Saturday, July 24, 2021

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No Changes Following Nov. 11 Recounts in Branford RTM Districts 4, 5

November 11 ballot recounts conducted in Branford's 4th and 5th Representative Town Meeting (RTM) district races have yielded no changes to unseat those declared winners on Nov. 5.

Branford Town Clerk Lisa Arpin said the tabulations from Nov. 11 showed no change in votes received by candidates in District 4, which has as its six elected members Republican Tricia Anderson (501 votes), Democrat Cynthia Lombardi (497), Democrat Dan Adleman (475), Democrat Shahida Soomro (461), Republican Jim Stepanek (461) and Republican Sean Kelly (452).

In District 5's recount, extremely slight number changes did not change the overall result, with the district's five elected members as Republican Ray Ingraham (719 votes), Republican Carolyn Sires (703), Republican Dennis Flanigan (673), Republican Don Conklin (648) and Democrat Tracy Everson (648). The tabulation provided two more votes to Flanigan and reduced by one vote the total received by Everson. The recount took one vote away from Democratic contender Kathi Traugh, (new total 629) and retained Democrat Laura Noe's vote count of 640. Traugh and Noe did not win seats.


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