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08/31/2022 12:06 PM

Galberth Ready to Make an Impact as a Senior

Michael Galberth is looking to make his mark as both a wide receiver and a cornerback with the Valley Regiona-Old Lyme football squad this fall. Photo courtesy of Michael Galberth

Whether it was due to the pandemic or a few injuries, Michael Galberth hasn’t had much of an opportunity to make a name for himself as a member of the Valley Regional-Old Lyme football team. However, that all changes this season as, now a senior, Michael is fully healthy and poised to be a difference maker for the Warriors at both wide receiver and cornerback.

Michael began playing football for the Hamden Hurricanes Pop Warner team at the age of eight. Michael’s father Charles helped him get into the sport, and his mother Mollie also supported him at his games. Those early days of football helped plant the seeds of Michael’s growing passion for the sport.

“My dad was a big football player. He inspired me to play. He got me involved in the sport. My mom would always come out and support me too,” Michael says. “It was fun when I was younger, and then I got to high school and fell in love with it.”

Michael played for the Hamden Hurricanes through his 7th-grade season. Michael then played a season in the Clinton youth league, where met some people who would go on to become his teammates with the Warriors, such as DiAngelo Jean-Pierre and Andrew Yermenson. Michael saw how much football meant to him while competing in the league and knew that he wanted to continue.

“It was a really big thing in 8th grade, because I was playing with the same people I’m playing with today,” Michael says. “8th grade was a time I got to learn the sport more. When I was playing before, it was more just for fun. In 8th grade I started taking it more seriously.”

As he entered his freshman year at Valley, Michael felt nervous about the transition that he was about to endure. He needed a little more confidence. However, Michael trusted the teammates and coaches that he had around him. As the year went on, Michael started to feel more comfortable on the field and began to +believe that he could one day make an impact with the Warriors.

“Going into freshman year, I was really never the biggest. My confidence when it came to football wasn’t really that high,” says Michael. “Throughout the season, I became more comfortable with the positions I was put in. The coaching staff really helped my confidence.”

Michael saw minimal playing time with the varsity team as a freshman. Then, his sophomore season was canceled due to COVID-19. Michael then returned to the Warriors as a junior, but suffered a fracture of the growth plate in his left ankle. Michael couldn’t walk on it for three months and was forced to miss the rest of the season.

While he wasn’t playing, Michael still wanted to make sure that was prepared for when he took the field as a senior. He continued to attend practices and put in as much work as possible outside of the gridiron.

“Even though I wasn’t on the field, I tried my hardest to be involved off the field,” Michael says. “I was still learning my position. I was still going to practice. I tried to be as involved as I can, even though I couldn’t physically play the sport.”

Michael knew that he had to work hard as he underwent a positional change on the football field. While he expected to be a running back in high school, Michael was moved to wide receiver in his freshman season. He’s been training at receiver and cornerback ever since.

Michael didn’t really have a chance to show how far he’s come at either position prior to this year, but felt confident with his performance at both spots coming off of the Warriors’ recent scrimmage versus Rockville. As he enters his senior season, Michael is ready to put his best foot forward and demonstrate how much he’s grown as both a football player and a person.

“I expect big things. I have a lot to prove since I haven’t been able to show what I can do on the field yet,” says Michael. “I’m excited to be able to do that this season.”

As he gets his varsity opportunity as a senior, Michael feels proud to be suiting up in a Warriors’ uniform. Michael loves representing his high school and is looking to help the Valley-Old Lyme football team have a big season this year.

“It feels good to have Valley across my chest over any other team,” Michael says. “Football is a very big part of Valley sports and Valley history. All of us want to make this season historic.”