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08/20/2012 12:00 AM

Real Estate Sales for Aug. 23


18 Bonny Lane: HXL, Inc., to Mzrio Kahn and Christie A. Williams, $420,000 on July 2

19 Cream Pot Road: Maria T. Woodward to Jeffrey A. Hayash and Kim Parent-Hayash, $274,500 on July 9

5 East Walk: Richard M. Goldman and Jami Opinsky-Goldman to Joseph Jay and Susan J. Marcus, $575,000 on July 11

80 Grove Street: Joan A. Novarro to Katherine Beecher, $267,500 on July 2

11 Grove Way Unit C: Marilyn Volpe to Edward F. Matuszkiewicz, $525,000 on July 13

3 Indian Drive: David B. Fowler to Parul D. Shah, $2,000 on July 9

26 Maplewood Drive: Agnes A. Nyiri to Debra Fetherston, $260,000 on July 12

54 Pleasant Valley Road: Prudential Relocation, Inc., to Michael John Oliver, $368,000 on July 13

56 River Road: Michael John Oliver to Katherine Longo, $229,800 on July 5

98 River Road: Lauren A. Moore to CHFA, $1 on July 2

25 Riverside Drive Unit A15: Frank Pellegrino to Milano FT and Michael J. Milano, $121,000 on July 11

20 Rocky Ledge Drive: Christopher M. and Claudia A. Severino to Marc Catalino, $248,400 on July 3

122-A Shore Road: Josephine L. Finelli to Adam and Elizabeth Pokorski, $186,000 on July 11

5 Spencer Court: Faith V. Hamilton to John J. and Jennifer M. Harkins, $319,900 on July 12

10 Stonewall Lane: Matthew T. and Rachel E. Allard to Andrew D. and Shannon M. Robinson, $380,000 on July 2

N/A: Fyber Props Clinton LP to Cornerstone Construction Services, $97,500 on July 5


30 Allison Drive: Joanne M. Bell to Prudential Relocation, Inc., $720,000 on July 17

257 Bartlett Drive: Brian S. and Robin Olschan to Gary J. and Nadine A. Kaml, $795,000 on July 17

47 Deveron Drive: Mary Helen Leitze to Robert M. and Allison J. Marchese, $462,000 on July 19

135 Devonshire Lane: Zhai and Luo Guangzhu to Angleo Onorati, $527,000 on July 20

57 Hammonassett Meadows Road: James and Lauren Preskar to East Bohan-Bradstreet and Maya Frumkin Bradstreet, $585,000 on July 18


62 Pointina Road: Elanie R. Beamek to Jeffrey R. Borak and Elaine R. Beame, $100,000 on July 24


128 Burban Drive: Lena G. Ward and Kathleen W. Blackadar to Joseph W. Lane and Christine M. Niles, $180,000 on July 24

42 Gould Lane: Properties at Gould Lane to Rosalie K. and John J. Izzo, $65,000 on July 23

82 Manorwood Drive Unit 82: Robert J. Coppola to Fatima Y. Burgos, $177,500 on July 25

36 Montoya Drive Unit 36: Bethany A. Biondi to David M. Almeida, $149,000 on July 24

105 Pine Orchard Road: Rose M. Zambrano and Michael P. Lannuzi to Michael Fowler, $175,000 on July 26

18 Thimble Island Road: Gary W. Gara to Claudette J. Narcsco, $250,091 on July 26

21 Waverly Park Road: Karen M. Willis and Joseph F. Mcmanus to Anna Marchitto, $223,600 on July 26

14 Willow Road: Daniel P. and Bethany L. Kinney to Lauren Lavoie and Brian Barsalou, $230,000 on July 23

East Haven

253 North High Street: Gary Merola to Citimortgage Inc, $1 on July 26

59 Taylor Avenue: Philip A. Corso to Gloria Palmieri, $152,000 on July 24


216 Bluff View Drive: Chester P. and Barbara A. Evangelista to John G. and Kimberly A. Malvicini, $430,000 on July 18

2601 Boston Post Road: John Hall to Ray E. and Christine M. Niles, $148,000 on July 23

Goose Lane Lot: Chabad Lubavitch Shoreline to Savings Bank of Danbury, $1 on July 23

67 Kendal Court: Stephen M. and Elieen J. Packard to Cassius I. Ochoa-Chaar and Randa Adib-Chaar, $735,000 on July 23

34 Laurel Road: Christopher Jay Bernard and Christy Valla-Bernard to Lloyd G. and Jennifer Cantley, $505,000 on July 18

36 Vineyard Pl: Paul R. and Sallie J. Shuell to Kenclaire Assoc LLC, $2,500,000 on July 23

1 Whitfield Street: Kimberley S. Adams and Mark R. Depmam to Lee Leighton, $958,500 on July 18

North Branford

170 Branford Road: RM Development Group to Nancy Damato, $255,000 on July 25

33 Burr Hill Road: FNMA to Owen and Deborah Little, $250,000 on July 24

50 Forest View Road: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Jason Flint, $131,500 on July 30

2 Gail Drive: Phillip N. Cohen to Kevin A. Muravnick, $275,000 on July 31

33 Jerz Lane: Annex Properties, LLC, and DT Properties, LLC, to Andrea Polaski, $230,000 on July 23

256 Valley Road: Stephen and John Glossa to Michael K. and Giovanna Carbone, $310,000 on July 24

North Haven

111 Manomet Avenue: Gail Colby to Hassan and Randi Hara-Sai, $280,000 on July 23

6 Papa Lane: Frank Dileva to Timothy Acker, $235,000 on July 23

2304 Ridge Road: Anthony and Phyllis D. Giuliano to Adam F. and Shelley M. Acquarulo, $540,500 on July 23

11 Saint John Street Unit D9: Defelice Louis J. Est and Lottie E. Defelice to Louis J. Defelice, $99,000 on July 23

11 Saint John Street Unit D9: Lottie E. Defelice to Kalpesh A. Mistry, $99,000 on July 23

25 Summer Lane: Timothy Acker and Cheryl Binette to Paul C. Ivancic and Chunyi Sun, $395,000 on July 23

380 Washington Avenue: John J. and John G. Pertesis to Kiesco Development, $577,500 on July 24

1 Westerly Road: Bertha Y. Zimmermann to Tracey A. Mindlin and Rae L. Guthrie, $217,000 on July 25

2087 Whitney Avenue: Jennifer M. Drennen to Erin L. Griffiths, $170,000 on July 25