theresa A. Hackett to Shahm Salim, $268,000 on March 1

119 Prospect Road: Lucia Franco to Ramon L. Killings and Jasmine N. Barada, $406,000 on March 3

75 Redwood Drive Unit 1105: Anna T. Cianelli to Diane Manganiello, $205,000 on March 2

354 Strong Street: Maryanne Ottaviano and Selene Finance Lp to Selene Finance Lp, $244,800 on March 1

337 Thompson Street: Grounded Capital LLC to Brenden and Gina Gerbino, $324,900 on March 3

62 Van Horn Drive: Kaila Fazzolari to Michael A. Vittorio and Emily A. Faulkner, $255,000 on Feb. 27


Essex Road: Stephen Bogan to Gregory and Mikaela Zito, $315,000 on March 2

38 Foxboro Road: Elizabeth D. Sandri to Debra M. Javit, $1,785,000 on March 2

36 Gates Road: Scott M. Sweeney to Graeme R. and Kaitlin E. Dutkowsky, $700,000 on Feb. 27

118 Ingham Hill Road: Stephen Bogan to Gregory and Mikaela Zito, $315,000 on March 2

Westbrook Road: Stephen Bogan to Gregory and Mikaela Zito, $315,000 on March 2

68 Westbrook Road: Laurie Mccarthy to Robert B. Crowley and Rosanna M. Page, $308,000 on March 1


60 East Creek Cir: Scott and Margaret A. Surgenor to Gabrielle and Andrew Watson, $422,000 on March 1

1725 Great Hill Road: Dorothy N. Lott and Susan Lott to Gomartin3 LLC, $317,500 on Feb. 24

1755 Great Hill Road: 7 Van Dyke LLC to Jaisah and Travis Orton, $599,000 on Feb. 27

1587 Route 80: Paul Abel and Greg Okoniewski to Michelle M. and David J. Glass, $430,000 on Feb. 24

393 Soundview Road: Soundview Group LLC to Jnp Properties LLC, $1,400,000 on March 2

324 Tanner Marsh Road: Elisabeth Palatiello to Richard and Victoria Gersten, $1,275,000 on March 2

46 Woodland Road: Shawnna Armstrong to Scott Patterson and Andrea Le Coq, $389,900 on Feb. 24


45 Kenilworth Drive: Kevin Murano and Roseanne Parrella to Chris Champagne, $180,000 on Feb. 27

209 Roast Meat Hill Road: Kevin G. Billingsley and Jennifer L. Yarbrough to Richard B. and Suzanne A. Marshall, $1,340,000 on March 1


211 Devonshire Lane: Colleen S. Riley to Karen E. and Michael A. Bellos, $660,000 on Feb. 27

62 Field Brook Road: Norma Diamond and Jay M. Diamond to P Lehman Article 3c T and Stephen Lash, $760,000 on Feb. 27

46 Kelsey Springs Drive: Kenneth S. and Leann Santone to Dominick J. and Colleen R. Cetta, $705,000 on March 1

184 Neck Road: Beatrice D. Fortin and Deirdra F. Wininger to Bradley J. Nelson and Kelsey E. Loomis, $676,000 on Feb. 27

285 Warpas Road: Benjamin Thibeault to Amy S. and Thomas Kennedy, $780,000 on Feb. 27

North Branford

1 Burr Hill Ter: Panza House LLC to Jonna Binns, $299,999 on Feb. 23

North Haven

535 Clintonville Road: Cascade Funding Mortgage to Style & Klass Home D├ęcor, $168,500 on Feb. 27

60 Cloudland Road: Bradley Nelson and Kelsey Loomis to Janel Crespo and Cosette Kahler, $431,500 on March 3

511 Elm St Unit 4-4: Anthony J. and Richard W. Malafronte to David Spitzer, $325,000 on March 1

43 Sentinel Hill Road: Anthony and Ilda Mendillo to George M. Manion and Danielle R. Davis, $355,000 on Feb. 27

8 Skiff Pkwy: Kimberly Ebel to Elizabeth Rule, $350,000 on March 2

122 Tokeneke Drive: Jean D. and Mark Godley to Melissa Gonzales and Mckinley L. Rowe, $450,000 on Feb. 28

Old Saybrook

52nd Avenue: Dean F. and Monica L. Bentley to Mary E. Lang and Michael L. Weiner, $295,000 on Feb. 27

3 Cove Lndg: Catherine Dimitratos to Bryan Levasseur, $57,000 on March 1

11 Fenwood Grove Road: James B. and Christine L. Lockhart to Bryce W. and Kathryn E. Brown, $545,000 on March 1

33 Jarvis Road: Devito Ft and Pasquale J. Devito to Blue Shore Properties LLC, $680,000 on Feb. 27

407 Main Street: Gary T. and Pamela Parkosewich to Lucille Poirier, $449,000 on March 2

59 Middletown Avenue: John A. Mcinerney to Justin Andrews, $100,000 on March 3

7 North Main St Unit 1133: John S. and Janice Mayo to Gerald J. Dubuc, $205,000 on March 1

N/A Unit 7-31: Paul Deleo to Paul Deleo, $15,000 on Feb. 27


404 Boston Post Road: Ccb Associates LLC to 404-414 Bpr LLC, $330,000 on March 1

414 Boston Post Road: Ccb Associates LLC to 404-414 Bpr LLC, $330,000 on March 1

Essex Road: Stephen Bogan to Gregory and Mikaela Zito, $35,000 on March 2

258 Hammock Road N: Lisa Jordyn to Benjamin Radzunas, $275,000 on March 2

5 Meadow Point Road: Richard and Rebecca E. Faust to Jennifer A. and Kevin B. Rogers, $348,000 on Feb. 27