Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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In Branford: Limited Covid Home Rapid Tests Available to Vulnerable Populations

January 14, 2022: The town will be distributing a very limited number of state issued COVID-19 At Home Rapid Test Kits targeted towards vulnerable populations such as individuals and/or families that may be economically disadvantaged, disabled, homebound, underinsured, have income restrictions and have limited or no transportation.

Individuals that meet any of the criteria above should contact the Canoe Brook Senior Center at 203-315-0685 for more information. Proof of residency and eligibility will be required to obtain a test kit. Test kits are limited to one box per adult (18+) living in the household with a maximum of two boxes per household on a first come, first serve basis, while supplies last.

Do not come to the Canoe Brook Senior Center unless you have a confirmed pick up time slot or you will be turned away.

Unfortunately, at this time, due to the limited supply, the town does NOT have test kits to conduct another distribution to the general public. Distribution of any additional test kits will be scheduled, if and when, additional supplies are received from the state.

Please visit the town's website at for updates.

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