Thursday, January 28, 2021

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Goupil Looks Ahead at First Term in 35th District

Following Christine Goupil’s Jan. 6 swearing in to serve as state representative for Connecticut’s 35th District, which serves Clinton, Killingworth, and northern Westbrook, she has recieved her committee assignments and outlined her goals for her term.

Goupil has been named the vice chair of the Planning and Development Committee and will serve on the Transportation and Human Services committees.

“This session is going to be different because of the pandemic and the inability to meet like normal,” Goupil said.

Goupil said providing relief for people dealing with the ongoing pandemic will be the number-one issue for the legislature. While that may be the primary focus, Goupil also outlined some of her longer-term goals.

Goupil says the Planning Committee is particularly well suited to her skills.

“I did advocate for the Planning and Development [Committee] because of my background there,” Goupil said.

Goupil served for several years on Clinton’s Planning & Zoning Commission before serving a term as Clinton’s final first selectman, where she said was able to work to bring developments to Clinton such as the Indian River Landing project and work with the then prospective Unilever property owner to get that property eventually sold.

Prior to her municipal involvement, Goupil also worked with planners and developers on projects across the country and world.

Goupil said that seeing the numerous steps that developers need go through made her want to review that process.

“I’m hoping I can move our state into a more streamlined process,” Goupil said.

Getting multiple departments and regions on the same geographic information system (GIS) programs is an example of a way to streamline that process, she said.

As for the other two committees, Goupil said, “I think human services will be a great intersection with all our social services.”

Goupil pointed out that there can be overlap between people who have a food need, lack of stability at home, and economic hardships.

“I felt that was a very important role to be in,” Goupil said.

In particular, Goupil pointed to combating instances of domestic violence that could be rising due to the pandemic.

Transportation is an issue that Goupil said ties into other needs. For example, a person who lacks a car may not be able to get to work or to age in place.

“I’m an advocate for public transportation,” Goupil said.

Goupil said she believes the 35th District will be better served with increased outreach to other legislators in Hartford and between herself and the constituents.

“There’s a lot to tackle and I’m very excited to get started. Between my time as first selectman and on the Planning & Zoning Commission, I saw you really can make a difference by being dedicated and working hard. I want to thank the voters again for choosing me,” Goupil said.

For the past six years, District 35, was represented by Republican Jesse MacLachlan. MacLachlan was endorsed for a fourth term but dropped out of the race in August citing personal reasons.

Goupil encouraged residents of the district to reach out to her at or by calling 860-240-0100.

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