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08/25/2023 06:40 AM

Regina Ann Chmielewski

Regina Ann Chmielewski, loving wife of David Chmielewski, died Monday, Aug. 7, 2023, two days after the couple’s 29th wedding anniversary.

Regina, known to all as Gina, lived a fun, exciting, and loving life with her husband and family. Gina met her husband in Branford, and they instantly became an inseparable couple. Together Gina and David raised three children, Hannah, Owen, and Samuel. Hannah has gone on to become engaged and has two adorable children who love their Nani with giant hearts.

Gina will be forever remembered in the hearts of those that were fortunate to meet her and know her. She is a force of peace, love, understanding and never-ending devotion. She lived her life on her terms. Her commitment to spiritual living showed every day in how she spoke, dressed, and decorated the house. Raised as a Christian, Gina followed the teachings of Buddha—love and understanding. That spirit carried her through good and bad times.

Gina spent many years working as a medical assistant before training to become a yoga instructor. Upon completion of the four-week course at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts, she earned her 100-hour teaching certificate. As if that were not enough, Gina also obtained her massage therapy license and worked as a massage therapist at well-known spas in Connecticut. Even with her dedication to her craft, she always put family and friends first. She never grew weary of helping those she loved who needed her. If just as an ear to listen, she was dedicated to making sure that others were taken care of before she took care of herself.

Gina started her new adventures of traveling the world later in life. Her dream was to go to exotic places in the Caribbean and Central and South America, the beach being her favorite place. The bright sun, cool breeze, warm sand, and crystal-clear blue water regenerated her body and soul. She would sit for hours and then bring home that peace to share with the ones she loved. The peace that she exuded seemed endless. Her head was always in the clouds dreaming of adventures and life together with her husband. Some of the dreams were realized when Gina and David moved back to the shoreline after a long time living in West Hartford. There they started their new life together as a childless couple. The kids having moved on and out of the house, Gina was ready to tackle the world and explore all the things she talked about over the years. Very exciting times lay ahead. Gina fought the pain, anger, and the frustration after a car accident to emerge victorious, like she always did. Even her major surgery a year prior was something she did not let stop her from living the life she wanted for her and her husband.

This past June, Gina celebrated her 50th birthday with a quiet weekend getaway to her favorite places in Maine, accompanied by her husband David. Her positive spirit lighted the way as she battled with a terrible disease. Gina’s adventures in this world came to an end, but she will always be making sure her family will be safe. Her spirit of love, forgiveness, adventure, understanding, resilience, happiness, giving, and the never-ending hope for things to be good will endure forever. “We love you, Gina.”

Gina is also survived by her loving sister Adrienne Serra of Wallingford; her mother Austra Schneider of Branford; and father Keith Schneider of Maine. There will be a Celebration of Gina’s Life from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 1 at the Madison Surf Club. All who knew Gina are welcome. Please email if you plan to attend.