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11/01/2023 08:00 AM

For Continued Experience, Progress, and Responsibility

I am pleased to endorse James Henderson for the Old Saybrook Board of Education (BOE) this autumn. Jim has been a commissioner on the board for 10 years and has much experience in the administrative and human aspects of serving our community's youth. He is effective in supporting new ideas and the Superintendent's Strategic Plan, providing our students the tools to excel in academic, athletic, and artistic fields of endeavor. As a member of the finance and policy subcommittees on the BOE, Jim knows well the fiscal responsibility required to maintain high standards of educators and staff, benefiting both the students and the taxpayers of our district.

Jim and his wife Tracy have lived in Old Saybrook for 33 years and are proud to have raised two recent graduates of Old Saybrook High School (OSHS); he continues to serve for all students' best interests. He has been an active member of the Old Saybrook Parks and Recreation Commission and served the Old Saybrook Little League on the board of directors and baseball/softball manager. A professional engineer, Jim brings a perspective of integrating computer sciences and job-ready skills to Saybrook's developing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Program.

Old Saybrook has a fine record of excellence in education; our Next Generation Accountability Index is ranked 15th in Connecticut; OSHS offers nine advanced placement and eight early college cxperience courses with the rapidly developing career development program. The district has initiated a universal Early Childhood Program for all four-year-olds at Goodwin School.

Our BOE is a thoughtful and highly functioning unit; one cannot disagree with the short and long-term successes seen in Old Saybrook's schools. For continued experience, progress, and responsibility in Old Saybrook's Educational system, I encourage all to vote for Jim Henderson and the result-focused Republican BOE team this November.

Barry Maynard

Old Saybrook