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09/08/2022 12:00 AM

More Heating and Cooling for Less

As fossil fuel costs skyrocket and the climate crisis worsens, now is the time to explore heating and cooling alternatives for our homes. An old technology getting new consideration from homeowners and contractors is air-source heat pumps, which also cool.

Pumps are super-efficient, economical, and an environmentally-friendly way to make your home more comfortable year round, thanks to improvements to the original technology. Those changes mean that today’s cold-climate pump models work just fine in winter conditions, producing heat despite temperatures as low as freezing or below.

So, how does an air-source heat pump work?

A heat pump collects heat energy, moving it indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer.

What are some reasons to consider an air-source heating pumps?

• A property owner could save hundreds of dollars a year, depending on whether they use oil or gas for energy.

• The pump systems provide heating, cooling, and dehumidification in one system year-round.

• The systems can be ductless and/or ducted in a property, depending on preferences and needs, whether the property owners wants to cool or heat a few rooms or an entire property.

• They are a sustainable technology, as they run efficiently on electricity, and help reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. Pair it up with your solar array and really go green!

Is a heat pump right for my property? A few scenarios where the answer is yes.

• The furnace and/or central air conditioning system in a property is more than 12 years old. Either a ductless air source pump or a ducted system would be your most energy efficient replacement.

• A property owner wants to get rid of energy-eating window air conditioning units or to enjoy the advantages of central air, but doesn’t want to deal with the installation of the necessary ductwork. A ductless pump system would be the solution and also help keep things warm in the winter.

• An owner wants to convert their energy system from oil to gas, but there are no gas lines in their neighborhood. Air-source pumps are a greener, less expensive alternative, that provide heat and cooling.

Need an endorsement?

Let me tell you about my own heat pump experience. A few summers ago, I had a ductless pump system installed mainly to cool my downstairs since I am home more now since retiring (and because it’s getting hotter). Just using the dehumidifier setting keeps my whole downstairs very comfortable, and, as a plus, I’ve got another source of heat in the winter.


• For more on air-source pumps visit HeatSmart at

• EnergizeCT offers a free consultation service to help anyone thinking of installing an air-source pump systems and information about rebates for the systems. Visit and

Kenny Foscue is chairman of the North Haven Clean Energy Task Force, which offers monthly articles on ways to save money and energy