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05/10/2023 08:00 AM

Much More Dangerous

The intersection at Stepstone Hill Road and Little Meadow Road has been converted from a three-way to a four-way stop configuration. This was a sound decision which I believe will result in increased safety for vehicular traffic as well as pedestrians and cyclists. This should also be done for the intersection of Clapboard Hill Road and Tanner Marsh Road. This three-way intersection, in my opinion, is much more dangerous than the Stepstone Hill/Little Meadow intersection due to the poor lines of sight, especially when traveling north on Tanner Marsh Road.

When traveling north on Tanner Marsh Road, looking to one’s left (west), Clapboard Hill Road crests about 50 yards from the intersection, which makes it difficult to see vehicles approaching from the west until they are almost at the stop sign. And to the east, Clapboard Hill curves significantly about 75 yards from the intersection. Vehicles approaching from the east have no stop sign and often travel far above the stated 25 mph speed limit. And vehicles traveling west on Clapboard Hill frequently turn left on Tanner Marsh at a high rate of speed because they’re not required to stop or even slow down. These conditions make crossing Clapboard Hill when heading north on Tanner Marsh extremely hazardous for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

There are also sight impediments due to trees and other natural objects both to the east and west of the intersection, further restricting visibility. Note also that Tanner Marsh Road is a narrow road that is used by many pedestrians and cyclists, and this three-way configuration of the intersection makes transiting the intersection fraught with danger.

Tom Jensen