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03/12/2023 08:15 AM

Mad4Tress Prepares for Bi-Annual Tree Giveaway


Mad4 Trees is sponsoring another of its bi-annual tree giveaways at Bauer Park on Saturday, April 1. The organization was founded in 2019 with the goal of planting 200 new trees in Madison in time for the Town’s 200th anniversary in 2026, and with this event, they will officially reach that number.

Co-founder of Mad4 Trees Fran Brady said the benefits of the giveaway are important for several reasons.

“We want to raise awareness about the climate, but more importantly, and I’m already seeing this from the folks from all walks of life, who’ve responded to this giveaway, this is an opportunity to create a positive campaign that celebrates our town and its history,” said Brady. “It’s an opportunity for a collaborative project where residents and businesses and local organizations can come together to beautify the town, but the other benefit is that we’re all working together in a positive fashion to help the environment.”

According to Brady, this event will officially ensure Mad4 Trees reaches its original goal of planting 200 trees in town by 2026.

“We did reach our goal, and we’re still going,” said Brady. “This all started with a project with the Madison Historical Society to help celebrate our 200th anniversary of our incorporation, where we changed our name from East Guilford to Madison.”

Trees are going quickly, according to Brady, with only a few select species left for donation. The organization will also be planting 16 heritage apple and pear trees at Bauer Park on the day of the event in partnership with the Madison Garden Club, the Bauer Park Committee, and local tree expert Tom Cleveland.

“The longer we’ve been doing this, the more collaboration we’ve had in creating these great events,” Brady said.

The Bauer Park Tree Giveaway will be held at the park on Saturday, April 1, from 10 a.m. to noon. Pre-registration is required.

For more information and to register, visit