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09/25/2023 05:05 PM

North Madison Homeowner Rescued from House Fire by Samaritan


Quick-thinking neighbors helped avert tragedy on Sept. 20 when a North Madison home caught fire. According to fire officials, a fire at a home on Winding Road was reported at 2:30 p.m., and before firefighters could arrive on scene, a visitor to a neighbor ran into the fire and helped rescue the trapped homeowner.

North Madison Volunteer Fire Department Chief Mike Penders said the quick action by the unnamed individual undoubtedly averted a far worse outcome, and his crew was able to extinguish the blaze before the structure was a total loss.

Penders said the department had received multiple phones reporting the fire, and firefighters were able to quickly contain the fire to a back bedroom and hallway.

“The amazing part of this was the individual who was visiting from Boston who actually ran in and got the resident out of the fire herself.”

According to Penders, the visiting individual is a Massachusetts General Hospital burn unit nurse.

“She knew the dangers all too well but also knew that the resident needed help getting out, too. So, without hesitation, she ran in and got her out,” Penders said. “Her quick thinking really changed the outcome. This absolutely could’ve had a different outcome.”

According to Penders, no EMS personnel were injured during the incident, but the homeowner was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Damage to the structure was minimized by the quick action of both the residents’ alerts and the department’s fast response, Penders said.

“There were no injuries to firefighters, and there was one resident who was treated for smoke inhalation but was evaluated by Madison Ambulance and released on scene,” Penders said. “It was quickly reported, which is always important. People calling 911 right away is essential, but also the quick actions and really the bravery of that neighbor should be commended. This truly was a brave thing to do.”

Penders said the fire is still under investigation by the fire marshal, but the home only suffered moderate damage.

“Mostly room and contents, but the structure is not a total loss by any means,” Penders said.

Penders also praised the quick action of Madison Hose Company One, Guilford Fire, and Killingworth Fire, as well as Madison Ambulance and Madison police in their mutual aid response to the emergency.