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10/20/2022 12:00 AM

DemandZero Screens ‘Finding Hope’ Oct. 27

DemandZero, the non-profit created by Madison parent Lisa Deane who lost her son to an accidental fentanyl poisoning in 2018, will host a screening of the film Finding Hope on Thursday, Oct. 27 at 6 p.m. via Zoom. A brief presentation and question and answer session with representatives form Madison Youth and Family Services, DemandZero, and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) will follow.

Deane and her family have been tireless advocates in their demand for legislation that will impact the opioid crisis. Deane also performs in the film and helped produce the piece in an effort to raise awareness about how easily this drug can kill and the devastation it brings to families.

Madison Youth and Family Services, in cooperation with the New England Drug Enforcement Agency, are sponsoring this free on-line event that will honor Red Ribbon Week, a DEA sponsored annual event.

The campaign was formalized in 1988 by the National Family Partnership, in response to the murder of DEA Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena who was cruelly kidnapped and murdered by a Mexican Drug cartel, along with the cooperation of members of the Mexican government. (Popularized in one of the seasons of Netflix’s Narcos). Today, the eight-day celebration is an annual catalyst to show intolerance for drugs in our schools, workplaces, and communities. Each year, from Oct. 23 to 31, more than 80 million young people and adults show their commitment to a healthy, drug-free lifestyle by wearing or displaying the red ribbon, according to the DEA.

A panel of experts will be hosting the event to answer questions after the screening of Finding Hope, a 17 minute film. Free registration can be done via using the keyword Red Ribbon Finding Hope.