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06/06/2023 01:43 PM

Suchy Overcomes Obstacles as Key Senior Runner for Guilford Girls’ Track

Senior track and cross country star Alexa Suchy pushed through a major injury to come back as a strong runner and leader for the Grizzlies outdoor track team this spring. Photo courtesy of Alexa Suchy

Guilford senior track star Alexa Suchy has been one of the best runners for her high school the last four seasons for both the outdoor track and cross country teams. Despite the fact that she only recently started running cross country in the later half of her high school career, she had no problem adjusting to the sport since she’s been a speed demon on the track for much longer.

Not only is Alexa a skillful athlete on the track, but also a strong leader off of it. Guilford girls’ outdoor track Head Coach Jonathan Rivera credits Alexa’s ability to be a role model for the younger athletes on the team, as well as her perseverance to overcome obstacles.

“Alexa is a strong leader,” says Rivera. “She works really hard and cares about her performances. She had to overcome a major injury this year and has worked tirelessly to get back to where she was and is finally getting there. It is awesome to see her shining again after her cross country season was basically ripped away from her. She has done a good job leading and pushing the younger distance runners to be better. Everyone is excited to see her back on top.”

Not only did Alexa have to battle back from a major injury during her running career, but she also had to deal with a shortened freshman season due to the pandemic, something she used as fuel to work harder and become an even better runner throughout her high school tenure.

“It means a lot to have been nominated by Coach Rivera,” says Alexa. “I have been a member of the track team since freshman year, although that season was unfortunately cut short because of Covid. Over the years, I have put a lot of effort into the program, and I’m very grateful to have coaches that care about our training, make us better, and also recognize the work we put in.”

Alexa was dealing with a bone marrow injury to her femur and had to take time off because her bone could have snapped if she continued running through the injury. The injury kept her out for a little over three months, and she mainly swam a lot during her recovery process, taking it lightly on her legs.

Alexa credits Guilford cross country Head Coach Jon Ford, who is also her events coach in the spring, with helping her during the recovery process. He would give her light runs to help her get back into shape, and she is now back to normal.

“Only recently have I begun to come close to PRs of last track season,” says Alexa. “Mentally and physically, it was extremely difficult to get back as I kept pushing myself and getting no results. With the help of my coach and team I stayed resilient and persevered. It really would not have been possible without all of them.”

Alexa has been running track since seventh grade. She began running cross country last year during her junior season to stay in running shape, but quickly took it more seriously as her competitive side brought that out of her.

“My junior year of high school was also my first season of cross country,” Alexa says. “During this time, I made First Team All-SCC and First Team All-State, and the team won SCCs and states and then progressed to New England’s where we came in 10th. It was amazing to not only have my own successes but be a part of a team that had so many talented girls as well.”

Alexa also tried to make her teammates better and did so while she was out with her injury, cheering them on at every meet and giving them advice.

“I just do my best to support the girls however they need. An example of this is was the past season of cross country,” Alexa says. “I, unfortunately, was injured essentially all of the cross country season, but I still tried my best to show up to meets, give advice, and cheer on those who were able to run while I could not.”

Outside of track and cross country, Alexa is involved in many other school activities. She is a member of the National Honors Society and Spanish Honors Society, and was a member of the Feminist Alliance Club and Environmental Club for a couple of years. She also enjoys time with her friends and family in her free time.

After focusing on the State Open Championship on June 5 at Willow Brook Park, the Grizzlies will also participate in the Hammer Throw Championship, two Heptathlon Championships and the Steeplechase Championship. All meets will take place at Willow Brook Park.

As Alexa winds down her four years at Guilford, she looks forward to continuing her running career at the collegiate level as she will be running at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts.

“I am excited to continue my running career at Endicott College and continue to push myself,” says Alexa. “I had an offer from Salve Regina, and I was talking with the Tuffs coach. I am looking forward to making new friends and accomplishing my individual running goals, as well as experiencing some new training. Endicott is a beautiful school with a great internship program. The track team recently just won their conference title this past year for outdoor track, and I’m super excited to make a difference in the still developing program. I chose Endicott mainly for the education provided, but also the opportunity to run and the general atmosphere. There are a couple of other students from GHS going to Endicott too, and I’m sure they would agree.”