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01/24/2023 11:39 AM

Pathfinders, Deer Lake Receive Grant

The Community Foundation of Middlesex County (CFMC) wrapped up its 25th anniversary celebration in December with a surprise $25,000 grant to Pathfinders, Inc. for its Deer Lake Project. The award was given in recognition and support of the nonprofit’s hard work, persistence, and strong passion for making a difference by fostering outdoor education and recreation for all at its recently purchased property, Deer Lake, a 255-acre woodland and bird sanctuary in Killingworth.

The grant was made possible by the generosity of the Mary Janvrin and Natalie Janvrin Wiggins Fund for Birds, Other Animals and Nature at CFMC. Mary Janvrin and Natalie Janvrin Wiggins shared a life-long love for all nature, particularly birds. They established the Fund to preserve, protect, and steward land, waterways, and wildlife habitats for the county’s ecosystem and enjoyment of all area residents.

The Pathfinders organization and its “Save Deer Lake” Initiative are true examples of the conservation efforts Mary Janvrin and Natalie Janvrin Wiggins intended to ensure through their Fund at the Community Foundation. With that in mind, the CFMC Board of Directors and Janvrin Fund Committee felt that a surprise grant was a meaningful and long-lasting way to not only honor the sisters’ wishes but also celebrate Pathfinders’ efforts and CFMC’s 25th Anniversary.

“We are so grateful to the Janvrin Fund and the Community Foundation of Middlesex County for their generous gift,” said Pathfinders, Inc. Board of Directors Member Cathy Iino. “This support is especially valuable because it allows Pathfinders to build its capacity to communicate with the public, to maintain the Deer Lake property, and to develop a durable organization.”

“The Community Foundation is pleased to work in tandem with Pathfinders to support its mission,” said CFMC President and CEO Cynthia Clegg. “The life passions of Mary Janvrin and Natalie Janvrin Wiggins are supported now and forever through their Fund at CFMC. The impact their generosity has on Pathfinders is just one instance of their profound legacy. We are all grateful for their generous ‘forever gift’ to the community.”

The Community Foundation of Middlesex County (CFMC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1997 and is dedicated to building community through philanthropy, leadership, and partnership. More information can be found online at or by calling 860-347-0025.

Pathfinders, Inc. is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization formed in 1998 to help run programming at Deer Lake and fosters outdoor education and recreation for present and future generations through its work.