Friday, September 25, 2020

Prints, Inserts, and Ad-Notes

Zip-code target the exact areas you want to reach with inserts and flyers.

Ad-Note Rates

Full color 3" x 3" repositionable note placed on front page. 10,000 minimum.

25,000 or more...........$68/thousand
10,000 or more...........$78/thousand

Shapes, scratch-off, and perforations available at no additional charge!

Run 50,000 within 1 year, receive 5% off!
Run 100,000 within 1 year, receive 10% off!

Insert Rates

(one zip code minimum)

$48 per thousand for a piece .5 oz and less
$5 per thousand each additional .1 oz

Minimum insert accepted: 5.5" x 8.5"
Maximum insert accepted: 11" x 11" (may be folded)

Printing rates available upon request.

Printing and Direct Mail

Multiple options available:

In-Store Flyers
Business Cards

and so much more!

For timelines, availability, space reservations, and pricing contact your marketing representative.

Design Services

Need help designing something that's not running within our products? No problem! Our design team is here to help.

Logo Creation
Business Card Design
Brochures or Posters
Ad Design for other media

$40/HALF HOUR (Time is estimated upon start of project and recorded during design.)