Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Getting Corny


There will be plenty of corn and potatoes served up at the annual PoCo Fest. @SPN Cut credit:Photo courtesy of North Branford Recreation Department

There will be plenty of corn and potatoes served up at the annual PoCo Fest. @SPN Cut credit:(Photo courtesy of North Branford Recreation Department)

When I moved to North Branford 11 years ago, I knew I was picking a great spot. Farmland nearby kept it rural, but its proximity to bustling areas in each direction was also a draw for me. At some point during my first years there, friends mentioned they were heading to the town’s Potato & Corn Festival. My reaction was something like, “Really? A festival dedicated to potatoes and corn?” Oh yes, I was definitely living in the farmland! But then I went. And I shut up. I’ve eaten my fair share of these staples throughout my life. These aren’t the same. It may be that they’re locally grown crops and supplied that weekend, each day, to the fest. Or it could be the volunteers that take their time roasting and baking them for our consumption. Whatever it is, they are the best corn and the best potatoes that I’ve ever had in my entire life. I make sure to go each year, and I start with two ears of corn, and then keep going.

Since Zip06.com is a sponsor of the event and we publish the annual guide, inevitably someone asks me every year – “Really? A potato and corn festival? Am I reading that right?” And I answer defensively to the same question I once asked. Yes, there’s a festival dedicated to these items, and once you taste them, you’ll know why! So do yourself a favor and get to the PoCo Fest–this Thursday, Aug. 6 through Sunday, Aug.9. Visit www.nbpotatofest.com for details!

Robyn Collins for Zip06. Email Robyn at r.collins@shorepublishing.com.

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