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Comey Launches Reelection Campaign for 102nd State Representative in Branford


On Feb. 3, State Representative Robin Comey (D) announced her intention to run for reelection for the 102nd District in Branford in the November 2020 race.

Photo Courtesy Campaign to Reelect Robin Comey

On Feb. 3, State Representative Robin Comey (D) announced her intention to run for reelection for the 102nd District in Branford in the November 2020 race. (Photo courtesy Campaign to Reelect Robin Comey )

On Feb. 3, State Representative Robin Comey announced her intention to run for re-election for the 102nd District in Branford. She was first elected in 2018 and currently serves as House Vice Chair of the Committee on Children and is a member of both the Education and Public Health Committees. Comey was chosen to serve as a member of the State Advisory Board for Special Education as well as Co-Chair of the CT Kids Report Card Leadership Committee, which analyzes data and recommends policy changes with the goal of ensuring "that all Connecticut children grow up in a stable living environment, safe, healthy and prepared to lead successful lives."

"I am devoted to Branford and the people who live here. Public service is the greatest honor of my life and I am grateful for the support I've received as State Representative," stated Comey. "I believe that keeping an open dialogue with my constituents who often have a diverse set of opinions helps inform my decisions and be the best legislator I can be. I find it truly exciting that there is no end to what I can learn in this job. I love the work. "

Comey has been a vocal advocate on many issues, including healthcare, economic development, education, the environment, and public health. During her first term, she championed legislation to increase access to life-saving epinephrine in public places, including theme parks, restaurants, day care centers, and overnight camps. As a result, Connecticut now allows public venues to maintain an epinephrine auto-injector to treat anyone having a life-threatening allergic reaction.

"As the mother of a child with life-threatening allergies, I know first-hand how frightening an allergic reaction can be," stated Comey. "There is nothing more important than having swift access to epinephrine should a person need it. This legislation is smart public policy and will save lives. "

As a small business owner, Comey has focused her economic development efforts working with industries that prepare students for careers including trade schools and small businesses. She led the passage of legislation to expand licensing to nail technicians, estheticians and eyelash technicians in an effort to increase education, put an end to labor trafficking and improve the health and safety risks to the public. She is a member of the legislature's Bioscience Caucus and sponsored several laws that support CT's growing technology and bioscience industry, including a phasing out of the capital base tax.

"Connecticut ranks #4 in the nation for bioscience patents," said Comey. "I am committed to promoting our state as a bioscience hub, attracting more business and creating high-paying jobs. Over two dozen high tech companies call Branford home, it's an exciting industry with a lot of growth potential for the region."

Comey is also a member of the Fire/EMS Caucus where she successfully advocated for State Fire Code changes that, once adopted, would allow towns to place into their building codes identification standards for truss built buildings as a way to warn first responders of structure collapse dangers.

"Robin Comey puts the well-being of others before her own," said Adam Hansen, Branford resident and Lieutenant in the Milford Fire Department. "I brought a suggestion to her that would help to protect firefighters and she worked tirelessly to move the issue forward. I want a State Representative who will answer when I call, listen to my concerns and act on them if she can. When people ask me at the firehouse who my State Rep. is, I'm proud to say it's Robin Comey!"

Comey brings her experience as a past member of the Civic Association of Short Beach to Connecticut's Coastal Caucus. She has first-hand knowledge of working with property owners that have experienced significant damage from coastal flooding and storms.

Comey has also sponsored initiatives that support students interested in manufacturing careers, eliminate red tape to increase the clean-up of contaminated real estate, and expand the Angel Investor Tax Credit Program for small business and start-ups. She helped pass legislation that will help to continue deployment of solar energy and extend renewable energy programs to increase green jobs and economic activity.

As a local non-profit leader, Comey is known for her efforts to generate programs and policies that support children and education. She led passage of a bill that promotes early identification of developmental delays in our youngest learners and she supported Paid Family Medical Leave, increased funding for Care4kids, School Readiness, state-licensed child care centers, Birth to 3 and restoring Husky coverage to 4000 parents.

"Robin not only listens to your concerns, she takes action, asks questions and follows up," said Shannon Beth Engravalle, Parent Advocate and Branford Business Owner. "She's truly aware of the challenges Connecticut families have and is passionate about the great need for change for the immediate future. It's her unique curation of experience in business, education along with her direct connection to real life CT Families, and her overall enthusiasm for her elected responsibilities that makes her the ideal person for this job."

A tireless advocate of early childhood education, she was inducted into the 2019 Branford Education Hall of Fame for her work on behalf of children. She is also Executive Director of the Branford Early Childhood Collaborative and serves on numerous health, education and civic organizations.

Comey lives in the Short Beach section of Branford with her husband and two children who attend Branford Public Schools.

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