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11/01/2023 08:00 AM

A Refreshing Commitment

I write to express my support for Kieran Ahern, the Democratic candidate for the Board of Finance in the upcoming Tuesday, Nov. 7 election. In a political landscape often characterized by rhetoric and assumptions, Kieran brings a refreshing commitment to collaborative, pragmatic growth and investment that our town needs.

While the idea of fiscal responsibility is crucial, it should not become a guise for holding our town back from much-needed progress. Kieran understands that fiscal responsibility and investment are not mutually exclusive. He recognizes that responsible financial management can coexist with investments that drive growth and enhance our quality of life.

Kieran has actively listened to concerns and asked for input from relevant folks during the decision-making processes. He doesn’t rely on assumptions, he works to fully understand the complexities of any issue, as well as the downstream impact.

In contrast, empty rhetoric about transparency can inadvertently obscure the real issues and hinder our town's ability to adapt and prosper. Kieran Ahern offers a practical, results-oriented approach to local governance that emphasizes collaboration and evidence-based decision-making.

As North Haven residents, let's support Kieran Ahern's candidacy for the Board of Finance on Nov. 7. He represents a positive vision for our town. Together, we can ensure that North Haven continues to evolve and thrive while maintaining a watchful eye on our finances.

Amanda Gabriele

North Haven