December 6, 2019
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A 10-year veteran of the Board of Selectmen, Carol Walter is a familiar face in Town Hall and out in the community. Photo by Eric O’Connell/Harbor News

A 10-year veteran of the Board of Selectmen, Carol Walter is a familiar face in Town Hall and out in the community. (Photo by Eric O’Connell/Harbor News | Buy This Photo)

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Several years after moving to Clinton and starting a family, Carol Walter faced a decision. Her two sons were getting older, and Carol was going to need something to do with her time.

“When they started to get older, I realized I was going to be bored silly,” says Carol.

Carol decided to go back to school and get certified to be a substitute teacher and tutor. That decision started Carol on a path to involvement in town that has continued to this day for this selectman and Town Hall employee.

Carol grew up nearby in Branford, but she’s called Clinton her home for close to four decades, moving here after graduating from the University of Connecticut. Carol’s first involvement in the town began as she worked as a substitute teacher, a job that she loved.

“I’d do anything from preschool to honors Spanish, I think I ran into every kid in Clinton,” Carol says.

Carol admits that as much as she enjoyed the job, it could be stressful at times.

“It’s not easy. I went through a lot of dental work from grinding my teeth every day,” Carol jokes.

In addition to her job as a substitute, Carol also worked in the library for 14 years. Eventually, Carol began attending meetings and volunteering her time in other venues. Carol says she began serving on committees related to the schools, and then over time was appointed to the Economic Development Commission.

For the past 10 years, Carol, a Republican, has served on the Board of Selectmen after being elected to that position. Carol notes that through her time on the board she has had the opportunity to work with a multiple of different people and that she has now served with 12 different selectmen.

Besides her work in the town’s political sphere, Carol says she also enjoyed being part of Clinton’s 350th Celebration Committee. In 2013, Clinton turned 350 years old and held a year-long celebration of events.

“That was wonderful, that changed my life,” Carol says.

Carol says she volunteered for the committee as soon as it was announced.

“I don’t know if Town Hall had ever seen a party like that,” Carol says.

The 350th anniversary celebration commemorated Clinton’s history. Highlights included parties at Town Hall in January and December, and a parade and two-day Heritage Days event in August. Carol praises the creativity of the 10 other members of the committee, and says she enjoyed helping make their ideas a reality.

“I made lifelong friends from that. The people involved were just such great people across the board,” Carol says.

Carol has enjoyed her time in town serving on the various boards and committees for a few different reasons. One reason is simply that it affords her the chance to make connections.

“I just got to meet so many people in Clinton,” Carol says.

Carol credits time she’s spent in the schools and at the library with allowing her to meet people with a wide array of interests and backgrounds from all areas of town. Another reason that Carol has enjoyed her time in town, she says, is that she gets to speak up for people who might not do so for themselves.

“I think I represent the average Clinton resident. I like the fact I can represent the people who are intimidated to stand up,” says Carol.

Carol says that she has received kudos from many people around town for speaking up on topics or asking certain questions.

“It feels good and it’s a necessary role,” says Carol.

Asked her favorite thing about Clinton, Carol responds, “I love everything about Clinton.” Carol proudly notes that her two sons are fourth generation Clintonites, and her granddaughter is a fifth generation Clintonite.

“I may not be Clinton’s most loved, but I think I love Clinton most,” Carol says.

In her spare time, Carol can be found enjoying different activities that the town has to offer.

“I’m never not doing something,” Carol says.

Carol enjoys doing many different types of crafts, something she has always enjoyed. Carol say a little-known fact about her is that she has a bachelor of fine arts from UConn. Carol can also be found kayaking the summer and hiking on different trails around town.

“There are a lot of roads in Clinton that look just like Vermont or Canada that I like to just drive down,” says Carol.

Carol says she spends lots of time with her granddaughter Maris, daughter in-law Meredith, and sons Jason and Dylan.

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