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06/10/2024 01:50 PM

Edible Manufacturing Application Approved


At a Zoning Commission meeting on May 20, the commission approved an application for a marijuana edible manufacturing business at 1244 Old Clinton Road to construct a second building on the property.

In 2023, the Westbrook Zoning Commission unanimously approved Emerald Canning Partners LLC and Adams Avenue Asset Management’s application to open a cannabis food manufacturing business. According to the initial application received by the commission last year, Adams Avenue Asset Management is the contracted purchaser of the property, with affiliate Emerald Canning Partners LLC intending to operate the proposed business. The application lists a mailing address in Boston for the business.

In the spring of 2024, the commission accepted a new application from the applicants to construct a second building on the site to allow for the manufacturing process.

At a meeting on May 20, the commission approved the application, but with some conditions. The conditions require the applicant to follow an approved lighting plan, the designation of Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliant parking spaces, to receive a permit for drainage and pavement work, designate. to comply with the town’s public work department recommendations, to outline or remove proposed curb cuts on the property, and compliance with proposed landscaping plans.

While the business is for the manufacturing of marijuana edibles and chocolates, there would not be any retail or consumption of the products on site.

The specific application approved by the commission in 2024 was for a new building to aid in the manufacturing process.

“In addition to the new building, the site plan illustrates a proposed expansion of the site parking layout, the addition of a handicapped ramp, the addition of a series of catch basins and associated drainage pipes, including a proposed CULTEC stormwater treatment system,” the 2024 application stated in part.

The applicants said they wish to start producing beverages on the site, but a higher ceiling is needed for the manufacturing process.

The public hearing over the proposal opened at a meeting on April 22 and was continued to May 20 to review the landscaping plan.

At the public hearing on April 22, some speakers said that while they weren’t against the application, they were concerned about deliveries being made to the property.

At the hearing, Drew Branding, the applicant, said that although sprinter vans are mostly used, there would likely be intermittent deliveries of larger raw materials on tractor-trailers. Branding estimated there would be a tractor-trailer delivery only once every six to eight weeks.