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Rebecca Frost: Holding Down the Fort for One Last Year


Rebecca Frost has agreed to move up from her position as Polson Middle School assistant principal to serve as Island Avenue’s principal during its final year.

Photo courtesy of Madison Public Schools

Rebecca Frost has agreed to move up from her position as Polson Middle School assistant principal to serve as Island Avenue’s principal during its final year. (Photo courtesy of Madison Public Schools)

After the decision was made by the Madison Board of Education to close Island Avenue Elementary School following the 2018-’19 school year, former principal Doreen O’Leary resigned and Polson Middle School Assistant Principal Rebecca Frost was chosen step in to pick up the slack. Rebecca will be bringing the school to the close of its final chapter as a town-operated school.

“Honestly, I am honored to be the last principal at Island Avenue Elementary School,” Rebecca says.

She says this position promises to be interesting and she is looking forward to the 2018-’19 school year. She promises that above all else, she will do all she can to make this a great year for the students, staff, and parents.

As the assistant principal at the Polson Middle School for the past six years, Rebecca is familiar with the workings of the Madison School District and says that although not everyone in town agrees with the decision to close Island Avenue in June, she’s confident that all the students, staff, and families will be taken care of and successfully folded into the communities of the other schools.

“Part of my job is to work behind the scenes collaboratively this year with the Jeffrey and Ryerson school principals to ensure that the kids from Island Ave. are prepared and ready for the change next year,” Rebecca says.

As she fills in at Island Avenue for this one year, Polson’s head of the English Department, Martha Curran, will step up to serve as Polson’s assistant principal for the year.

A former 3rd grade teacher, Rebecca switched over to an administrative position after being in the classroom for six years in Cheshire. She felt she wanted to be an active advocate for teachers in a bigger sense. However, she admits that she misses her elementary school kids.

“I miss getting on the ground with the kids, hearing the morning meetings, going over early literature, and of course the silly songs and dances,” Rebecca says. “The middle schoolers are different. I enjoy their independence in the sense that when you give them a task, they can get it done. The elementary-age students are just sweet and happy and there are times when I miss that, so I am very excited to have this opportunity to go back to my elementary school roots.”

Rebecca says that she has already been welcomed into the new school community at Island Avenue and is already a little sad about leaving in June.

“I had a ‘Popsicle with the Principal’ meet-and-greet gathering before the school year was over. I got 150 popsicles and they were all gone, so I thought that was a pretty impressive turnout,” Rebecca says.

When spending time with her family, she enjoys baking for and with her two children, especially oatmeal, chocolate chip, banana muffins on Saturday mornings.

In addition, some of her free time is spent teaching spin classes.

“I am still using my teaching skills to teach spin, but that is really my outlet, it clears my head, makes me a better administrator and a better mom,” says Rebecca, who also enjoys hiking and camping out. “I’m not really one for sitting around much, or having down time. I like to always be going.”

Her energy and verve should serve her well in her new temporary position.

“My goal is to make this year as great as it can be. The students don’t need to be upset or stressed about the school closing and this year should be just like any other year, if not better than those before it,” she says.

Rebecca also gave a shout out to the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), which she says has already planned some fantastic programs and trips for the Island Avenue students during the 2018-’19 school year.

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