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Lucero Gave a Maximum Effort as a Yellowjackets’ Captain


Alejandro Lucero served as a senior captain for the East Haven boys’ soccer team this fall and also proved one of the Yellowjackets’ most dangerous players on the attack. Photo courtesy of Alejandro Lucero

Alejandro Lucero served as a senior captain for the East Haven boys’ soccer team this fall and also proved one of the Yellowjackets’ most dangerous players on the attack. (Photo courtesy of Alejandro Lucero )

Alejandro Lucero constantly played hard throughout his senior season as a member of the East Haven boys’ soccer squad this fall. Alejandro is hoping that all of his hard work will pay off and allow him to pursue his passion of playing the sport at the next level. Alejandro was also a captain for the Yellowjackets during the recent season, and it was a position that he felt honored to hold.

“It was important, because I proved to myself that I’m worthy to lead a team and improve my teammates,” Alejandro says. “I showed them how a leader leads and hope they all become better in the future.”

As a captain, Alejandro served as a role model for his fellow Easties. Alejandro especially enjoyed how he was able to make a positive impact on the younger players on the team.

“I liked being a captain, because my teammates would look up to me as a great player,” says Alejandro. “I liked how they could learn things from me as I showed them leadership.”

Assistant coach Chris Rapuano says that Alejandro displays great skill when he has the ball at his feet. Rapuano was pleased to see Alejandro set up his teammates for offensive opportunities throughout the recent season.

“He is a very tactical player that controls the center of the field and always is looking to improve, regardless of how good a game he is playing. He will work hard to create passes, find open shots, and mastermind plays that put his teammates in threatening offensive attacks,” Rapuano says. “His way of playing soccer simple comes naturally. Alejandro has been a key player for East Haven soccer, showing leadership and great skill, speed, and technical footwork.”

Alejandro typically played on the attack as a striker for the Yellowjackets. He credits his coaches for helping him become the player that he is today.

“It wasn’t easy at first. It took me a while. I needed some motivation to get me up there,” says Alejandro. “Coach Rapuano explained to me a lot of things that I wouldn’t see myself, and that’s when I saw change. I started to see those changes, because I wanted to prove to myself that I am a great player.”

Alejandro’s cousin, Omar Lucero, introduced him to the sport of soccer. Alejandro feels thankful for the influence of his cousin, who graduated from East Haven High School in 2017.

“When I was little, he introduced me to the sport and was the first one to show me how to play,” Alejandro says. “As we grew together, he showed me more and more and started training me.”

Alejandro says that his family’s guidance, coupled with the support of his teammates, gave him the boost he needed to work as hard as he could on the field.

“Without my team, I wouldn’t be this player that I am today, because they push me over my limits,” says Alejandro. “They made me strive to try my hardest on the field and to not give up on myself.”

After he graduates from East Haven, Alejandro plans on continuing to play soccer with his club team with a goal of taking his game to a bigger stage. Alejandro says that he appreciates everything he’s learned from his experience of playing soccer for the Yellowjackets.

“In the future, I hope to go to college and play college soccer and get a recruit that can bring me to a pro team and develop from there,” Alejandro says. “I just want to thank my coaches, my teammates, my friends, and my cousin Omar for showing me this amazing sport.”

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