Tuesday, August 03, 2021

...Or Something a Bit Stronger


Photo courtesy of KC’s Pub/Facebook

(Photo courtesy of KC’s Pub/Facebook)

In times like these, sometimes deep breaths and namaste just aren’t going to cut it. If you miss getting a drink from your local go-to bar, KC’s Pub in Guilford (in addition to offering food take-out) has to-go cocktail kits so you can still enjoy your favorite mixed drinks at home. As of press time, kits are available for Bloody Marys, Makers Mules, margaritas, and a CBD Shrub. You can also make customizable six-packs from KC’s selection of beer and seltzer, and in addition you’ll find CBD seltzers, wine, and more for sale.

KC’s Pub is located at 725 Boston Post Road in Guilford. For more information, visit KC’s Pub on Facebook.

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