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12/28/2022 09:57 AM

Scott Giegerich: Let the Lights Shine

When the lights turned on at Old Saybrook High School’s fields earlier this year, Scott Giegerich was one of the earliest proponents to make it happen. Photo courtesy of Scott Giegerich

This fall, it finally happened: Old Saybrook High School athletes took the field for games under the lights. Watching it happen was Scott Giegerich, a longtime Board of Selectmen (BOS) member and one of the early proponents of making Friday night lights a reality.

It’s hard to find a more iconic image of high school life than heading to watch a football or soccer team playing under the lights on an autumn night. However, until this year, that wasn’t a reality for Old Saybrook residents.

“Many people said it would never happen, but I always said it would and that it was just a matter of when. Eventually, I was right,” Scott says.

According to Scott, when the field and track at the high school underwent upgrades about eight years ago, the groundwork was laid for lights to one day be put on the site. About three years ago, people started to seriously look into bringing lights to the field. In August 2021, the BOS decided to form a ball field lights committee to raise funds needed for the installation. Scott was named co-chair of the committee.

“We were formed in August and, by the end of January, we were ready to go. We raised over $200,000 in four months,” Scott recalls.

In September, the lights were installed and the girls’ soccer team got to play the first game under the lights.

“I was excited, proud, and affirmed,” Scott says. “Not to mention, the [boys’] soccer team got another state title this year.”

While helping with the lights is an accomplishment Scott feels proud of, it is far from the only way he has served the town. Scott first began serving Old Saybrook on the Parks and Recreation Commission for eight years.

“I served on a committee concerned with looking at potential land to acquire for the town. I really enjoyed it,” says Scott.

But that’s not the only way Scott has been volunteering with the town. He is currently in the middle of his 11th year on the BOS.

Scott’s decision to run for the BOS initially sprung from his involvement with the Republican Town Committee. Scott was helping find candidates to run for the various boards and commissions when someone suggested he run for selectman.

“I offered to participate and things moved forward and here we are in my sixth term,” says Scott. “I have always enjoyed bragging about Old Saybrook, and I still do, but now I know the details behind all the successes, so I can appreciate how things came to be. That’s something I enjoy about the BOS.”

In particular, Scott says he is proud of the town’s commitment to public safety services, park and recreation programs, and the community’s involvement.

“I’m also proud to be a partner involved in producing responsible budgets,” says Scott.

However, Scott says it can be frustrating sometimes when people are reluctant to get involved in the town, but then inquire as to why items are or aren’t happening.

“When people approach me asking why such and such isn’t occurring, it’s hard. I encourage them to approach the proper board or commission and get involved. If you come to the meetings, they’ll tell you what’s happening,” says Scott.

Scott says that volunteering is something that was instilled in him when he was young.

“My mom and dad were both involved in the town when we lived in Trumbull,” Scott remembers. “I was told that if you have something to say, then you need to get involved and do something about it.”

That’s a commitment Scott has carried with him as over the years he’s been involved in the schools, with safe graduation projects, and a even community variety show.

Scott moved around a bit as a child, but his family settled in Trumbull when he was eight. In 1993, Scott moved to Old Saybrook with his family.

“It’s a great location and we were lucky to find a house that was affordable. We enjoy Old Saybrook tremendously,” says Scott.

Professionally, Scott worked as an educator for over 30 years as a teacher and administrator.

“It was a great, exciting, and proud time,” Scott says.

Now, Scott says he enjoys retirement by still playing soccer until very recently, refereeing high school soccer, umpiring high school baseball, swimming, doing yoga, and, of course, being a grandfather.

“My favorite part of living in Old Saybrook is driving around the perimeter of the town and marveling at the beauty,” says Scott. “Both the natural beauty and the beauty of the community in the way it takes care of itself.”