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09/26/2022 10:45 AM

EV Show Returns to Old Saybrook

Have you ever been curious about electric vehicles and wished someone would ask answer your questions about them? Then you may want to check out the free electric vehicle car show on Sunday, Oct. 2 from noon to 3 p.m. at the Saybrook Point Pavilion.

The free event is part of the nationwide National Drive Electric Week which is nationally organized by Plug in America, the Sierra Club, and the Electric Vehicle Association, and EVHybridNoire. Locally the event is organized by Robert Langdon.

Langdon said the event will feature new models of electric vehicles with local dealers on hand to show off the cars and vehicle owners to answer questions people may have. Test drives of some cars may also be available. According to a press release, attendees will also “…learn about the latest [Connecticut] state rebates and federal tax credits for purchasing and leasing electric vehicles as well as new rebates from [Connecticut] electric utilities for purchase and installation of home EV charging equipment.”

“The most important thing is the experienced owners who are bringing their own cars and can talk to the general public and answer any questions they have,” said Langdon.

Langdon said that he’s had an interest in electric vehicles for about 12 years and used to have some of the same questions and concerns as attendees which makes the on-hand expertise from other owners helpful.

“This event is mainly educational. That’s the big thing,” said Langdon.

Langdon said this is the fourth time the event has been held in Old Saybrook and previous shows have drawn about 200 people.

“With the increased interest lately, I think we’ll certainly get a big crowd again,” said Langdon.

Langdon said that he sees the interest in the event growing.

“Environmental issues, especially climate change, are increasingly on people’s list of concerns,” said Langdon.

Transportation is a major source of carbon emissions, and Langdon said switching to an electric vehicle is a way to combat climate change.

“The 2022 Old Saybrook event is a great place for them to learn more. In addition to contact with EV driver/owners and EV dealers, attendees will be given a wide variety of informative handouts, including updated information on rebates and tax credits,” Langdon summarized.