Monday, August 02, 2021

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Nibbles: Roasted Tomatoes All Winter Long

I wrote about roasting tomatoes three years ago, but maybe you forgot. Just in case, we have less than a month before delicious tomatoes are merely a memory. The best tomatoes for roasting are the plum, or sauce, tomatoes. And they might be less expensive by mid-September. Here is what to do:

• In a large baking sheet(s) lined with foil (for easy cleanup), place cored tomatoes (cut in half vertically if using plum tomatoes, horizontally if using regular tomatoes) cut side up.

• Lightly salt and then drizzle with just a little oil.

• Place sheets in preheated 275 degree oven and roast for around 3 to 4 hours.

• When cool, place about half a pound of tomatoes into plastic bags for the freezer.

This winter, when you decide to make stews, pasta sauce, meat loaves, or side dishes, add some of those summer tomatoes to other recipes and pretend it is still summer.

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