Monday, September 27, 2021

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Clinton Primary Results: Carr Versus Goupil

On Sept. 12, Clinton’s registered Republicans and Democrats determined which candidates they wanted to see on the ballots come November. The first selectman race was at the top of the tickets, where current Republican challenger Kirk Carr and endorsed Democrat Christine Goupil won for their respective parties’ primary.

On the Republican side, Carr won with 451 votes to incumbent First Selectman Bruce Farmer’s 245. For the Democrats, the Goupil won 604 votes to challenger Selectman Lynn Pinder’s 288.

In addition to the first selectman nomination, voters had several additional candidates to cast votes for across several boards and commissions.


For the Republican probate judge nomination, Anselmo Delia won 451 votes and Kevin Hecht took 245; that race covers multiple towns so the result was not known at press time. For the Board of Selectmen, incumbents John Giannotti and Carol Walter and challenger Phil Sengle faced off with voters eligible to vote for two of the three. Walter and Sengle were the winners. Giannotti received 286 votes, Walter 365, and Sengle 491.


For the Democrats, the Democratic Town Committee-endorsed Tim Guerra and Jack Scherban faced incumbent challenger Willie Fritz. Guerra and Scherban won. Scherban received 633 votes, while Guerra received 597 and Fritz 355.

On the Board of Finance, Democrats had the opportunity to vote for three of John Olsen, Dana Onofrio, Michael Smith, and Leah Saunders. Olsen, Onofrio, and Smith were endorsed, while Saunders, an incumbent, was the challenger. Olsen, Onofrio, and won. Olsen received 604 votes, while Onofrio received 598, Smith received 646, and Saunders received 394.

With the primary, the campaign season will continue for the winners and third-party candidates ahead of election day on Nov. 7.

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