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02/10/2023 08:13 AM

Westbrook Board of Education Receives Leadership Award at Major Convention

The Westbrook Board of Education (BOE) recently received a leadership award at a convention held in Mystic. Pictured are Mr. Andrew Miesse, Mrs. Mary Ella Luft, and Mr. Don Perreault of the Westbrook BOE; Dr. Kim Walker, the Westbrook BOE Chairperson; Dr. Charlene Russell-Tucker, Connecticut’s Commissioner of Education; Dr. Kristina Martineau, Superintendent of Westbrook Schools; and Mr. Zachary Hayden of the Westbrook BOE. Photo courtesy of Westbrook Public Schools

The Westbrook Board of Education (BOE) was presented with the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) Leadership Award during the annual CABE/CAPSS (Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents) Convention held at the Mystic Marriott.

The CABE Board of Education Leadership Awards are designed to recognize boards that work effectively together as a team. In order to be considered for this award, a board had to fulfill 22 of 30 criteria in four areas: community relations, board operations, policy, and board member professional development. A minimum of three criteria in each area had to be met in order to receive the award.

As part of the nomination and application process, the Westbrook BOE reflected on its collaborative work over the last few years to develop a shared, community vision of educational priorities that support all students, working closely with district and school leadership, school community stakeholders, and town leadership. The BOE has developed goals that focus on teaching and learning, communication and community relations, leadership and professional growth, and budget development and fiscal management. The board has actively participated in professional development opportunities and created a structure to support the achievement of these important goals. The board has increased participation in member professional development, while also adding two new subcommittees—BOE Teaching and Learning and the BOE Budget Fiscal Committee—and restarting the BOE Communications and Marketing Committee.