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09/27/2023 08:00 AM

Return the Democratic Team

Visionary leadership. Strategic planning. Protection of the environment. Responsible fiscal management. Unparalleled results. First Selectwoman Peggy Lyons has delivered all this and more during her four years in office.

Shortly after taking office, Peggy moved on town projects that had languished for years — the Academy Community Center, the Madison School Renewal Plan, the sale of Island Avenue School, and a new Town Charter, all approved by voters.

To date, Peggy has managed to acquire $13 million in outside grant money, offsetting bond costs to taxpayers on projects such as the firehouse expansion, the Madison Center Project, the new Emergency Shelter, the American Legion renovation, the Academy Project, Garvin Point improvement, and more. She has continued to apply for additional outside grants that will offset taxpayer dollars in the future. During her administration, which encompassed the COVID emergency and, at times, 9% national inflation, the average annual increase in the mill rate was limited to 1.4%. The town now has a premier Aaa bond rating.

Additionally, Peggy implemented a well-managed beach pass system, improved benefits for volunteer firefighters, enhanced communications with residents, and much more.

It would be hard to find a municipal first selectperson who has accomplished as much as Peggy has in four years. Voting to keep her in office will ensure continued forward movement for Madison. We owe it to ourselves to return the Democratic team of Peggy Lyons, Al Goldberg, and Scott Murphy to the Board of Selectmen by voting Row A on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

William Stableford