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Digital Marketing

Between our own and our partner ad networks, you have the ability to reach your customers online wherever they are.

140,000 monthly pageviews and 51,000 users per month.

Display Banners - ROS & Geo-Targeted
Let us design your banner for our website, whether a leaderboard or half banner. Our design team works closely with you to optimize your marketing message.

Standard Ad Positions

728 x 90 Leaderboard
320 x 50 Mobile Leaderboard
300 x 250 Medium Rectangle
300 x 600 Half Page

Exclusive Fixed Sponsorships 100% SOV
Navigation Bar
Weather Sponsorship
Home Page Takeover
Trending Headlines
Real Estate Sponsorship
Top stories in content sponsorships

Newsletter Marketing

Place your marketing message within our weekly emailed newsletter!

Fridays, 3 spots available, Standard ad position 300x250

Digital Ad Targeting on the Web

Types of Display Programs:
Site Retargeting
Retargeting users that have visited your website. 97% of site visitors will leave your website without taking action. We show them your ad as they browse the internet and remind them of your brand and to come back when they are ready to buy.

Search Targeting
Targeting users as they perform searches across the web. Based on the keywords they have searched. We show your ad to those who have performed searches relevant to your products and services. 

Contextual Targeting
As users browse the web, consuming content, we collect data associated with the content and show your ad to those who are reading about topics relevant to your products and services. 

Ability to target potential clients via mobile apps that are located in an area as small as 100 yards. This gives you the ability to display ads to anyone who enters a location that you have created a "fence" around, i.e., competitors, stadiums, parking lots, or high income houses. 

Mobile Targeting
Target clients via their mobile devices based on demographics that you choose.

Social Advertising
Advertise your business via "right hand rail" or "newsfeed" on Facebook. 

Website Development & Management

Our web developers have been designing and producing websites for more than 12 years. The difference with having Shore build your website is we not only build you an effective, intuitive, and beautiful website, we will deliver it at a cost that is lower than most other firms. Working with Shore's web development team allows us to know how your website is built so we can get the most out of your paid search and your SEO marketing campaigns. 

Website Pricing
All website packages include:

7-9 pages on the website

Up to 7 pages of conent

1 revision of design

Contact form

Additional pages available

Monthly website hosting *
website cost: $1,500
Monthly Hosting * $39.99

*12-month hosting commitment required. 

Wesbite Refresh
A facelift for your website. Create an updated look and backend of your website to reflect changes in best practices and user trends.

Website Refresh Pricing $699

Landing Page Development
Create a simple landing page that is responsive and optimized for ads and social media to link back to campaigns.

Landing Page Pricing $299

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO increases visibility of your business by driving your website to the top of the local listings. If you have a local business, we can help drive relevant traffic to your site through specifically targeted local rankings. 
SEO Pricing
Monthly Set Up (includes all content pages written by our writers) $79/month
1-10 Keywords ranking on Page On of Google $450/month.
11-20 Keywords ranking on Page One of Google $899/month
21-30 Keywords ranking on Page One of Google $1,299/month
Each additional tier of 10 keywords $399/month.

Email Marketing
Email marketing provides an effective connection with your targeted audience and gives you the best return on investment. reach out to your current or potential customers and keep them updated your company's latest deals and news!
Email Marketing Pricing
25,000 emails $1,450
50,000 emails $2,399
100,000 emails $4,100
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Platform creation and monthly management. A strategic plan is developed every month, complete with creative, content, and strategic post schedules. Includes $50 boosting budget.
SMM Pricing

Last updated: December 2017