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10/02/2022 09:16 AM

Tyler’s Green Phase 1 Beautification Project Underway in Branford

Tyler’s Green on Main Street is in the midst of a Phase 1 capital improvement beautification project funded by the Town of Branford. Photo by Pam Johnson/The Sound
A view of the work heading east along Main Street toward the Blackstone Library and town center. Photo by Pam Johnson/The Sound
Newly installed granite curbing curves along the corner of Cedar Street heading west on Main Street along Tyler’s Green. Photo by Pam Johnson/The Sound

Tyler’s Green, a stretch of Main Street public space to the west of the Blackstone Library, is in the midst of a phase one capital improvement beautification project funded by the Town of Branford.

Tyler’s Green is bounded at one corner by Cedar Street as it stretches between Main Street and Tyler Street, intersected by John Street and Rogers Street.

“We wanted to make some improvements and enhancements to that area,” said First Selectman Jamie Cosgrove. “I think it’s a great public space that provides a connection between the town center and the library and the distance throughout Main Street. There’s a lot of potential there.”

The project is part of Branford’s ongoing budgeted capital improvement plan and does not entail the use of Branford’s federally-restricted $8.2 million federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) relief funding, the first half of which was allocated in 2021.

The Town completed the project’s bidding process in the summer of 2020. However, primarily due to this area of Main Street also being a segment of CT Route 146, some delays were encountered before the work could begin in September, 2022.

“There were a couple of delays, primarily because the work falls within a state right of way, and requires utility work,” said Cosgrove. “So that did delay the project, but we’re excited to see it’s underway now.”

Crews have dug in to remove existing curbing and install new, decorative granite curbing. The work will also include sidewalk replacement and installation of new brick sidewalk.

Other enhancements may be incorporated through future project work, as well, said Cosgrove.

“We hope to continue to build on that, and have some decorative pedestrian lighting down the road, some seeding of areas, and some amenities, so people feel it’s a place they can enjoy on their walk up and down Main Street,” said Cosgrove.

Since December 2021, Tyler’s Green has been enhanced by three steel sculptures by CT artist the late David Hayes, sponsored by Branford Arts and Cultural Alliance (BACA). The sculptures, dubbed Triumph, Peacock and Oval Screen Sculpture, were installed with assistance from Branford Public Works crew members. They were set to be on display at the site for one year.