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03/29/2023 01:34 PM

9 Town Transit, Middletown Area Transit Announce Name Change


Estuary Transit District, operators of 9-Town Transit, has announced its new combined system name and brand. Middletown Transit District officially merged with 9-Town Transit in July 2022. After engaging with stakeholders and a consultant team, the Estuary Transit District announced its new combined transit system, River Valley Transit. River Valley Transit, or RVT for short, was chosen as it highlights the geographic surroundings in Middlesex County as part of its core regional identity. Since its launch on April 1, Estuary Transit began transitioning to the new name and branding on its buses and materials. It will take some time before most of the buses have the new branding, but riders are advised to be on the lookout for new bus designs.

Although Estuary Transit District is changing its name and branding, the same routes, drivers, and consistent service can be expected from riders. However, all routes and schedules are currently being updated to provide more efficient and logical service.

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