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05/18/2022 12:00 AM

Greenhouse Playing Steady Golf as a Senior

Senior Tyler Greenhouse is playing some solid golf for the Huskies while serving as a mentor for the younger athletes on the team this spring. Photo courtesy of Tyler Greenhouse

From the moment Tyler Greenhouse picked up his first set of clubs, he immediately became immersed in the sport of golf. Now a senior on the Morgan golf team, Tyler has been making solid contributions all season long as the No. 4 golfer in the Huskies’ lineup.

Tyler started playing golf two years ago. Tyler picked up the sport during the summer of 2020, and he’s been a fixture on the links ever since.

“One aspect of golf I love is that you’re more so competing with yourself than your opponents. They’re not going to get into your face and play defense, so you control your own destiny,” says Tyler. “Golf is a frustrating sport. It’s the internal battle. You have to try to stay leveled and play smart during the entire match.”

Some of Tyler’s favorite memories with the Morgan golf team have come during the Shoreline Conference and State championship meets. Tyler feels that going up against top-tier competition elevates his game to another level.

“The Conference and State tournaments are by far the coolest events in high school sports,” Tyler says. “Every player in the state is in one place at one time, playing the same course under the same conditions. There is nothing better than it. Due to the nature of the sport, you create a lot of relationships with your opponents, so it’s a great time seeing everyone you’ve formed friendships with.”

Tyler suffered an elbow injury just days before he was set to begin his senior season with the golf team this spring. Consequently, Tyler was forced to serve in more of a coaching role at the beginning of the year, but made a speedy recovery and was back out there before too long.

“For the first time, I was stuck watching instead of playing. I essentially just became an assistant coach, working with JV players or trying to offer any insight I could during matches. All I wanted was to contribute in any way possible,” says Tyler. “Fortunately, I’m tough as nails and was able to make a quicker than expected return. It does sting that any chances of me going All-Shoreline were thrown away when I got hurt, but I’m not one to focus on the negative.”

Head Coach Eric Bergman describes Tyler as an exceptional mentor for the younger golfers on Morgan’s roster and an integral player for the Huskies all the way around.

“Tyler has a very nurturing type of personality and disposition. He’s patient, caring, and would work well in an environment where he’s a mentor to others,” Bergman says. “He also has a moral compass and a sense of what is right and wrong, which is far above and beyond what one might expect at this age. He’s a true gentleman and a privilege to coach.”

Tyler credits Coach Bergman for increasing his love of the game. Bergman has played a big role in helping Tyler become the best golfer that he can be.

“I cannot stress how great of a dude my coach is. Ask any student he has ever had, ask any player he has ever coached—he’s one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met,” says Tyler of Bergman. “He always gives everybody his all in the classroom and on the course. He is a true role model, and we’re lucky to have him.”

Aside from golf, Tyler plays travel baseball during the summer and fall and likes to play tennis and go bowling in his spare time. He also started up a Wiffle ball league with his friends for fun.

“My friends and I started a Wiffle ball league a couple years ago with kids from around town. From there, we’ve been invited to different tournaments around the state,” Tyler says. “Pretty much, I’m just a very competitive kid who hates being inside, but when the sun sets, you can find me at the bowling alley.”

Morgan is in the midst of a stellar season with its record of 9-3. Tyler feels optimistic about what the Huskies can accomplish as they hit the final fairway of the campaign.

“We’re [9-3] and we’re better than our record. I’m confident our best golf is ahead of us,” says Tyler. “We have an extremely deep team. We have four kids who would play on just about any other team in Division III who are battling for the final varsity spot. Come tournament time, we have to bring it. I would be extremely proud of myself and my teammates if we can give the defending champs Portland a run for their money.”